Best 600 Watt LED Grow Lights Product Reviews 2019

Buying a 600W LED grow lights, doesn’t have to be a tedious job for every grower. Thus, we prepared this guide to help you choose the best 600W LED grow lights. In here, we included some tips on how you can spot the best 600W LED grow lights. Whether you are chopping on physical or online shops, this guide can certainly come in handy. So, make sure you really know what kind of plants you want to grow and the exact area they cover. At the same time, you should know how much light they need depending on their growth stage. Some models may come with 2 light modes that are specifically designed for certain plants and growth stages. Some may also have a more advanced cooling system that can keep your plants and grow area cooler. So, read on to see which one of our selected 600W LED grow lights will suit your needs and budget.

#1. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Dual-Chip Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Built with an upgraded dual chip 10W LEDs, this King Plus model is no doubt brighter than traditional LEDs. Engineered to maintain a balanced PAR output and light coverage, it produces the most comprehensive spectrum. Thus, it includes all the necessary light colors and intensity that are needed by your indoor plants. Whether you need it for the vegetative or flowering stage, it can give the amount of light similar to natural sunlight. It even includes an efficient cooling system with 2 quiet fans and aluminum heat sinks to keep your lights cool. Thus, it can prevent overheating to prolong its life. Most importantly, it is built with energy saving 600W LEDs that only consume about 600 watt led grow lights

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.61 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Provides a full spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages with 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, and IR(730nm)
  • Covers 3 x 3.4 ft. lighting area with an adjustable height based on your plants’ growth stage and its environment
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -20 to 40°C, 45%RH~90%RH working temperature
  • Consumes 120W power that runs on an AC85 to 265V worldwide voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Built-in cooling system contains a thick LED board and 2 fans to dissipate heat
  • Designed to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan

Perfect for those budget seekers out there, we recommend this unit for both beginners and professional growers. It got the durability and efficient performance that are needed in a high-quality LED grow light. We also like the fact that it can cover more than 3 ft. lighting area with a full spectrum light.


  • Durable, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient
  • Produces a brighter light than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs
  • Works up to 14 hours a day depending on your plants’ current growth stage
  • Includes a free power cord and a hanging hook for an easy installation


  • Some units may contain bulbs that start to dim and get burn easily
  • Doesn’t include adjustable ratchet ropes


#2. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you’re looking for a cool LED grow light that is suitable for beginners and professionals, this might be it. This 600W LED grow light from Phlizon promises a high-quality product with a bigger coverage of the lighting area. In spite of its size, it is actually a very lightweight light system packed with improved features like cooling fans. Thus, you can set it up quickly without a sweat and expect it to last longer. You can also manage its view angle with 90° and 120° angle. Aside from having powerful LED bulbs, this model is also CE, FCC, and ROHS Certified to prove its reliability. It even comes with a thermometer humidity monitor and an adjustable rope for additional convenience.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.3 pounds with 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° and 120° view angle
  • Covers 2 x 2 ft. core area at 24 inches height and 3 x 3 ft. max area at 24 inches height with an adjustable height based on your plans’ growth
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs with a PPFD value of 255.7 umol/m²s at 18 inches hanging height
  • Consumes 108W power only that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Veg and bloom On/Off switch apply to germination, seedling, veg, and bloom stage
  • Double cooling fans keep its lights cool to avoid overheating
  • Built to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan

Compared with other grow lights, this is what we can consider as real budget-friendly and energy-efficient. Thus, we recommend it for first-time growers who want a compact unit that can cover a larger area. With its cooling system, we can also guarantee its long lifespan to make the most of its worth.


  • Great for all levels of growers
  • Doesn’t consume too much energy
  • Operates with a maintained low temperature
  • Provides a full spectrum lighting system for all growth stages
  • The fans operate quietly to keep its lights cooler


  • Not efficient for grow tents since its hanger takes a lot of space
  • Doesn’t include built-in heat sinks to help dissipate heat


#3. BESTVA Elite Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Whether you are planning to go for the veg or bloom mode, this LED grow light can help you out. This reflector series model from BESTVA is designed with veg and bloom mode that you can activate anytime. Regardless of your plants’ current growth stage, it can help boost their growth up to their maximum potential. Coming from a well-known brand when it comes to grow lights, it passed various scientific researches and tests. Thus, it is approved for taking care of medical plants such as cannabis plants and so much more. Moreover, it consists of an integral aluminum radiator so you don’t have to worry about overheating issues. It can also cover up to 2 x 2.2 ft. which is good enough for small scale growers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.71 pounds with 11.4 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Provides full spectrum light for all growth stages of indoor plants
  • Covers about 2 x 2.2 ft. core area at 24 inches height with 50 µmol/m²s LCP and 380 to 730 n wavelength range
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -68 to 104°F working temperature
  • 2 modes: bloom for seedling and flowering, veg for growing can be used for up to 18 hours a day
  • Consumes an average power of 132W that runs on an AC85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Updated cooling system with 5 mm. thick built-in aluminum structure radiator instead of pure fans
  • Built to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan

Despite being a smaller LED grow light compared with its competitors, this model promises bigger benefits. It is one of the most cost-effective options that we can approve to last for years of regular use. Thus, it’s a small but terrible unit that can keep your plants alive with changeable control modes.


  • Energy-efficient and ideal for beginners or professional growers
  • Uses a single but more efficient aluminum radiator cooling system
  • Compact and made from lightweight but durable materials
  • Designed to withstand over 212°F temperatures


  • Extremely bright and can’t be used without wearing protective glasses
  • Not waterproof


#4. HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Garden Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Growing Lights

Are you a fan of HIGROW? In that case, then this is something you shouldn’t miss. Specially designed with a 12-band full spectrum, this Led grow light consists of all the needed lights of indoor plants. This includes Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(600-610nm), Yellow(580-590nm), Green(520-530nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K), UV(380-400nm), and IR(740-760nm). With a smart and more concentrated lighting angle, it reduces its light loss by 30%. Thus, a higher PAR/Lumen light can penetrate into your foliage to increase your harvest. Its heat sinks also keep your lights cool so you can use it for long hours without worry.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 11.2 pounds with 16.2 x 10.5 x 2.6 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Covers about 3 x 3 ft. core area at 24 inches height and 4 x 4 ft. max area at 24 inches height for growing
  • Contains 120 x 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that provide 2 ranges of white spectrum: 2700 to 3000K and 4200 to 4500K
  • Consumes an average power of 250±3% watt that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Built to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan


  • Suitable for all levels of indoor growers
  • Provides sufficient light for plants under the vegetative and flowering stage
  • Reduces 30% light loss with concentrated light
  • Produces a very intense light without using too much energy


  • Doesn’t include a built-in timer
  • The fans can be a little noisy while keeping your lights cool


#5. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you’re looking for LED grow lights that are not too expensive and not too cheap, this might work. It costs a little higher than the previous models but still worth less than $200. As one of VIPARSPECTRA’s products, it comes with advanced features and better canopy penetration. Thus, you can ensure that all your plants under it can absorb its light easily to help them grow faster. Though it doesn’t contain many red lights, it still is an efficient and competitive product that’s worth investing in. It’s also protected by its built-in cooling fan and heat sinks to last longer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 11.6 pounds with 15.3 x 12.8 x 3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Covers 3 x 3 ft. vegetative area at 32 inches height and 2.5 x 2.5 ft. flowering area at 22 inches height with an adjustable height based on your plants’ growth
  • Consumes an average power of 260±3% watt at 120V that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 120 x 5W high-intensity Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs with 2.17A at 120V, 1.18A at 220V amperage
  • Designed to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • UL Certified with daisy chain function
  • Produces an evenly spread light within its coverage area
  • Guarantees an intense canopy penetration to ensure plants’ faster and healthier growth
  • Helps plants grow beautifully with all their needed lights


  • Could have been better with more red lights
  • Some units may arrive with a noisy fan


#6. BESTVA 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Known as one of the top brands that offer resilient products, this LED grow light from BESTVA is worth a try. In fact, it is also one of the most affordable products out there that offer a full spectrum which consists of red, blue, and white lights. Compared with the brands’ other series, dual chip series provide greater light coverage while consuming less power. It also provides an excellent PAR/Lumen to achieve a higher intensity of light that is brighter than regular LEDs. Just like the previous models, it also has its own cooling system that dissipates heat after long hours of use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.5 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 250W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Covers about 4 x 3.6 ft. core area at 24 inches height to provide a full spectrum for all growth stages
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -68 to 104°F working temperature
  • Consumes an average power of 125W that runs on an AC85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Can last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • Consumes less power using 6 ft. power cord
  • Doesn’t need an extra ballast
  • Can be operated by a timer
  • Provides 2x light coverage of reflector LEDs and traditional HPS bulbs
  • Ensures a balanced distribution of high Lumen and light coverage


  • Lacks the daisy chain function
  • Cant’ be looked at directly without wearing protective glasses


How to Choose the Best 600W LED Grow Lights?

