Feminized Seed Variety Packs

Have you ever heard the expression, “variety is the spice of life?” Well, that can be very well applied to cannabis seeds, too – and there’s certainly something exciting about watching your cannabis seeds grow and germinate into different strains! As such, cannabis seed variety packs (sometimes also called cannabis seed mix packs, or some variant therein) are becoming more and more popular with growers.

Hence, you might be able to benefit from trying out a cannabis seed variety pack for yourself – and today, we’re on hand to help you learn about the benefits that different variety packs can offer, and how to choose the right one! We’ll cover multiple questions, including “what are cannabis seed variety packs” and “how can I choose the right cannabis seed variety pack.” As well as this, we’ll also be picking out some of our favorites, so you can ensure you get the best mix of seeds possible for your next growing experience!

What are Cannabis Seed Variety Packs?


Before we can look any further into the best cannabis seed variety packs, we need to clearly consider what these cannabis seed variety packs (or mix packs) are. These unique seed packs are essentially a take on the “pick and mix” concept that’s so popular with candy – except this time, they’re with cannabis seeds, and you’ll get a grab bag of different seed strains.

There are two main points that we need to clarify when it comes to cannabis seed variety packs:

  1.    You will be getting a selection of different seeds, meaning that the strains you grow will be different from one another. Some cannabis seed variety packs will tell you which ones you’ll get, while others won’t actually tell you which seeds are contained in the pack.
  2.    The strains selected for your variety pack will be different but similar. That is to say, you can pick out a mix pack that suits your unique preferences and tastes without having to worry about getting a strain that you won’t enjoy.

These are two of the most distinguishing features of cannabis seed variety mix packs. As such, while the exact seeds that you get might be a surprise (depending on the seed variety packs you choose), you can still be confident that you’re buying a strain of seeds that will be to your tastes and preferences. To this end, there are many different types of cannabis seed variety packs available on the market.

Are Cannabis Seed Variety Packs a Good Option?

At this point, you’re probably wondering – are cannabis seed variety packs a good option to try? Why not just buy a selection of different seed strains instead; then you know what you’re getting, right? Surely this is a safer option for seed buyers?

Well, there are several reasons as to why you might want to try cannabis mix packs. The most obvious reason, of course, is that you get a selection of different seeds – so, when it comes to harvesting the cannabis, you’ll have a choice of different buds to choose from. Why be limited to just one type of strain?

Another potential benefit is the excitement factor. With a variety pack of cannabis seeds, sometimes, you might not know what strain of cannabis seeds you’re getting. You’ll likely only know the distinguishing features for those seeds – for example, their general flavor, aroma, THC content, and the like. However, you won’t know what the exact seed strain is. So, if you choose a surprise mix pack, you’ll have the excitement factor while cultivating your cannabis seeds to determine what strain they are!

As well as this, it’s worth noting that variety packs can offer you better value-for-money on your cannabis seeds, too. If you buy a mixed variety cannabis seed pack, you will usually be given a much better price than just buying the cannabis seeds individually of their respective strains. As such, you could save money on your seeds by buying a cannabis seed pack while still benefitting from the excitement of the surprise, too!

Top Picks for the Best Cannabis Seed Variety Packs

When it comes to high-quality cannabis seed variety packs, you want to make sure that you choose a seed bank that will provide you with top-class seeds as well as fine service. Luckily, don’t worry – we can help you find the solutions you need for your cannabis seed variety packs! So, let’s take a look at the best cannabis seed variety packs to help you find the one that’s perfect for your seed-growing need!

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

If you’ve been looking for a premium quality cannabis seed bank, there are few better than that ILGM. ILGM provides a massive selection of different cannabis seeds, as they also offer numerous different cannabis seed variety packs as well; in fact, they probably have the most different options! Some of the seed variety packs on offer at ILGM include the following:

  •       Just Starting Out Cannabis Seeds
  •       Blue Mix Cannabis Seeds
  •       Bling Cannabis Seeds
  •       Berry Mix pack
  •       Chemical Mix
  •       Baked Sweets Mix Pack
  •       Fruity Kush
  •       Auto 2.0
  •       Heavy Hitter

These are just a number of the different cannabis seed mixes available at I Love Growing Marijuana, although arguably one of the best options is the Heavy Hitter mix of cannabis seeds. Heavy Hitter offers a selection of Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and MK Ultra – some of the most popular and potent strains of cannabis on the market.

