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Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA [Reviewed]

Are you keeping up with the latest news today? If yes, then you’re probably aware already of cannabis’ legalization in many states of the USA. As the news spread and reached cannabis aficionados worldwide, we can’t deny the fact that it made a big noise. This also affected the market since the number of people […]

15 Best Led Grow Lights (Cannabis) Reviews For 2019

Whatever is the weather outside, keeping your plants safe from too much of everything can be easier nowadays. From herbal plants that you use in the kitchen to other leafy greens and flowering plants, you can now keep them inside. This is thanks to our latest technology today that allows us to provide artificial light […]

Top 3 LED grow lights for your cannabis crop

In this article we will be taking an in-depth look at LED grow lights and why they are perfect for growing cannabis indoors. We will also cover what they do and how to use them, as well as reviewing three of our current favorite LED grow lights on the market.   Why choose LED grow […]

Best Portable Weed Vaporizers: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Now that you’ve decided to shift or try vaping, this review we prepared will help you find your right match. Some vaporizer units are available in as low as $99 while others can be as expensive as $330. Though portable weed vaporizers are generally handy, some may still be heavier and bigger to carry around […]

Best Bud Trimmer Machines- 2019 reviews

Are you looking for the best bud trimmer? Well, fret no more because this guide will help you find one for your needs. Whether you need a manual, automatic, or industrial type, we’ve got it covered. This review guide will help you determine which type of tool suits your needs the most to avoid overspending. […]