Believe it or not, there are thousands of LED grow lights are currently offered in the market. Thus, choosing the best 600W LED grow lights can be a little challenging especially if you’re a first-time buyer. In this case, we’ve come prepared with some tips to help you choose the best 600W LED grow lights. Most importantly, these tips will help you score the best deals to make the most of your budget. So, read on and start making your checklist.

  • Determine The Crops You Want To Grow

First things first, determine the kind of crops or plants you want to grow under these lighting systems. Depending on the kind and amount of harvest you aim to get, you can get the right type of model. Specifically, smaller units that may or may not have a daisy chain feature are perfect for beginners and hobbyists. Some may also be offered as DIY kits to suffice the customers’ love for indoor gardening. For bigger crops that are also bigger in number, there are bigger units that are suitable for commercial use. These models also have ETL or UL certification to ensure your plants’ healthy growth. When it comes to greeneries, there are vertical LED grow lights that can boost their yield and growth.

  • Measure Your Lighting Area

To make sure that every part of your plants are well-lighted, measure the entire area that needs to be covered. Once you have your needed size, it will be easier for you to find a model that has the same lighting coverage. Regardless, your grow light’s coverage area can be over but not less than your plants’ coverage area. In some cases, you may use multiple LEDs to cover a certain area and connect them with daisy chain fixtures.

  • Determine Your Plants’ Growth Stage

Depending on your plants’ growth stage, you may need to switch between different lighting modes such as veg and bloom modes. You may also need LED grow lights that can produce a full spectrum to support all your plants’ growth stages. Some may also include dimmers which come in handy in some growth stages.

  • Check The Light’s Angle

Another thing to look for when choosing the best 600W LED grow lights is its light angle. The greater the angle the better angle of dispersion and light coverage your plants can get. Thus, a lesser angle is also equal to less dispersion but more direct light.

  • Consider Your Budget

Whether you want to admit or not, we all need a budget no matter how big or small it is. All the mentioned items above together with your budget can help you narrow down your search. Just like buying other products, it is never a good idea to overspend unless necessary. Thus, it is just practical to set a flexible budget that you can use to consider your options.


Before you decide on purchasing a certain model of LED grow lights on the market, take note of their differences. Not all 600W LED grow lights are the same simply because they come from different manufacturers and brands. Thus, these lighting systems may arrive in the market with some similarities and unique features. Of course, it’s hard to tell which one has the best feature without actually laying them in front of you.

Thus, we hope that this review guide can help you find the best 600W LED grow lights according to your needs. Regardless of the kind of crops, growth stage, and space you have, our list of products above can help you shop.

15 Best Led Grow Lights (Cannabis) Reviews For 2019

Whatever is the weather outside, keeping your plants safe from too much of everything can be easier nowadays. From herbal plants that you use in the kitchen to other leafy greens and flowering plants, you can now keep them inside. This is thanks to our latest technology today that allows us to provide artificial light for indoor plants. With this guide, you can learn about how LEDs work for growing plants as well as its benefits.

At the same time, it’ll be easier for you to find the best LED grow light that suits your plants’ needs. No need to waste your time searching elsewhere, below are the top products that can keep your plants healthy.

15 Top Led Grow Lights Reviews 2019

#1. Mars ECO 300W Led Grow Light( Editor’s Choice)

Specially chosen as the Editor’s Choice, this LED grow light from Mars Hydro is an ideal unit for beginners. It is built with 300W power that is enough to help your plants grow tall and healthy. It utilizes a 12-band full spectrum light with IR to help your plants achieve an optimum photosynthesis response. It also additional red lights that help plants achieve a bigger fruit, flower, and more led grow lights

Its built-in Boss cooling fan and cooling holes regulate its temperature and protect the Epistar LED lights to last longer. Its upgraded daisy chain function makes it more convenient to operate and manage for any indoor plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.75 pounds with 11.7×10.3×3.1 inches dimension
  • Built with 24×24 inches core coverage for flowering plants and 42×66 inches maximum coverage for vegetable plants
  • Draws 116W AC120V, 115W AC240V of power with EU, UK, AU, USA, and Japan plug type
  • Hanging distance vary from 20-28 inches for seedlings, 16-20 inches for growth, and 10-16 inches for bloom
  • Produces 440-450nm, 450-460nm, 610-630nm, 630-635nm, 650-660nm, 730-740nm and 5500K-6000K spectrum        with Epistar chip brand
  • Works with AC100-240V, 0.968A/120V 0.5282 A/240V Amps with 50,000 hours lifespan and 49DB
  • Designed with 100% view angle of LED, =<90% humidity, and -20°C~40°C work temperature

Perfect for those who want to take their gardening into the next level, we recommend this energy-saving LED grow light. It is 70% more energy-saving and eco-friendly compared with other artificial lights.


  • Produce less heat
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Works extremely cool and quiet lighting system
  • ETL, RoHS, and CE Certified
  • Release high PAR value with 450 μmol at 18 inches
  • Provides deep penetration to ensure your plants’ growth


  • Doesn’t come with an additional control switch for an easier operation
  • Doesn’t offer separate bloom and veg lights for a more efficient effect

#2. BESTVA Elite 2000W LED Grow Light ( Budget Pick)

For a Budget Pick unit, this LED grow light from BESTVA is definitely a must-have for indoor plants. It’s very affordable and convenient to use whether you’re a first timer or a pro. It is built with 2,000W and an upgraded spectrum to get rid of its generic spectrum from the classic series. Though it can be used on almost any indoor plants, this model is specially designed for medicinal plants.led lights reviews

It offers two separate modes: bloom for seedling and flowering plants, and veg for growing plants. It also has its own cooling system inside with 5mm thick integral aluminum structure radiator which beats ordinary fans.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.1 pounds with 22×11.4×2.8 inches dimension
  • Replaces any LED grow light with 1400W HPS/MH
  • Designed with integral aluminum structure radiator 5 mm. thickness
  • Provides a full spectrum for all stages of your plants’ growth
  • Has a full core coverage area of 60×64.8 inches at 24 inches height
  • Set at 90° LED angle with 60 pieces of 10W Bridgelux/Epileds dual chip
  • Draws an average power of 401W with AC85–265V input voltage and 50–60Hz frequency
  • Works under -68~104°F work temperature with up to 100,000 hours lifespan

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly by high-quality LED for their indoor plants, this is a great option. It may not be the cheapest available but we can guarantee that it certainly is one of the best LEDs. Compared with 1400W HPS units, it only consumes 401W which makes it more energy-efficient in the long run!


  • Easy to set and to operate
  • Offers a bloom and veg setting for convenience
  • Produces low heat compared with other lighting solutions for indoor plants
  • Promotes faster and bigger amount of yields
  • Energy-efficient and doesn’t need any extra ballast


  • Too bright to be looked at directly an eye protection
  • Some units still emit a small amount of light even when turned off

#3. Roleadro LED Grow Light, 1000W Galaxyhydro Series

Galaxyhydro series of high intensity LED chips with improved PAR to improve its growth and yield. It produces a full spectrum that consists of more blue and red IR UV. It also comes with white light to ensure that it’s light as efficient as the natural sunlight. Unlike other LED grow lights, it comes with 2 high-speed cooling fans with aluminum heat sink and temperature controller.

This dissipates heat from the lamp to help it last longer. Moreover, it uses a unique LED bead and Zener design instead of reflectors to it can’t affect other LEDs nearby.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.74 pounds with 12.1×8.2×2.4 inches dimension
  • Built with 24×24 inches core coverage and 36×36 inches maximum coverage
  • Works with 135w±5% actual power, AC100~240V working voltage, and 50/60 Hz frequency
  • Powers up 100 pieces of 10W (1000W) Epileds LED chips with 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Designed with 120° lens and full spectrum layout for both bloom and veg indoor plants
  • Heat dissipation system reduce its produced heat to protect its chips and your plants from being damaged
  • Provides 453 PAR at 18 inches at its highest for 1,000W

Popular for its bright lights, this 1,000W LED is what we recommend for those who want an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. In less than $100, customers can already buy this unit and take advantage of its benefits without consuming too much energy. It prevents light loss so plants can utilize all its light.


