Buying Cheap Shatter Online in Canada [Buying Guide]

When it comes to top-quality cannabis concentrates, shatter is undeniably one of the most popular types. However, because of its popularity, it can be quite an expensive cannabis concentrate to buy, and many people are hence looking for ways to get a discount on their next shatter order. Fortunately, we can help you find out where to find high-quality shatter concentrates that won’t completely break the bank! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where you can find high-quality shatter online in Canada and how you can get the best possible prices for your purchase!

Shatter Prices in 2023

shatter is one of the most expensive cannabis concentrates, largely due to its popularity and quality. Furthermore, for private customers buying just a small amount of shatter, the price per gram can be even higher – and as such, you may want to look at ways to save money on buying your shatter cannabis. To this end, you should consider the different places you can find top-quality shatter to try and get the best possible price on your order.

Buying Shatter Online vs. In-Store

At present, most cannabis retail stores are selling shatter cannabis concentrate at a price tag of anywhere between $50 and $75 per gram – and, naturally, people are often limited as to how much they can order at these sorts of prices! Meanwhile, the average selling price for two grams of shatter cannabis in physical stores usually falls around $140 (equating to $70 per gram) or $280 for four grams.

The price of shatter cannabis is generally a lot more affordable for online cannabis dispensaries as these do not have the same high overhead costs as physical dispensaries. For these online dispensaries, you can typically pick up shatter concentrate for a more affordable price tag of between $20 and $35 per gram, although this is still a fairly expensive way to meet your cannabis needs. For two grams of shatter concentrate from an online cannabis dispensary, the average selling price for two grams is a lot more affordable than for physical dispensaries at $60 per gram (equating to $30 per gram) or $110 for four grams.


As such, evidently, our first tip for getting a discount on your shatter concentrate is to order online. Indeed, while online orders of cannabis will naturally come with a delivery charge (unless you order enough to qualify for free shipping from your chosen online cannabis dispensary) the cost-saving on the shatter itself is massive and more than worth a little extra for delivery. 

Can I Save Money by Buying Budget Shatter? 

With that being said, it’s not impossible to buy a small quantity of shatter concentrate cannabis for a lower price tag than this. For example, finding shatter for sale at $15 per gram or so is possible – however, buyers should be careful when choosing these budget discount cannabis options, as these are often the offcuts and won’t offer the same sort of experience as the real deal. The quality of these discount shatter options is often much less and can degrade over time, significantly impacting the overall standard of your cannabis.

Buying Shatter in Bulk

If you want to save money on your order of shatter, then the best option is to look out for bulk orders of shatter. Bulk orders of shatter can come with significant discounts per gram, with the following prices typically being possible:


  • 14 grams (½ ounce)- average $320
  • 28 grams  (1 ounce) – average $525
  • 112 grams (4 ounces) – average $2000
  • 224 grams (8 ounces) – average $3800


As can be seen from the above, the prices for bulk shatter cannabis concentrate vary from approximately $23 per gram for a smaller bulk order to $17 per gram for large bulk orders. To this end, cannabis users buying their shatter in bulk can get generous discounts on the price of their shatter cannabis – potentially sourcing high-quality shatter concentrates for roughly the same price as poorer-quality trim-run shatter.

Best Online Cannabis Dispensaries for Shatter

shatter is, without a doubt, much more affordable when purchased from an online cannabis dispensary than through a physical cannabis dispensary. To this end, you should consider the following online cannabis dispensaries if you have been looking for top-quality, affordable shatter concentrate.

#1 Haute Health 

Next up on our list of the best online cannabis dispensaries for shatter is Haute Health, a popular choice of cannabis dispensary for many Canadian customers. Haute Health is an ideal destination for those looking for reliable cannabis shatter. It provides a range of top-quality shatter, and even their discount shatter offcuts are still of high quality. 

Haute Health offers a vast selection of cannabis shatter products, varying in price as standard between $15 and $40 per gram and falling as low as $13 per gram for bulk orders. With 45 choices of shatter available to consider, there’s something for every cannabis user with Haute Health. As such, if you’re looking for excellent prices on your shatter purchases, this could be the ideal destination. 

What’s more, the brand’s Smokin’ Daily Deals are regularly available on their range of shatter products, and these can offer up to 70% off the listed price for shatter. However, Haute Health’s daily deals can sell out incredibly quickly, and to this end, you’ll need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of these excellent shatter discounts.

#2 The Grow House 

First up on our list of the best cannabis dispensaries to source your shatter concentrates from is the Grow House, which stocks a wide range of shatter products including AAAA Island Pink, AAAA Blueberry Yum Yum, White Cookies, and AAAA Mountain Congo. Prices for these shatter products typically fall in the region of $35-$45 per gram, putting it as one of the more expensive online cannabis brands for shatter. However, the brand offers regular discounts on its products, and shatter concentrates are no exception; these discounts can easily push the price of your next shatter order into the $20s.

#3 Herb Approach

Next up is Herb Approach, one of the largest suppliers of high-quality shatter cannabis. They sell a wide variety of popular cannabis brands including Faded Extracts, Hooti Extracts, Forever Phoenix, Hempstar, Phyto Shatter, and more. They also offer regular promotions and discounts on their range of cannabis, and prices as standard generally fall between $30 and $40. Moreover, the team also offers a bulk-buy discount on multiple packs of shatter, pushing the price as low as $24.

The only drawback of the Herb Approach cannabis dispensary for shatter is that they are regularly sold out of discounted products, so customers need to act quickly if they want to take advantage of discount offers.

#4 West Coast Cannabis 

West Coast Cannabis is a great destination for those looking for high-quality shatter cannabis at an affordable rate. They particularly specialize in providing bulk order cannabis for their customers, and these offer massive discounts over the standard price. With that being said, for customers who only want to buy a smaller quantity of shatter cannabis, prices per gram start from an exceptionally affordable $25 per gram. Some of the cannabis shatter types on offer through West Coast Cannabis include King Louis, Tom Ford, Raspberry Kush, Bubble Gum OG, Gods Green, Death Bubba, Candy Land, and more.

#5 BudLyft 

Coming in at fifth on our list of the best destinations to buy high-quality shatter in 2023 is BudLyft, a highly popular online cannabis dispensary that’s well known for its generous discounts and wide product range. Unfortunately, we can’t rank it much higher on our list of the best destinations owing to the fact that their range of cannabis shatter – at present – is limited to just five different varieties: Gelato, Headstash Red Dragon, Golden Grams, CannaCure Lemon Skunk, and CannaCure Rockstar. With that being said, they charge reasonable prices for their shatter between $25 and $40 and often offer discounts and freebies along with orders, making them a worthwhile choice all the same.

Worthy Mentions

We’ve looked at our top five picks for the best online cannabis dispensaries from which to source shatter, but we would be remiss to not mention some of the other shatter suppliers including SpeedGreens, The Foggy Forest, BuyMyWeedOnline.Ca, Crystal Cloud 9, GetKush, WeedSmart, and The High Club.

Buying Bulk Shatter Cannabis

If you’ve been looking for a supplier of bulk-order shatter cannabis, the two best online dispensaries we’d recommend include Canna Wholesalers and Haute Health. Both of these online cannabis dispensaries offer massive discounts on the price of shatter for wholesale buyers, with prices falling to almost $17. That’s before considering discounts and deals, too!


Finding high-quality cannabis shatter in Canada doesn’t need to be impossible, and there are numerous online dispensaries that can offer exceptional value for money from your shatter order. After all, finding high-quality shatter doesn’t need to be difficult – but taking advantage of deals, promotions, and discounts can be an exceptional way to save money on your order.

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