Cherry Pie Seeds Review :Where to Buy?

When it comes to growing marijuana, it’s always imperative that you choose the right type and strain of cannabis seeds for your needs. To this end, there are a huge number of different seed varieties that you could choose between – and today, we’ll be considering this to help you decide on the right type of cannabis seeds for your tastes. We’ll be looking at the Cherry Pie cannabis seeds and their pros, cons, and growing conditions to help you decide whether these could be good for your growing needs.

Basic Characteristics

So, to begin with, we need to take a look at the basic characteristics of the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain. The strain is a high-THC strain that is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica plants, as we’ll discuss in a little more detail momentarily. It includes the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, and is most notable for its delicious dessert flavor. Indeed, the strain wasn’t called cherry pie for nothing! So, for users looking for a sweet and delicious cannabis seed strain that’s also high in THC and provides strong effects, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain could be the choice for you!

History of the Cherry Pie Seeds

So, how did the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain come about? The strain was actually developed by Cookie Fam, a cannabis strain breeder that’s renowned for its innovative and delicious dessert flavor strains. 

It was developed by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison together, both of which are already highly popular strains in their own right. Subsequently to this, development of the strain was continued by Jigga and Co. who discovered that crossing Granddaddy Purple plants specifically with an F1 Durban Poison gave even more pronounced features in the resulting strain.

The strain is well known for its flavor, and strong flavors and aromas of the strain include freshly leavened dough, pine, light honey, and baked cherry notes. The flavor is strong and highly noticeable, and this can be a bit of a surprise for many users; indeed, while some strains only have a mild flavor, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain doesn’t go steady when it comes to aroma and flavor.

Cherry Pie is a hugely popular cannabis seed strain. In fact, it became an instant hit almost as soon as it was released on the market. Since its creation, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain has also gone on to be involved in the creation of many other modern strains, making it a highly influential strain that most cannabis users have likely had some contact with – either itself or through one of its descendent strains.

Effects of Cherry Pie Seeds

So, next up, we need to look at the effects of Cherry Pie cannabis seeds. This strain produces an intensely energizing effect that’s highly sought after among users. As such, the strain is also effective at encouraging people to talk and many users report that they feel quite chatty after taking this strain. This highly energizing effect is largely thanks to the Sativa genetics behind the strain. So much so, in a blind test, one might be surprised, to begin with, that the strain isn’t a pure Sativa strain. However, following on from this, the strain develops more indica-influenced effects including relaxation and peace. 


Overall, the effects of the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain can be described as energizing, insightful, and imaginative, with many people choosing the strain for its creativity benefits. It also offers numerous benefits from a medicinal perspective, including depression and anxiety relief, social anxiety, pain, fatigue, stress, insomnia, and inflammation. However, there are a few notable side effects of the strain that should be considered, including red eyes and a dry mouth. What’s more, it’s important to be aware that the strain is incredibly potent; as such, it’s easy to overdose on this strain, so little and often is generally the best consumption method if you don’t want to get completely wrecked.


Hence, if you’re looking for a cannabis strain that can help you boost your creativity while also offering some medicinal effects, then the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain could be a great one for you to consider!

How to Grow Cherry Pie Cannabis Seeds

So, now that we’ve clarified the effects of the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain, we need to look at its growing difficulty. Fortunately, the strain is actually an incredibly easy one to grow and grows to between 4 and 6 feet in height when mature. It produces incredibly dense flowers at flowering with tightly bound calyxes and vibrant orange pistils. The flower is thickly coated in resin and has a notable purple hue, too.

Growing Cherry Pie Seeds Indoors

Growing the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain indoors is highly popular, and the plant usually matures to a height of approximately 4 feet for indoor growing. Keeping the temperature and humidity requirements met for the plant is usually quite easy, although many indoor growers recommend installing extra fans to ensure the plant gets plenty of airflows. 

Growing Cherry Pie Seeds Outdoors

While the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain grows to a very discrete and easily concealable height of 4 feet when grown indoors, the same cannot be said for outdoor growing. As such, if you’re looking for an outdoor cannabis seed strain that’s going to be easy to conceal, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain may not be your ideal choice. Indeed, the strain is known for “reaching for the stars” when grown outdoors, and its high height can make it a little harder to conceal for discrete cannabis growing.

With that being said, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain is highly suitable for outdoor growing if discretion isn’t a major concern. The strain is strong against diseases and grows well at high temperatures which are usually feasible for most outdoor growers in summer. The only concern is the strain’s relative humidity requirements, but once again, most regions in the summer should be able to provide a suitable growing environment outdoors. 

Ideal Growing Conditions

When it comes to ideal growing conditions, the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain has strong Californian roots and so, it grows best in conditions with long sun exposure and high temperatures. The ideal temperature range for the strain is between 68 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity limit of 45%, particularly during the flowering season. Keeping the humidity right is vital to prevent the flowers from going bad. Indeed, while the strain is resistant to most diseases, things can go wrong if the humidity gets too high for the plant to cope with. Oftentimes, growers will choose to grow fewer plants to ensure that each gets plenty of airflow around it, which can further help to keep the plant healthy and strong.

Flowering Time

The Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain generally takes about eight weeks to flower, which is well in the region of most cannabis seed flowering times. Indeed, while this isn’t the fastest flowering strain, it equally isn’t an excessively slow strain to mature, giving growers a great yield within a relatively short period of time.


A notable benefit of Cherry Pie cannabis is its ability to provide a medium-high harvest despite having a relatively small height itself. The plant can provide a harvest of approximately 450 grams for effective indoor growing systems. Meanwhile, if your external conditions are a good suit for the strain, outdoor-grown plants can be expected to produce somewhere in the region of 600g or more yield per plant – that’s not bad at all, especially when it’s considered that the harvest is so potent. You don’t need much at all to get high, meaning you’ll have a huge amount of potential from each and every plant.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally easy strain to grow that’s resistant to many pests and diseases
  • Potent yields with a generous, medium-high yield harvest
  • Connoisseur-grade marijuana harvests
  • Powerful flavor and aroma compared to other cannabis strains
  • High bud appeal
  • The high THC content of up to 26%
  • Intense high requiring very low doses


  • Finding high-quality, legitimate seeds can be difficult and expensive
  • The strain grows tall when grown outdoors, compared to indoor growing systems

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality cannabis seed strain that’s capable of producing potent, high-THC weed, then the Cherry Pie cannabis seed strain could be the best one for your needs. The strain is notable for producing deliciously flavored buds with a rich aroma that’s truly enticing. Meanwhile, the buds are also incredibly potent and produce a creative, energizing high. These traits have made this strain one that has a high reputation among the cannabis growing community, and while it can be hard to get hold of legitimate seeds, if you can find some you should expect a dessert cannabis experience unlike any other!

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