  • Includes a timer to save energy
  • Ideal for growing all indoor plants even on hydroponics
  • Operates with a quiet cooling fan with 20-30% speed
  • Helps boost the plants’ defense mechanism with an expensive IR UV lamp
  • Perfect for winter with warm white light


  • Not powerful enough to help tomato plants grow tall and healthy
  • Too bright to be looked at directly without an eye protection

#4. HLG 550 V2 (Version 2, 3000K, 120V Plug) Horticulture LED Grow Light

This efficient LED has a customized design that comes with quantum boards that contain Samsung LM301B diodes. Its 3000K and 4000K white light full spectrum provides a maximum canopy penetration and a better view of your plants. It is also ideal for planting seedling to increase their growth with or without using lenses to narrow its beam angle.

Its reliable “passive-cooled” design helps eliminate heat from the lamp without using a fan. In addition, its dimmable power supply with 240-380W range has higher intensity and coverage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 18 pounds with 26x20x3 inches dimension
  • Built with 4.5×4.5 inches or 4×5 inches at 42 inches height coverage for flowering footprints
  • Draws 240–480W power with 90–277V AC voltage range
  • Designed with 1178.05 PPF total output and 2.5 μmol/joule system PPF efficacy
  • Recommended to be mounted 22–32 inches above the canopy


  • Specially designed to replace 1,000W HID LEDs
  • Provides a full spectrum to ensure your plants’ growth
  • Includes dimmable power supply for convenience
  • Offers bigger coverage for grow tents


  • Too expensive
  • The lamp gets too hot after using it for a couple of hours
  • The wiring underneath it is exposed and hazardous

#5. Optic 4 GEN3 405W COB LED Grow Light

This new commercial grade Optic 4 Generation 3 COB LED features the latest XLAMP CXB Series COBs. Thus, it can produce 30% more light in full cycle which can help plants from seed until you harvest it. This is also thanks to its combination of warm white and cool white light which distributes balanced lighting.

Moreover, it offers a dual channel with Ch.B 5W diode bloom enhancer, Ch.A COBs (veg and bloom) and Ch.A COBs &Ch.B 5W (flowering plants). This way, you can use it with a wide range of indoor plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 14.7 pounds with 15x15x3.5 inches product dimension
  • 4×4 inches–4.5×4.5 inches maximum veg coverage area with 24–36 inches height
  • 3×3 inches–4×4 inches flower coverage area with 24 inches height
  • Timer with push-button control allows you to set up its lighting schedule
  • Contains 2 pieces of 3,000K warm white and 5,000K cool white COBs
  • Works with AC 110–265V input voltage and 3.6 Amps @110V/1.9 Amps @240V input current


  • Offers a full spectrum with the latest white light technology
  • Tested and proven to provide the highest yield on plants
  • Produces 40% more light to the canopy with less 10W


  • Produces a little noise that comes from its fan
  • The COBs gets too hot than necessary which can burn you

#6. K5 Series XL1000 Indoor LED Grow Light

When it comes to choosing energy-efficient LED grow lights, this is definitely one of those must-have units. It uses about half of the energy that HPS lights to produce a higher amount of harvest per watt. Built with modern LEDs, it doesn’t need additional fans to dissipate its heat and last longer. It runs cool without additional temperature regulator behind its back.

It also has individual diodes that contain specific colors which allow it to emit the exact spectrum your plants need. Its 12-ban spectrum is designed to match the needs of plants on any growth stage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 36 pounds with 26x20x3.5 inches dimension
  • Draws 630w (±5%) of maximum power with 5.25A @120V/2.625A @240V Amperage and 1,000W HID wattage equivalent
  • Works with 100-240V AC input voltage and UL Stnd. < 76V DC output voltage
  • Built with .99 power factor, 320 (3w, 5w, UV, IR) diodes, and >50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Designed with 5×5 inches footprint and 720.25 PPFD peak


  • Certified with EC, ROHS, and UL listed
  • Uses PWM dimming lights
  • Provides an extra-large footprint that promotes better harvests
  • Allows you to fully adjust its spectrum to match the needs of your flowers and vegetables


  • The deep penetration of spectrum is not that efficient for some plants
  • The fan is a little bit noisy

#7. G8LED 600W MEGA LED Grow Light

Can’t find the LED elsewhere that can solve your problem on growing indoor plants? If that’s the case then this model might help you out with its 4.5 x 4 inches area. It contains a 600W LED with optimal 8-band plus IR and UV in 3W chips for both veg and flower plants. It is an efficient replacement for 1,000W MH/HPS system.

Its ideal color ration allows it to provide an efficient amount of light to increase your plants’ growth. Thus, it uses the highest quality circuit boards, diodes, fans, power supplies, and casings.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 22.4 pounds with 20x12x3 inches dimension
  • Built with 48×60 inches veg coverage and flowering coverage
  • Draws an average power of 380W with 800–1,000W growing power of a Metal Halide bulb replacement
  • Uses 200 pieces of 3W bulbs with 1480 μmol PAR value
  • Designed with 110V @3.3Amp and 240V @1.6Amp input voltage and up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • Produces high-quality plants with better taste and aroma
  • Compatible with growing both flowering and vegetative plants
  • Promotes the most efficient and highest ratio of yield
  • Doesn’t require a ballast to operate


  • Too pricey compared with its competitors
  • Does not come with a separate bloom and veg switch for convenience

#8. Black Dog PHYTOMAX-2 400 LED Grow Lights

This patented model from Black Dog comes with exactly 420W and 641 μMol in a compact case. It powerful lamp beats most 600W HPS bulbs by producing a full spectrum of 365 – 750nm UV to NIR. Its Phyto-Genesis Spectrum technology also allows it to cover an entire footprint with an unparalleled level of PAR, canopy penetration, and amount of yields. It even comes with a pair of heavy-duty hangers together with its superior PhytoMAX-2 400 light.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 24 pounds with 30x30x12 inches dimension
  • Covers 4.25×4.25 inches maximum flowering footprint and 5.25×5.25 inches maximum vegetative footprint
  • Consumes an average 420W power and 641 μMol/s total photon flux
  • Operates efficiently under the temperature range of -4~104°F/-20~40°C and >0.98 power factor
  • 4 built-in fans protect its 168 pieces of 840W LEDs with up to 70,000 hours of expected lifespan
  • Has AC 100–250V acceptable voltage range and 50–60Hz AC frequency range


  • Patented with a compact design and powerful performance
  • Packed with the best and the latest technology for boosting plants’ growth indoors
  • Uses a lot less energy and produce less heat
  • ETL, RoHS, CE, and FCC Certified


  • Too pricey
  • Doesn’t allow you to adjust its single spectrum system for growth stages
  • Can’t be placed too close to the plants

#9. Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

As a product of the new generation of Platinum LED grows lights, this model comes with a complete 12-band spectrum. It features the highest PAR per watt compared with the standard models to ensure your plants’ maximum amount of yield. At the same time, it uses minimum power that produce less heat. It replaces 1,000W HPS grow lights by consuming 515W only to generate a maximum photosynthesis response.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 35 pounds with 36x3x12 inches dimension
  • Built with 6×4 inches maximum coverage and 5×3 inches core coverage at 18 inches height
  • Contains 300 pieces of 3W LED bulbs that are 100% made in the USA
  • Includes a secondary LED focusing lens that is set at 90°
  • Draws an average power of 279W for veg and 557W for bloom with 12-band LED spectrum
  • Works with AC 85–260V input voltage that lasts for 50,000-100,000 hours lifetime


  • Promotes maximum yield using less energy
  • Provides a complete and customizable dual-light spectrum
  • Secondary focusing lenses reinforces its finely tuned spectrum


  • The fans can be a little noisy
  • The light only covers what’s directly underneath it

#10. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

If you’re starting to try your gardening skills, this unit is great for beginners with a small budget. It offers a balanced spectrum that includes red and blue lights with optimal wavelength on flowering and veg growth phases. Despite its low price, it’s still built with IR and UV wavelengths that promote bigger and better buds.

It has a revolutionary fan that removes heat from the lamp and a power switch that’s UL certified and fire-resistant. It also comes with a thermometer that monitors its humidity.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.3 pounds with 15.8×2.4×6.7 inches dimension
  • Draws 100W ±3% actual power with AC100-240V input voltage and 50-60Hz frequency
  • Spreads up to 15 x 15–10×10 inches core coverage
  • Constructed with UV protection and fire-resistant PC cover with metal frame
  • Uses 60 pieces of 600W LEDs with ≥ 50,000 hours lifespan and various spectrum level, IR, UV, and cool white


  • Affordable and convenient
  • Utilizes 620-660 lamp beads to ensure its efficiency
  • Produces different lights that plants need to grow healthy
  • Controls each lamp bead’s efficiency to save energy


  • Not ideal to be installed in a grow tent
  • The thermometer could have been better

#11. MEIZHI 450W Reflector SeriesLED Grow Light

This LED grows light from Meizhi’s reflector series come with full spectrum that is designed for indoor hydroponic plants. Its high-grade bulbs are arranged neatly in its compact case that is made from durable materials to make it solid. But aside from having a compact design, it’s also very lightweight at about 6 pounds only.

