Grow House Review [2023] – Should You Pick Growhouse.Online?

When it comes to buying top-quality cannabis, it’s crucial that you choose the best cannabis dispensary possible – and fortunately, The Grow House is a growingly popular cannabis dispensary that is highly reputed for offering cannabis of the highest caliber. Indeed, by the brand’s own admission, The Grow House cannabis dispensary doesn’t stock “cheap weed”; it specializes in selling premium-quality cannabis solutions for those cannabis connoisseurs who want the finest for their weed experience. 

But does the Grow House stack up to this reputation? Today, we’ll be considering how the Grow House cannabis dispensary fares to help you decide on whether they could be the ideal choice for your next online cannabis purchase. Or, perhaps, whether other online cannabis dispensaries might offer a better solution.

Company History

To begin with, it’s always worth considering the company history of any cannabis dispensary to give an insight into who the company is. Unfortunately, though, information on the background of the Grow House cannabis dispensary is quite limited, and this can make it hard for customers to find out more about the brand. 


A point of slight concern is the wildly varying customer ratings between review sites. Indeed, the Grow House has received a 4.62/5 star rating from CusRev based on over 1500 past customer reviews, which is exceptionally high for a cannabis dispensary. However, their reputation on other platforms can be much lower at between 2 and 3 stars. 

Moreover, on the CusRev review site, it’s slightly concerning that the same customers appear to be reviewing the brand’s products multiple times – so, some caution may be advisory when buying from the Grow House, and we would be interested to hear your own experiences with ordering from the Grow House to give a more valid opinion of the brand’s reputation overall.

Product Quality and Selection 

One area where the Grow House cannabis dispensary excels is in terms of its product quality. Indeed, product quality is something that The Grow House takes incredibly seriously for all of its customers, and this has helped the dispensary develop a reputation for supplying top-quality, reliable cannabis flowers and products that aren’t going to give you a poor reaction when they arrive. 


In addition, the product selection with the Grow House is nothing to scoff at. While the product selection of cannabis options might be a little bit more limited with the team than some other cannabis dispensaries – owing to the brand’s passion to only stock the very best – you’ll still be able to find a wide array of different products. Some of their products include cannabis flowers, concentrates, topicals, edibles, CBD products, and magic mushrooms. 


It’s fair to say that the Grow House’s primary specialty is in supplying top-quality cannabis flowers, and they often grow all of their own products in an effort to skip out the middleman. Some strains available as flowers through the Grow House cannabis dispensary include Island Pink, Citrique, Dosi Pie, Purple God, Super Lemon Haze, and Black Domina. Still, they also stock a wide and high-quality selection of other products, so there’s sure to be something that meets your needs.

Paying for Quality 

Of course, as with any premium products, you can expect to pay above the odds for cannabis products from the Grow House, in line with the quality of the products. So, if you want cheap cannabis options, other dispensaries may be a better place to start your search. With that being said, while the basic prices for most products with the Grow House are quite high, the team does offer some very good discounts (read on to find out more about promotions) that can make it more affordable to purchase cannabis through the dispensary.



The Grow House website is incredibly well planned and laid-out, and this makes it easy to find the cannabis products you want and place an order. The main navigation menu categorizes products into CBD, edibles, flowers, concentrates, topicals, and magic mushrooms. What’s more, most of these sections have a further drop-down selection to help you refine your search. 


Alternatively, if you already know what you’re looking for, the search bar can be an easy way to find the best solution quickly!


The main drawback in terms of the company’s website is that there is no easy-to-find information about the brand itself. Indeed, while there is a section with FAQs, there is no readily-available brand history or information, and this can make it hard for customers to learn more about the Grow House and the products they offer.

Customer Service 

Customer service is something that the Grow House tries to excel in, but ultimately has a long way to go on yet. Indeed, past customer reviews of the Grow House cannabis dispensary report that the company often takes a long time to reply to tickets and emails, and this can be incredibly frustrating for customers. 