ILGM offers generous discounts on the price of its seeds when sold as a seed pack, which is good as the brand isn’t the most generous usually with their promotions and discounts. Moreover, they also offer a germination guarantee on seeds sold as part of a cannabis seed mix pack. Unfortunately, though, the prices can be higher than some of its competitor firms, and the mix packs are available only for US and Australian customers.

MSNL Seed Bank

Next up, you should consider the MSNL Seed Bank if you’re looking for top-quality cannabis seed mix packs! The mix packs offered by MSNL are usually high-THC strains, making them incredibly potent choices for cannabis lovers. Their seed pack options include the following:

  •       Classic
  •       Super Strong
  •       Auto Feminized
  •       Auto Strong Feminized
  •       US Mega Value Pack
  •       Fruity
  •       Budget
  •       Outdoor
  •       Terpenes

As can be seen from the list above, MSNL offers a wide selection of different variety packs, and these are great for all buyers’ needs. Whether you’re looking for premium cannabis seeds on a budget, or if there’s something a little more specific you want, you can be confident that you’ll find a seed mix pack that will suit your needs.

Of course, it’s hard to pick out any one best cannabis seed variety pack – but our top pick has to be the US Mega Value Pack, which includes seeds for Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, and Gorilla Glue. As stated in the name, the US Mega Value Pack also offers great discounts on the price of buying the seeds separately and is an affordable seed mix option. What’s more, you get up to thirty seeds in a pack, reward points for every purchase, and bulk purchase options are available, making the MSNL seed mixes highly popular for their great value-for-money.

Crop King Seeds

If you’ve been looking for a surprise seed variety pack, then Crop King Seeds’ mix bundles could be just what you have been looking for! Unlike MSNL and ILGM, Crop King Seeds only offer a choice of two variety packs: feminized and auto feminized. This means that you really won’t know much about what you’re getting when you choose Crop King’s variety packs!

For some people, the thought of not knowing what seeds you’re getting might not be a great idea – but for others who are a little more adventurous, a surprise pack can be a great option. As well as this, Crop King Seeds can deliver their seeds worldwide, which some seed banks may not be able to provide.

Crop King Seeds are renowned for the excellent quality of their seeds, too, so you can be confident that you’ll get great quality seeds no matter what selection you get. The seeds will produce up to 500g of yield per plant if grown effectively and well. What’s more, the seeds can have anywhere up to 25% THC content, giving you potent effects!

Some of the selection of seeds that are available in the Crop King Seeds cannabis variety packs include Cali OG, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, Hash Plant, White Cookies, Neville’s Haze, Kosher Kush, White Widow, and Alien Technology. However, there is a massive selection of feminized and auto-feminized seeds to choose between from Crop King Seeds, so there’s sure to be seed solutions for every grower!

Ministry of Cannabis

It’s safe to say that having too many seed mix packs to choose between can actually be a complication, sometimes – and if that’s the case for you, then the Ministry of Cannabis seed mixes could be a better option to consider. Not only are their seed variety packs good value for money, but they also offer premium quality, top-class seeds. As such, they are incredibly popular options for seed enthusiasts. However, it should be noted that the selection of seeds available is somewhat limited.

Some of the different seed variety packs available through the Ministry of Cannabis include:

  •       Life Energizer Mix
  •       Deep Relax
  •       Auto Fun
  •       Auto Chill Out
  •       Auto Relax

As can be seen from the names of the different seed variety packs, each is created based on the effects that the cannabis will create. As such, you can choose a cannabis seed mix that’s perfectly suited for the experience you want from your cannabis buds!

As with Crop King Seeds, the Ministry of Cannabis can also offer worldwide delivery and isn’t limited to just a small number of different countries. They offer premium seeds in their cannabis mixes, but the only drawback is that the selection is a little more limited than some other seed banks which offer more strain options in their variety packs.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis seed variety packs are becoming more and more popular. However, it’s important that you choose the right type.

Some seed packs will state the strains that the bundle contains. Meanwhile, other seed mixes – such as the ones offered by Crop King Seeds – will contain a surprise combination of seeds. Hence, there’s an option available for everyone to consider, no matter the reason for buying a bundle pack!

The most important thing, of course, is to source your cannabis seeds from high-quality and reputable seed banks. Always check out any seed bank’s reputation before buying cannabis seeds from them to be sure that you won’t be throwing money away.

In doing so, you’ll likely get the chance to grow a whole variety of cannabis seeds that you may never have tried before. So, what’s the wait? 


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