Moreover, this powerful light is designed to consume less energy to help you save energy. Most importantly, it’s great for a wide range of hydroponic and soil-grown plants like chili pepper, tomato, kale, baby spinach, and more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.59 pounds with 15.7×8.3×2.8 inches dimension
  • Draws AC85-265V power with 1.781A@AC110V 0.9042A@AC220V Amp and 50-60 HZ frequency
  • Produces 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white spectrum with 970 μmol PAR value at 12 inches
  • Consists of 53 pieces of Epistar LED brand with 11595Lm ±5%@AC110V 11632Lm ±5%@AC220V lumen
  • Fans automatically work when the bloom and veg switch is on
  • Designed to last for 50,000-100,000 hours


  • Energy-saving and more convenient than traditional LEDs
  • ETL Certified and made from eco-friendly materials
  • Offers a separate switch for the veg and bloom
  • Designed with a functional daisy-chain


  • May increase the temperature a little in grow tents
  • Too sensitive with humidity and water

#12. TaoTronics TT-GL23 LED Grow Bulb Grow Lights

Introduced as the newest version of TaoTronics LED grow lights, this is best for any indoor plants. May it be hydroponics or soil-grown plants; it can help you grow leafy greens, flowering plants, lemons, and even bananas! Its fins dissipate heat 1.5x better than the older series. It comes with a free standard E36 socket and a full package of benefits. This includes its umbrella design which offers a wider angle of light coverage and various levels of the spectrum.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 0.68 pounds with 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.1 inches dimension
  • Built to illuminate 2.5-9.9 sq. ft. coverage area at 1.7-5 ft. recommended height
  • Consists of 12 pieces of LEDs with 3W at 60° beam angle
  • Produces 660nm/3 LEDs, 630 nm/7 LEDs, 460nm/2 LEDs 3-band wavelength
  • Draws AC 85-264V input voltage with up to 50,000 hours lifespan


  • Dissipates heat better to extend its lifespan
  • Consumes and wastes less energy
  • Promotes optimal growth for plants’ photosynthesis
  • Releases minimum heat even after working for 17 hours day


  • The brightness doesn’t last that long
  • The light beam is too narrow to cover other plants under it

#13. Roleadro 75w LED Grow Light

Great for starters, this unit can be a great solution to help your indoor plants reach their growth peak. It is ideal for growing all kinds of plants to help in all of their growth stages. Thus, this model is widely used for indoor gardens, plant factories, greenhouses, greenhouse farming, water-soluble breeding, and more.

It mimics natural sunlight which exposes all parts of the plants to its artificial light. Most importantly, it’s FCC, ROHS, and CE Certified so you can ensure that it’s of high-quality and safe.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.7 pounds with 10.9×10.9×0.6 inches dimension
  • Draws 25.2±5% watt power with AC 85-265V input voltage and 50-60Hz frequency
  • Consists of 169 pieces of LEDs with 4546.2 Lux lumen
  • Produces a spectrum ratio of red/660 nm wavelength and blue lights/450 nm wavelength (2.25:1)
  • Uses a high-end reflector cup with a silver surface temperature oil spray with 60° light angle


  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes a handy timer
  • Boosts their process of photosynthesis and growth
  • Performs efficiently with a longer life
  • Consumes low power with high luminous LEDs


  • Gets a little too hot to touch
  • Creates a noise on the power lines

#14. Advanced LED Lights DS XML 350 10W LED Grow Light

This model is one of the most advanced LED grow lights with a powerful and efficient artificial light solution. It has long-lasting bulbs that are designed to offer superb benefits on plants for years. Its computer-designed collimator lenses have 90° beam angle while its spectrum output can be switched from veg, flowering, to cloning stages. These modes even have dimmable switches which help save energy and reduce heat by 50%.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 18 pounds with 19.5×19.5×3 inches dimension
  • Replaces 600W XML and Bridgelux blue and white LEDs
  • Built with 4×4 inches core coverage and 4.5×4.5 inches total coverage
  • Draws an average power of 330W with 532W power output and AC 85-264V input voltage
  • Consists of 10x10W Cree XML LEDs and 144x3W high output LEDs with a single chip
  • Built with optimal coverage and 90° XML Collimator lens
  • Releases full spectrum with 14+ wavelengths of color output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm


  • Mercury-free and eco-friendly
  • Protected by a honeycomb fan cover with a dust filter
  • Allows four lights to work on a single cord with its daisy chain
  • Allows optimal airflow with customized diamond vents


  • A little bit pricey
  • The 10W Cree LEDs can be too intense for some plants

#15. Platinum Series P300 300w LED Grow Light

As expected from platinum, this version provides a combination of a 12-band spectrum and a 90° secondary LED focusing lens. It replaces 400W LEDs but consumes 180W only to provide a 100% usable light to your plants. Its spectrum comes with UV and IR so your plants get all the light they need to grow healthy.

Its high-output 3W LEDs also give it an advantage over its competitions. Most importantly, it offers different modes that let you switch between bloom and veg for optimum results.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 12.8 pounds with 19×8.5×3 inches dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS with its 100x3W LEDs
  • Offers a core coverage of 3×2 inches and maximum coverage of 4.5×3.8inches at 18 inches height
  • Draws AC85-260V input voltage with 180W bloom power and 93W veg power
  • Uses secondary LED focusing lens with 90° angle and up to 100,000 hours lifespan


  • Combines its fine-tuned spectrum and secondary lenses
  • Boosts plants maximum growth and health
  • Comes with a durable and solid design
  • The fans work quietly and efficiently compared with standard products


  • May get too hot and burn your plants
  • Creates a noise while operating

How Do LED Grow Lights Work?

Based on experiments and studies, these special LED bulbs really work leafy plants, fruit-bearing plants, and flowering plants. In fact, NASA together with other different government agencies and universities already used these lights to grow indoor plants.

From hobbyists to professional indoor growers that run cultivation centers, these LED grow lights have already proved their worth. But just like any other piece of technology, you have to make sure that you know how to use it. Contrary to what other people think, indoor plants can still be harmed by too much artificial light.

Unlike us, plants have little tolerance when it comes to the either insufficient or extra attention. Flash news, plants also need enough light at the right place with the right distance. But since indoor plants have limited options when it comes to location, it’s up to the best LED grow light. These LED grow lights are constructed with small electronic components that are made from two different semiconductor materials. These materials work by creating their own light spectrum.

  • First conductor – contains negative charges that are called electrons
  • Second conductor – contains positive charges that are called holes

Once the voltage is applied, the electric current flows through it to make its holes and electrons collide. This process called recombination allows the bulb to release energy called photons or light quanta. The first versions of LEDs have a low light output and limited color options. But now, modern LEDs offer more color options and a higher level of brightness. Its types of lights also come in different types from visible, ultraviolet spectral, to infrared lights.

Unlike other bulbs, LED grow lights don’t use gas, mercury, and filaments to produce light. In addition, these lights that are more energy and cost-efficient tends to last longer than incandescent lights. Most importantly, LED grow lights are more eco-friendly, compared with any other kinds of lighting fixtures.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights?

Ever since LED bulbs were introduced in the market, their customer demand continues to increase over time. In fact, the majority of the bulbs and lighting fixtures that are sold on the market today are LEDs. Thus, even nature lovers nowadays who prefer to keep their plants indoors find ways to take advantage of these lights. So, these are the top benefits of having the best LED grow light:

  • Energy-efficient

This is the number one advantage of LED grow lights to other lightings since LED bulbs consume fewer watts. However, it can produce the same light that High-Density Discharge (HID) bulbs have. Even with fewer bulbs, you can assure that the biggest portions of energy they use are converted into light than heat.

Unlike traditional lightings, LEDs don’t burn anything just to produce light. Thus, it wastes less energy which turns into heat while you can keep your energy bills at bay.

  • Eco-friendly

As mentioned earlier, LED grow lights don’t contain mercury, gas, filaments, and any other toxic substances like HID lights. Instead, these light bulbs are designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable. Thus, you don’t have to worry about you or your plants getting harmed after being exposed to its light. To guarantee this, the best LED grow lights usually have a RoHS certification to prove its quality.

  • Faster harvest cycle

Unlike outdoor plants that rely on the natural sunlight, indoor plants rely on artificial light from LEDs. These LED grow lights can be used for longer hours to help your plants grow faster to increase your harvest cycle. Thus, you can regulate the red wavelength light at the right time to boost the growth of your plants.

You can also alter the daylight hours of these bulbs so you can have multiple harvests during one season.