Moreover, in the rare instance that the brand gets an order wrong, the proof process can be a little tiresome, and past customers who have reported an incorrect order have found themselves underwhelmed with and infuriated by the support available. Furthermore, the brand requires that incorrect orders for replacement or refund must be reported within one day of delivery, which can be a very tight deadline compared to other cannabis dispensaries.


We highly recommend that the Grow House online dispensary is contacted by telephone if you need any advice or information, as opposed to submitting an email ticket, for this reason. The team can be called or texted on 604-200-8201 , and a phone call is much more likely to get a rapid response if you have an urgent matter. 

Shipping Policies 

Shipping policies for the Grow House cannabis dispensary can be found from their FAQs section. Guaranteed shipping is available for free on all cannabis orders if the customer selects “Mandatory Signature” while placing an order. 


Orders are delivered by CanadaPost XpressPost and can take up to seven working days to arrive; however, past customers commonly report that their orders turned up much more quickly than this in a few days. 


All orders are delivered in discreet packaging, with the only information on the packaging being your name and address. All products are delivered vacuum sealed and in a sterile wrap to promote product purity and quality and ensure that the products do not get damaged during shipping. Moreover, a nice touch of the dispensary is that they try to group products in an order, for example by strain, to make for easier unpacking.

Promotions and Discounts 

A notable benefit of choosing the Grow House cannabis dispensary is their generous discounts. Indeed, as well as their deal of the week which can provide customers with top-quality cannabis buds for under $2 per gram, they also offer discounts on a wide selection of their highly rated cannabis flowers. 

Generally speaking, most discounts in the Grow House sales will fall around 30% off, although discounts of up to 50% off are possible from time to time, so keep an eye out for the highest quality cannabis products at discounted prices when shopping with the Grow House. You can check our full list of best deals and coupons here.

Flash Sales

The Grow House also hosts Flash Sales on a semi-regular basis alongside their normal discounts, which can allow their customers to enjoy massive discounts on some of their favorite cannabis products – so long as you’re quick, anyway! Fortunately, customers can sign up for notifications of the next Flash Sale to help increase the chances that they’ll be able to take part.

Weed Subscription Boxes

In addition to this, it’s also worth considering the Weed Subscription Box that is available through the Grow House cannabis dispensary. There are four different boxes that are available to cannabis boxes available through the Grow House online cannabis dispensary, including the deal of the week monthly and mini subscriptions, as well as the configurable weed subscription box. These offer generous savings on top of the listed price for weed, making them popular options for many cannabis enthusiasts. 


A notable benefit of the weed subscription boxes with the Grow House is that the boxes themselves are fully configurable. This means that cannabis enthusiasts can choose the ideal contents for their subscription box, helping give customers maximum satisfaction for the cannabis products that arrive on their doorstep.


The only drawback of the Grow House subscription boxes, though, is that they come with relatively high price tags, starting from $89.99 a month up to $299.99 a month. As such, for moderate scale cannabis users, these subscription boxes may be more generous than you actually need. In this case, buying the products individually from the main store page could offer a better value option.

Pros & Cons


  • Generous discounts with the brand’s “deals of the week” as well as discounts of approximately 30-50% off for selected cannabis flowers.
  • All products stocked on the website are of an exceptionally high quality, helping give customers peace of mind when buying cannabis online
  • All products are grown and made locally in BC
  • Wide selection of promotions and discounts available
  • Weed subscription boxes may offer additional discounts for more regular cannabis users


  • Prices can be higher than for many rival cannabis dispensaries (although the quality and discounts help offset this drawback) 
  • Weed subscription boxes are expensive, and there’s no cheap subscription boxes for less-regular cannabis users to try
  • Minimum free shipping is higher than some options at $150
  • Product selection may be slightly more limited than for other cannabis dispensaries


The Grow House is well-regarded for sourcing top-quality cannabis products online. While the brand’s product selection and prices may be a little less favorable than for some other online cannabis dispensaries, if it is top quality cannabis products you have been looking for, The Grow House could be the best dispensary for your buying needs. However, always take caution when ordering with the grow house, as the brand’s reputation is a little hard to determine from past customers.

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