  • Healthier plants

Other artificial lightings release more UV rays, IR rays, and heat which harm the plants. But with LEDs, everything extra for the plants is reduced like the green and yellow wavelengths. Thus, your plants get just the right amount of these components which help them grow healthier and longer. In fact, you can also regulate the wavelengths of its lights which help your plants in the process of photosynthesis.

  • Cooler operating temperature

Compared with HID lightings, LED grow lights produce less heat which doesn’t affect much the entire temperature indoors. This is especially true if you have a greenhouse where more LED lights are installed. Thus, you can cut costs for not needing a cooling system to keep your plants healthy.

How to Choose the Best LED Grow Lights?

Now that LEDs are widely used by growers from different parts of the world, different versions arrive in the market. But instead of convincing you to buy from a single brand, we’ll let you decide on the product to buy. So, here are some tips and questions to answer so you can choose the LED grow lights:

  • Look for chips

To make sure that your plants will grow, it has to have the right chips. In this case, the LED grow light that you should choose is the one with at least 3 watts. Any LED with less than 3 watts will not give your plants enough light coverage that can help them grow. Thus, every chip in the LED should have 3 watts since a 3 watts chip provides the best lighting solution.

You can notice this in blues, reds, and white LEDs so beware of those that only offer 1 watt each. Using 3 chips with 1 watt just to meet this requirement will not work either.

  • Check the total output

Just like any other lighting solutions, you should also check its product description for the total output. Check the total number of units that the lamp has since it can also affect its produced amount of light. Some LED grow lights are built with 300, 400, 600, and even 1,000W. Before you head to the counter, check if it has at least 300W first. The higher the wattage the better since you can compensate for the loss of wattage over time.

  • Consider its spectrum

Plants may grow under different kinds of light. However, it requires a specific amount of wavelength and spectrum to help them in photosynthesis. The best LEDs for growing indoor plants can provide a full spectrum that is necessary from their growth.

In this case, it should be able to provide enough amount of blues and reds as well as ultraviolet, and infrared. Depending on your plants’ stage of growth, their needed spectrum may also change to help them during the photosynthesis process.

  • Look for its cooling aspects

Generally, LEDs produce less heat so a cooling system is not really necessary on some units. But since you’d be keeping these lamps on for more than 10 hours a day, you better check its cooling aspects. There are units with internal fans to protect the lamp from burning fast as well as your plants. The heat that comes out behind the bulbs should be protected with a cooling system to avoid burning its chips.

  • Growing space

If LEDs vary in color, it also varies in size. Thus, be sure to measure the space you want to grow your plants to determine the exact size to buy. You also need to measure the lighting area to make sure that every plant you have is well-lighted. For high-light plants, you should have at least 32W/sq. ft. LEDs while low-light plants should have at least 11-18W/sq. ft.

  • Ease of use

One of the most important things to look for when choosing an LED grow light is its ease of use. The best LED lights for growing indoor plants should not give you a hard time while operating it. It should be flexible so you can adjust its lights depending on the kind of plant you have. At the same time, its growth stage should determine your LED’s placement.


When your best option to keep your plants alive is to keep them inside, it’s all on your artificial lighting. Seedlings, for instance, need extra care and bright light since insufficient light makes them weak and thin. Even if you put them in your windowsill that receives the most amount of sunlight, it may not be enough. Thus, the best LED grow light can help you solve your lighting problem. Regardless of the kind of indoor plant you have, there are different brands and LED grow lights to choose from. Some can be too intense while others may provide insufficient lighting so be sure to read each product’s detail.

Viparspectra 600PAR 600W 12-band Reviews 2019

Whenever you need a new LED grow light that can surpass most users’ expectations, we’re here to guide you. In fact, our latest guide and VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light reviews might actually what you’re looking for. After all, VIPARSPECTRA is one of the most popular brands today on the market when it comes with Led grow lights. It’s a 600W LED grow light that consumes 274W only to cover up to 3 x 3 ft. grow area at 35 inches height.

It can also prevent overheating and damage to plants with its upgraded aluminum front fans and heat sinks. Together, they maintain the unit’s cool temperature even after prolonged hours of use daily. Its light also increases its canopy penetration to up to 200% to provide every bit of light that your plants need.

VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-Band LED Grow Light – 3-Switches Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Specially engineered to maintain a balanced PAR/Lumen output this VIPARSPECTRA LED grow light covers a bigger lighting area. It provides a full spectrum for all stages of plants’ growth from the acclimation period, young vegetative, vegetative, and flowering stage. Thus, it is widely used when taking care of horticulture plants like orchids, strawberries, organic herbs, and so much more.

In addition, this model is designed to increase your revenue per sq. ft. with a consistent crop production all year round. At the same time, you can reduce the unnecessary operating costs for every pound of your harvests. Thus, this powerful but energy-efficient and cost-efficient Led grow light is worth investing in.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 13.7 pounds with 14.1 x 11.8 x 3.5 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with IR lights at 90° angle
  • Full spectrum LED composition provides sufficient light under the working temperature of -20 to 40°C
  • Covers 3 x 3 ft. vegetative area at 34 inches height and 2.5 x 2.5 ft. flowering area at 26 inches height
  • Contains 120 x 5W high intensity Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs with 600W LED power and 2.59A at 110V, 1.30A at 220V amperage
  • Consumes 274W±3% at 110V that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • 2 inches front fans and 0.8 inch aluminum cooling heat sinks work together to dissipate heat
  • Built with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan and 3-year warranty


  • Can be operated by a timer
  • Widely applied for all kinds of horticulture plants indoors
  • Compatible with flowering and vegetative stages
  • Ideal for growing indoor plants all year round
  • Increases canopy penetration by up to 200%


  • Too bright and not dimmable
  • Costs a little higher than other Led grow lights
  • Not water-resistant

What You Need to Know About VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED Grow Light?

In case your grow space for your lovely plants can only fit up to 3 x 3 ft. this one might work. VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W is yet another 12-band LED grow light that is designed for a bigger job at hand. With high energy consumption and overheating issues that growers commonly encounter, it’s a little hard to find the best lights. Thus, this model proves that it is possible to get an energy-efficient LED grow light that also prevents overheating.

Convenient Controls

After all, VIPARSPECTRA is a widely known brand that provides world-class products for both beginners and professional growers. Thus, this VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is built with at least 3 power settings. But compared with the older versions from other models, VIPARSPECTRA allows its users to adjust it with one flip. That’s right; its power settings come with separate switches that you can access easily.

Deeper Light Penetration

In addition, this model under the PAR series comes with a revolutionary optical lens. This lens helps its light penetrate better into your foliage which is 2x deeper than what other light systems can do. At the same time, it can keep your plants safe and cool under the lights with its ergonomic cooling system. Instead of copying the usual design, its aluminum heat sinks are built beside its LED drivers. This design allows the unit to draw the air up from your plants to get rid of heat from bulbs.

Revolutionary Cooling System

While its entire panel full of powerful bulbs work, its 3 cooling fans continue to keep your grow area cooler. Its fans also serve as exhausts by sucking the hot air under its coverage area and pushing it on its sides. However, some LED bulbs still generate more heat which can increase the temperature in your grow room. Over time, the trapped heat can harm your plants and trigger overheating which can damage your light system.

High PAR Rating

This means that VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light can produce a high intensity light without generating too much heat. As a 12-band LED, it can produce a PAR rating that reaches 680 as its center. According to the PAR scale of grow lights, this is already considered as on par to help plants in photosynthesis. Thus, this proves its efficiency over HPS grow lights which can only produce a PAR rating of about 550.

Long Lifespan

Generally, a 600 rating in PAR is enough to grow a healthy cannabis plant that has higher yields. Thus, this light system can certainly give you the best performance from seedling to harvesting stage. It is also a perfect installation for grow tents or closet grow rooms. Furthermore, it is capable of lasting for up to 100,000 hours so you don’t have to worry about replacements soon. It even comes with a 3-year warranty just in case the product didn’t read your satisfaction level or delivered damaged.

Thus, you can never go wrong for purchasing this unit at a reasonable price. When compared with HID lights, VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is also 75% cooler. Aside from the fact that it has excellent construction, it’s also a convenient light system with powerful 5W LEDs. It also comes with a complete hanging kit that takes just a few minutes to assemble.


If you want to invest in LED grow lights that guarantee a long lifespan, we can guarantee you this model. VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is clearly one of the strongest candidates for the best LED grow lights. It got powerful LEDs squeezed in a compact and durable panel with a unique cooling system. When it comes to convenience, you can bet on this 12-band LED grow light since it has user-friendly controls.

You can also cut some costs on energy since it doesn’t consume much in spite of its powerful performance. Thus, you can use it on almost any indoor plants on all growth stages. So, keep tuned in our latest updates for more VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light reviews.

Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light Review

Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light Review

The award-winning Kind K5 XL1000 LED grow light is a top-level grow light. If you are looking for an indoor grow light of the highest quality, then this is the light for you. It has won the High Times “Gear of the Year Award” for four years in a row, and in 2017 this grow light also won the High Times STASH Award (Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture award) for “Best LED Innovation”.

If these awards aren’t enough to convince you of how good a light the K5 XL1000 is, let its specifications persuade you. It is a lot of money, so read on to find out why we think splashing out on this grow light is totally worth it.



The K5 XL1000 measures 26 inches long by 20 inches wide by 3 inches deep and weighs 36 pounds. The panel contains 320 LED bulbs, some 3W and some 5W, and features a secondary optical lens that increases light intensity and canopy penetration. Kind does not specify which manufacturer makes their LED bulbs though, which is a shame.

The Kind K5 XL1000 was designed to replace either a 1000W or a 750W HPS lamp, as the power output is the same. However, the light only requires 650W of power to produce this output, making it highly energy efficient and helping you save on running costs. The little energy that does go to waste as heat is quickly dissipated by the built-in heat sinks and cooling fans to keep your plants from drying out.


The coverage is very good – it can light up an area of 5 square feet for plants in the vegetative stage, which is reduced to an area of 4 square feet for flowering plants. This light works on any voltage, and is UL listed. It also comes with a pair of Method Seven tinted glasses to protect your eyes and to return everything back to its normal hue. This is useful when you are checking your plants for discolouration, as the light from your grow light can sometimes tint the colour of your plants, especially if you are using more red lights during the flowering stage.


On top of all this, the Kind K5 XL1000 comes with an instruction manual, a 90-day money back guarantee, a 3-year warranty, and lifetime customer support.


What makes the K5 XL1000 so innovative?

This grow light gives you precision control over its full 12-band spectrum, so much so that you can even mimic dusk and dawn. With its remote control, you are able to digitally customize the light wavelengths your plants receive, letting you add more blue light for vegetation and more red light for flowering to maximize bud growth and yield.

You can even control the integrated timer, which provides eight separate stages of brightness that slowly fades up in the morning and down in the evening, rather than just switching on and off. The remote control can also be used to control multiple units at once, which is useful if you have a large grow room and need to daisy chain two or more units together.

The light dimmers on the K5 XL1000 deserve a special mention here. With most other LED grow lights that have dimmers, they will still draw the same amount of power even if the light is at its lowest intensity. The K5 XL1000 is far more advanced, as it uses pulse width modulation dimming, which actually lowers power draw in proportion to the dimness of the light. This is another example of how advanced LED technology can save you money in the long run by reducing running costs.


Summing Up

We would highly recommend the Kind K5 XL1000 for experienced growers with a large setup who like to have total control over their grow room environment. The high price point is very much worth it if you enjoy customizing your light spectrum and intensity not just for each of the growth stages of your plants, but even to mimic a natural dawn and dusk! What better way to optimize bud yield?

Both the LED technology and the pulse width modulation dimming technology go a long way in cutting the running costs, so over time your investment will pay for itself. The K5 XL1000 can be programmed to suit your specific weed strain’s requirements, which can be done via remote control, making things even easier.

If you have the budget for this grow light, then buy it. It is truly deserving of all the High Times awards it has won. Happy growing!

Top 3 LED grow lights for your cannabis crop

In this article we will be taking an in-depth look at LED grow lights and why they are perfect for growing cannabis indoors. We will also cover what they do and how to use them, as well as reviewing three of our current favorite LED grow lights on the market.


Why choose LED grow lights?

LED bulbs are hugely energy efficient. This means that they offer more light per Watt than any other kind of light. The electricity they do use goes almost entirely into providing light, and hardly any of the electricity goes to waste as heat or sound. Because of this, LEDs also run much cooler than other lights, again saving on electricity costs, but also stopping the grow light from overheating and preventing your cannabis plants from drying out.


LED lights are generally much easier to install and use. The bulbs have a very long lifespan (usually up to 50,000 hours) so it is unlikely that you will have to replace any bulbs or chips even after many years of constant use.


How to use LED grow lights

Luckily, this is very simple. Most grow lights come with their own instructions, so it is simply a matter of following these and you’re all set. Usually LED grow lights come with their own hangers, but if not don’t worry, as they are relatively cheap and easy to find. Once you have both the hangers and the lights, just hang it up at the right height (check your weed’s requirements and the manufacturer’s recommendations first), plug it in and switch it on.


What kind of LED grow light do I need?

One of the first things to figure out is how big your grow area is, and how many plants you can fit in it. You will need to buy a grow light that has a coverage equal to or even greater than the area of your grow space for the flowering stage because LED lights can cover much more ground during the vegetative stage of plant growth, as the plants won’t need as much light.


Another thing to take into account is the type of light the LED lamp will emit. Most of the larger, higher quality LED grow lights will be suitable to use throughout the entire growing process, but some only specialize in certain light wavelengths that only suit certain growth stages. For example, if you have a mostly blue light LED lamp, you will be fine during the vegetative stage. However, when your plants begin to flower, you will need to buy a supplementary red LED grow light as this is the light wavelength that cannabis plants need to flower.


The final thing to mention is the power of the light. In the past, when growers used HID or HPS grow lights, they had to know the exact wattage of each light to be able to change them out for bulbs that provided different light wavelengths for the different stages of plant growth. LED grow lights are also labelled for the wattage they put out, but they do not require the same wattage input as they are more energy efficient.


You will need to know the light’s wattage to fit your growth needs. An easy guideline to help you is that for every square foot of grow space you will need about 40W minimum, with the optimal wattage being about 80W. So for example, let’s say your grow space measures 3 feet by 3 feet, which is 9 square feet total. The minimum wattage for this space would be 360W, and the optimum would be 720W. You could either buy one 720W LED grow light, or daisy chain two 360W LED grow lights together to create the most optimal light source for your plants.


How to choose the best LED grow light

Here is a run-down of some of the main things to keep in mind when purchasing your LED grow light:

  • The square footage of the area that needs to be covered in light
  • Know your plant growth stages – you might need to buy an extra red grow light for the flowering stage, or you can get one light that will do a full grow cycle
  • Make a note of the angle of the LED lens and the dispersion and penetration of the light that the bulbs offer – the greater the angle, the more light coverage and deeper penetration you will get
  • Full spectrum – make sure your light emits full spectrum light to get the best yield possible from your plants
  • Budget – if you have a low to medium budget, you will have to compromise on certain things to stick to your budget, for example you could buy two smaller, cheaper lights instead of one large, expensive one.

We have picked out three LED grow lights to review below, to help give you a better understanding of what is currently on the market.

Video Review


Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow Light

This powerful LED grow light enables you to turn certain lights within the panel on and off as and when you need, giving you the power to create and maintain optimum lighting conditions for your marijuana plants. When your plants are maturing, the vegetative switch creates more blue light to help your plants’ leaves and stems grow. Once your plants reach maturity and begin to flower, reverse the switch to provide your plants with the red light they need to flower.

The Viparspectra LED grow light emits 1200W of power, but only draws about 524W to do so. This energy efficiency will help save money on electricity bills in the long run. The panel is designed to balance its light coverage, making sure all your plants receive equal quality light. It also has built-in aluminum heat sinks and 4.72-inch cooling fans, making sure that the panel does not overheat and ruin your crop.

Finally, this grow light comes with a 3-year warranty, so you know the product was built to last. For the high price point, you get a powerful, full spectrum LED grow light, with a veg/bloom switch for extra flexibility and control. The only real downside is that the output wattage is known to fluctuate. The manufacturer claims that the 1200W output is accurate, but this can sometimes fluctuate between 900W and 1000W.


Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light

This Morsen grow light is made with 10W double LEDs, offering an output of 2400W for a power consumption of only about 450W. This is a hugely powerful light for its very low energy consumption, which makes up for its high retail price. It has not one but two on/off switches located on the back of the panel, letting you be in control of the brightness of your plants’ light source.

If you have a very large grow setup, you can even daisy-chain up to three panels without having to buy an extension cord. Each panel comes with its own built-in cooling fans, so there is no need to worry about overheating or potential fire hazards. These Morsen lights even come with a 3-year warranty too.

This is an expensive grow light, and it does not offer the luxury of being able to turn on/off certain light wavelengths to suit your plants’ different growth stages. However, it is an extremely powerful light with great coverage and the option of daisy chaining up to three lights at a time, which is perfect for big time growers with many plants to tend to.


Viparspectra Dimmable Series 450W LED Grow Light

Whilst this grow light is not as powerful as the Morsen 2400W above, it does provide full spectrum light with secondary optical lenses for better light dispersion and penetration, as well as not one but three dimmer switches for ultimate brightness and light spectrum control. This means that you can tailor your light source to your plants’ growth stages more accurately, helping your plants produce a higher yield of better quality bud.

The actual power output of the Viparspectra 450W dimmable light is about 400W, but the input is only 210W, again saving you money on utility bills. This light has built-in aluminium heat sinks and cooling fans to prevent overheating, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

The price is perhaps the only con for this LED grow light, but with the light spectrum control that the dimmer switches provide, and the 3-year warranty, at least you know that your money is being well spent.

FAQs on LED Grow Lights


What’s a LED Grow Light?

LED is an acronym for “light emitting diode”. This is intended to help indoor plants grow well, despite the absence of the natural light from the sun. This type of light is designed with many wavelengths, consisting of visible and invisible lights such as UV and IR rays. This light directly acts on the plant to increase its growth and yield.

How does it work?

Can these tiny lights really help plants grow even without sunlight? Blue lights are absorbed more by plants compared to other colors such as green. This means UV rays can trigger plant growth. On the other hand, infrared rays are best to help with blooming and germination.

Grow lights can be adjusted, according to your desired wavelengths. During the vegetative phase, UV rays absorption would facilitate cell division. Once cell division will be increased, it will hasten the plant’s growth and result in a better yield.

If you intend to treat your plant and it is in its flowering stage, use lights with infrared rays or “IR”. This will be absorbed by the buds as well as the apex of the plants, resulting in a quick and heavy blooming.

Use grow lights with wide wavelength options. This makes it easier for you to make the necessary adjustments, depending on the effects that the plant needs.

Plant treatment can be affected by many factors including:

  • Wavelength
  • Lumen per area
  • Light
  • Height between plants

Are there any benefits of using LED Grow Lights?

Before LED lights were discovered, there were lights that already existed which serve the same purpose. Among these are the high-pressure sodium lamps as well as the fluorescent bulbs. However, they are not as helpful for small grow room owners who only require tiny compact structure. The lights will require so much space for set-up and proper ventilation must be provided considering the heat that it produced. Hence, small grow room owners opted not to use those lights.

However, with LED light, minimal space is only needed. It doesn’t heat up and will not require bulb replacement. It is devoid of ballast and just consumes half the electricity of other types of lights to run. Here are the benefits of using LED grow lights:

1.  Easy to install and very compact

LED grow lights are built with compact structures. Hence, they are easy to handle. Installing them is pretty straightforward. All you need is to hang the light above the plants at a certain required distance.

2. Can be set adjacent to one another

For more coverage, LED lights can be installed side by side, thanks to its compact structure.

3. Setting up ventilation is no longer needed.

LED lights don’t heat up. Hence, you need not worry about the room’s ventilation system. No need to set up big fans or huge ventilations too.

What about the watts needed for it to operate?

To estimate the needed watts, you need to do some math first. This is done by calculating the area as well as the numbers of plants needing light. If the ratio of the square foot area and the plant is 1:1 then you will need 25 watts per plant per square foot. For a ratio of 2:1 (square foot to plant), you will need 5 watts per square foot, and so on. Hence, for a 250 watts lamp, it can cover around 8-10 plants below it.


Summing Up

The legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use (as well as home growing) in many states and countries around the world has led to a boom in the manufacturing of efficient products and equipment for home growers. LED grow lights are an example of one of these highly efficient products that modern marijuana growers simply could not live without.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a bit more information on why LED grow lights have become so popular, and the reviews have given you an insight as to what is on currently on offer. Good luck with your LED grow light purchase, and happy growing!

G8LED 900 Watt G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light Reviews

The G8LED 900W grow light was made “Gear of the Year” in High Times Magazine – a pretty high accomplishment for a grow light. Read on to find out why.


This grow light measures 20.5 inches long by 14 inches wide by 3 inches deep, and weighs 23 pounds. It is written up as being a 900W light, but it only needs 540W to produce the same quality light as any 900W HPS lamp. To run, it needs 4.6A at 110V or 2.2A at 240V.

The LED bulbs have the usual long lifespan of 50,000 hours, which equates to 15 years of growing! It comes with a 2-year warranty and G8LED also offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

LED bulbs

G8LED uses LED bulbs made by top LED manufacturers such as Epistar, Optotech and BridgeLux, whose bulbs produce full spectrum light and even ultraviolet and infrared. The 8-colour spectrum emitted by the G8-900 will give your plants all the light wavelengths they need to grow fast and produce large buds. To protect the light from surges and burnouts, Zener diodes are installed in the panel. This allows you to run the G8-900 for 18 hours a day during the vegetative stage without worrying about light failure. There are also cooling fans installed at the top of the panel to dissipate the small amount of heat that the LED bulbs produce. There is little to no risk of this light burning your plants or overheating your grow tent. Each LED in the G8-900 is 3W, as this size is more effective at penetrating deep into the canopy of your plants – the G8-900 has a penetration depth of about 60 inches below the canopy, helping the light get right to the stems of your plants. There is no veg/bloom switch, but the G8-900 doesn’t need one. All of the light it emits can be fully used by your plants in all of their growth stages.


This professional level grow light can cover up to a whopping 24 square feet of ground. Since there is no optical lens reducing the power of the LED output, this light can cover a larger area without wasting any light. The G8-900 is definitely geared towards high level growers with a large setup.

How to Hang the G8-900

It is important not to hang the light too close to the plants. As this light runs very cool, it won’t burn or damage your plants, but it may cause stunted growth and discolouration if the light becomes too intense. You don’t want to hang the light too far away either, or else you won’t be making the best use of your light source. The recommended hanging height is between 26 inches and 42 inches from the canopy of your plants. At 26 inches, your plants will grow shorter and bushier; at 42 inches your plants will grow taller. Check the strain of cannabis you want to grow for its light requirements before hanging the grow light.

Grow Advice for the G8-900

During the vegetative growth stage, it is recommended to keep the light on for 18 hours a day, with 6 hours of darkness. This replicates natural summertime hours to encourage your plants to grow. Keep this up for four to six weeks. When your plants begin to flower, you should leave the light on for 12 hours a day, with 12 hours of darkness. The flowers will bloom within two weeks, with the entire flowering stage lasting up to eight weeks. As the G8-900 is a powerful grow light, you will actually need to fertilize your plants less when they are flowering, which saves you money on fertilizers and nutrient solutions. As your cannabis plants finish flowering, you will see the pistils enlarge and change colour from white to a reddish brown. That means it is time to harvest.


The G8-900 is a large and powerful grow light, perfect for the professional grower with lots of bud to grow. It is expensive, but will pay for itself in the long run with its energy efficiency and grow power. This light is guaranteed to help you grow lots of big, tasty, potent bud.

Happy growing!

PlatinumLED Platinum Series P600 Review

The PlatinumLED Platinum Series P600 is a powerful and efficient LED grow light with excellent coverage. It is a top of the range grow light for those looking for extremely high quality and aren’t afraid to pay for what they get. Read on to find out why!

Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM


Durable Build

The panel of the Platinum Series P600 has a solid, sturdy build, and is very easy to set up. Once hung above your plants, it will stay in place and provide all the light you need to grow your cannabis, or even your tomatoes or flowers, indoors.


Light Spectrum

The Platinum Series P600 emits 12-band full spectrum light, including ultraviolet and infrared, to provide your plants with everything they need to grow successfully. There is also a variable switch programme for both the vegetative and flowering stages, giving you ultimate control and flexibility.


One thing to note is that the P600 emits powerful light, so to prevent shocking your plants with your new grow light, it is recommended to hang it a little higher than normal to avoid this. Once your plants have adjusted, you can lower the light again for maximum effect.


The Light: Intense but Cool

This light has a high PAR value, which can be seen with the naked eye as it will even penetrate the leaves of your marijuana plants. It is about two to three times more powerful than most LED grow lights currently available. For this reason, we recommend buying protective glasses to wear when you go to check on your plants to prevent you from damaging your eyes.

Even with all this power, the Platinum Series P600 runs very cool. The built-in cooling fans run quietly and effectively to dissipate heat, reducing the electricity costs of running the light, and keeping it from burning your plants and overheating your grow space.



The Platinum Series P600 has a maximum coverage of 6 feet by 3.75 feet when hung 18 inches above the canopy. During flowering, you will want to lower the light to increase its intensity, at which point the coverage becomes about 5 feet by 2 feet.

This is perfect for a medium sized grow space, and there is always the option of buying an extra light if you have more plants to grow.



The warranty for the Platinum Series P600 is five years and includes exceptional customer service which is provided directly by the owner. Considering the long-term energy savings of efficient LED bulbs, this light will have practically paid for itself by the time the warranty runs out.


Final Thoughts

There is no way around it, this grow light is expensive. It is for the serious grower with a medium grow space and a larger budget. However, taking into account all of its features and the high power, high-quality light that it puts out, we think it is highly recommendable.

If you prefer to focus on the quality of your end product over the amount you spend on obtaining it, then this light is well worth it. It will last you a long time, and the running costs won’t break the bank.

Not to mention the 5-year warranty and the owner-provided customer service. What are you waiting for?!


Happy growing!

BestVA X5 1000W COB LED Grow Light Review

This 1000W LED grow light is a very powerful light, but it runs very cool. This is not just due to LED technology, but also to something called Chip On Board (COB). We will explain what COB is and how it works, as well as many of the other features that make the BestVA X5 grow light such a high quality light for your cannabis plants.


What is a COB LED?

An LED light with COB has multiple chips packaged together, with each COB LED using a single circuit for all of its diodes. This lowers the risk of broken circuits as well as reducing the number of solder points on the panel, and thereby reducing the heat output of the grow light.

The BestVA X5 also controls heat by transferring it from the aluminium and ceramic substrate to an external heat sink. This is then cooled by fans in the top of the panel. With such a low heat output, this light is super safe and energy efficient, and will rarely fail.

The BestVA X5’s LED bulbs may appear small, but they are made by Epistar, one of the top LED manufacturers around. Because of their size, lots of these LED bulbs can be packed onto each chip, providing powerful, high-quality light without needing any extra space.

Another bonus of COB LED lights is that they don’t need a lens to increase depth and range, because their viewing angle is actually wider than most traditional LED bulbs. They create stronger light even from a smaller panel and are better at mixing colour.

Many other brands that sell COB LED grow lights whack up the price of this technology. However, BestVA is determined to provide the same high-quality COB LED lights as other brands, whilst keeping their prices down for the consumer.


Features of the BestVA X5 COB LED 1000W Module


Here are some other important features of this BestVA X5 grow light:


  • Panel measurements: 12.2 inches long by 8.26 inches wide by 2.36 inches deep
  • Panel weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Energy efficient: rated at 1000W but only actually consumes 234W
  • Coverage: about 3.8 feet by 3.6 feet
  • Full spectrum: from 410nm to 730nm, including white and infrared
  • Great PAR rating: 2170 when hung 20 inches above the canopy; 670 when hung 6.56 feet above the canopy
  • Can be used for both veg and bloom stages
  • Each Epistar COB chip is 200W
  • Accepts voltage between 85V and 265V
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Comes with a hanging hook and power cord
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Free shipping and repairs within the first 180 days
  • CE and ROHS certified


For an LED grow light with all these features, the price is incredibly reasonable. Most 1000W LED grow lights cost far more than the BestVA X5, and some of them don’t even have COB technology.

Another point to make is about its PAR value. This light has a higher PAR value than some of the best-selling regular LED grow lights currently on the market. As mentioned above, at 20 inches from the canopy the PAR is a whopping 2170. That is a lot of bang for your buck.



The BestVA X5 is the perfect 1000W LED grow light for a small to mid-sized grow area. It emits powerful, full spectrum light onto a great coverage, and its COB technology means it can efficiently produce lots of high quality light with no risk of it overheating or burning your plants whatsoever.

On top of all this, the price is very reasonable, and it has a 3-year warranty should anything go wrong. Overall, the BestVA X5 is a great investment for any grower looking to give their plants the best growing conditions possible for the best bud yield.


Happy growing!

PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 Review

PlatinumLED is a great company that sell high-quality products, one of which is the Platinum Series P300 LED grow light, which we are reviewing here.



This well-built grow light is designed to replace a 400W HPS lamp equivalent, and it does so in an energy efficient way by only actually using 185W of electricity. It has a coverage of about 4.5 feet by 3.8 feet for the vegetative stage, which decreases to about 3 feet by 2 feet for the flowering stage. It also has a veg/flower switch, enabling you to personalize light wavelengths according to the growth stage of your plants.

This LED grow light emits full spectrum light, which means it provides only wavelengths of light that are useful to your plants, so none of it goes to waste. This includes some ultraviolet and infrared too. On top of this, PlatinumLED claim that their Platinum Series lights have “the highest PAR output per Watt” compared to any LED grow light, which is a pretty big claim.

The Platinum Series 400W LED grow light has a built-in heat sink and quiet cooling fans to prevent the bulbs from overheating, and it comes with a 5-year warranty and great US-based customer service available 7 days a week.


PAR and Light Spectrum

The great thing about the Platinum Series 400W grow light is that is emits ultraviolet and infrared rays, which aren’t actually used in photosynthesis but both help the growth and yield of your marijuana plants.

Ultraviolet rays increase trichome production, leading to higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids which make your bud more potent. Infrared light helps speed up photosynthesis via the Emerson Effect, which in turn speeds up growth and increases the yield of your marijuana plants.

The Platinum Series 400W LED grow light has a relatively high PAR value, which provides great canopy penetration. It also produces less green and yellow light, which plants don’t need much of, and more blue and red light, which are the wavelengths that the plants need most to grow and produce flowers.


High Quality

The 3W LEDs on this grow light are made by US companies Bridgelux and CREE, some of the best LED manufacturers to date. PlatinumLED have also added a 90-degree secondary focusing lens, which increases the light’s range and depth. The bulbs have a guaranteed lifespan of 50,000 hours, and the chips can be easily replaced when they burn out.



The Platinum Series 400W LED grow light is made with very high quality materials, making it absolutely worth the price. The LED bulbs work quietly and coolly, and are highly energy efficient, providing your plants with exactly the kind of light they need to grow large and fast, and to produce lots of bud.

The 5-year warranty means that you can get the chips replaced easily for free, so the money you spend purchasing this light will easily be made back within the 5-year warranty. Not to mention the reduced cost of running due to the efficiency of LED technology.

All in all, a very high quality grow light well worth the price, and as long lasting as you could possibly want.

MarsHydro 600W Review

This LED grow light from MarsHydro is a very affordable grow light, perfect for a small grow space. If you are wanting to grow your own marijuana indoors on a budget, this grow light should be on your radar. Read on to find out why.


The Mars600 measures 17 inches long by 11 inches wide by 3 inches deep and has a chip density of 1.53, which means that you know the light coverage is going to be even. The unit weighs 9.85 pounds, has a 1-year warranty, and also comes with a steel cable hanging kit so you can set it up straight away.

During the vegetative stage, the Mars600 has a coverage of 2.5 feet by 2 feet when hung at the recommended height of between 24 and 18 inches above the canopy. This changes to a coverage of 2 feet by 1.5 feet for flowering, when the light should be hung at between 12 and 24 inches above the canopy.

As for electrical setups, the Mars600 is very flexible, as it will work on a range of voltages from 85V to 265V and a range of frequencies from 50Hz to 60Hz. There is also no need to worry if you are ordering from a different country, as MarsHydro make their grow lights with whichever plug you require – simply let them know upon ordering.

Light Spectrum and Intensity

MarsHydro say this is a full spectrum grow light, however we notice that there are no ultraviolet or infrared bulbs in the unit. On the other hand, the unit does have 120 5W Epistar LED bulbs. Epistar is a well-known LED bulb manufacturer, and the name does carry the weight of good quality, so the light spectrum emitted by the Mars600 will at least be of a high standard.

In terms of wattage, the Mars600 was designed to replace a 300W HPS lamp, which it does, and efficiently too. Because of the LED bulbs, hardly any of the electricity used to power the unit goes to waste, so the Mars600 will actually only draw about 265W to produce the same amount of light.

It has a great PAR value too: 980(µmol m-2s-1) when hung at 18 inches (straight down from the centre), which dips to 510(µmol m-2s-1) at the peripheries of the coverage area of 2.5 feet by 2 feet (for flowering). This means you get deep penetration of the canopy in order to support the growth of your plants.

The only issue with this grow light is that it gives off a purple hue to the naked eye. This is fine for your plants, but when you want to check them over for discolouration you will need to either use a regular light or buy special tinted glasses.


The unit comes with two built-in cooling fans to prevent the light from overheating and/or burning the tops of your plants. It also has many safety certifications, including ETL, CE and RoHS.

Finally, this light also comes with a failsafe diode, which means that if one of your chips should fail, the rest will remain functional and the light will still work. If a chip does fail though, you should get it replaced as soon as possible to continue providing your plants with the light source they need.

Final Thoughts

The MarsHydro Mars600 LED grow light is a small, basic model that would work well for a beginner grower with a small grow space. It emits high quality, high PAR light that your plants will love. However, it does present some drawbacks, such as its lack of ultraviolet and infrared light and veg/flower switch for flexibility. If you have a small grow space and don’t want to fork out lots of cash on a newer grow light, the MarsHydro Mars600 will do the job.