Best CO2 Regulators for Growing Cannabis

At the moment, atmospheric levels of CO2 are at about 400 parts per million (PPM). When growing cannabis indoors, you can raise the level of CO2 in the air to nearly 1500 PPM. With this level of CO2, your weed will flourish and your bud yield will rise by up to 30%. If you increase the CO2 level to more than 1500 PPM though, your weed will suffocate and eventually die.


Even with high levels of CO2, it is still important to move the air around within your grow space to make sure this level stays consistent. Make sure you invest in a good inline fan for this, and your weed will thank you.


Generators, Regulators and Controllers


There are two main ways to regulate CO2 levels in a grow room. You can either buy an all in one CO2 generator, or you can buy the parts separately to build your own system. What you will need is a source of CO2, a way to regulate this source of CO2, and a way to measure CO2 levels in your grow room.


Take into account how your source produces CO2. If you use a system that creates CO2 by burning butane or propane, then you will need to account for the extra heat this will add to your plants’ environment. An alternative is to use a tank of pre-obtained CO2 plus a regulator (which controls the release of CO2) and controller (which detects the amount of CO2 in the grow room), as this won’t add any extra heat into your grow room.


How much carbon dioxide do you need?


First, measure the size of your grow room (in feet) and multiply the measurements to get the cubic volume of your grow space. Then multiply this figure by 0.0015 (or 0.0013 if you don’t want to risk suffocating your plants) to find out how much flow you need. If you have a generator, check the cubic feet per hour (CFH) rating. Keep in mind that one pound of CO2 compressed in a tank is the same as roughly 8.7 cubic feet of gas once it has been released into the air.


You will then need to set your regulator for the correct flow rate and PSI amount, and you will need to set your timer so that your CO2 is only released during daytime hours (plants need more oxygen at night). Here is an example of the above calculations:


Let’s say your grow room measures 8ft by 8ft by 8ft, which is 512ft3. Multiply this by 0.0013 and you get 0.6656, or about 0.66 cubic feet per minute. This means you can set your regulator for 100 PSI and the flow at 0.33 cubic feet per minute (with a rating of 20 CFH). You will need to let the gas flow for two minutes to fill your grow space and then switch it off. You can repeat this every couple of hours whilst your grow lights are switched on to maintain optimum CO2 levels.


Why are timers important?

Timers are important both for you and your plants. You don’t want either one to suffocate! Using a tank regulator means that your grow room will be injected with CO2 for a couple of minutes every few hours whilst your grow lights are on. This is a somewhat cheaper option, as the machine doesn’t need to be running all the time.

You will also need to remember to turn it off when you turn your grow lights off, as plants need oxygen at night, not carbon dioxide. Timers can be useful to remind you to do this as well.

Now for some reviews. We are going to look at some of the top regulators available, so that you can find the best one for your system.


GRO1 CO2 Grow Room Environment Regulator Flow Meter Solenoid


This regulator is especially well suited to those who grow plants in aquariums, but it works just as well for those who grow marijuana. Its flow meter can be adjusted to between 0.5 and 15 cubic feet per hour, and it comes with a pre-set regulator and a long lasting solenoid valve.


SPL CO2 Regulator Emitter System with Solenoid Valve and Flow Meter

This all-brass regulator is durable and precise, and perfect for all weed growers. Its flow gauge can release between 0.5 and 15 cubic feet per hour, and is rated for anywhere between 0 and 4000 PSI.


It comes with a 6-foot power cord that requires 110V of electricity, as well as 10 feet of a ¼-inch-wide air hose which connects directly to a 20 or 50 pound CO2 tank.


Pro CO2 Hydroponics Regulator Emitter System

This all-brass precise regulator is designed specifically for managing and maintaining the flow of carbon dioxide for indoor growers. The Pro CO2 regulator can release between 0.5 and 15 cubic feet of gas per hour, and can handle up to 4000 PSI. It comes with a 10-foot long air hose and a 110V power cord.


ProLabs CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve

The ProLabs regulator has the same stats as the regulators mentioned above: it can withstand up to 4000 PSI and releases between 0.5 and 15 cubic feet of gas per hour. The power cord needs 110V of electricity, and it comes with a 4-year warranty. However, it does not come with an air hose.

Now that we have reviewed some regulators, it is time to review one of our favourite controllers. Once you have something to release the CO2 into your grow room, you will need something to monitor those CO2 levels!


CO2Meter RAD-0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller for Greenhouses


Mount this controller inside your grow room and plug it into a source of electricity and your regulator so that it can continuously monitor the CO2 levels in your grow room. It will automatically shut down the CO2 supply when your desired PPM level is reached. You can set your desired PPM level in increments of 50 from 100 to 9950. It also has a light sensor which causes it to shut down when you switch off your grow lights.

Another option for controlling your CO2 levels is to get a ready-made CO2 generator. Instead of having to constantly haul heavy gas canisters around, a generator will provide you with all the CO2 you need there and then. Watch out though, generators will also add extra heat and humidity to your grow environment.


CO2 Generator – Liquid Propane LP – Autopilot APCG8LP

This generator is a powder coated steel enclosure that burns either propane or natural gas to create carbon dioxide. It is designed for large grow rooms of 14 feet by 14 feet or bigger, and it can raise the grow room temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit while it is on.

It emits up to 22 cubic feet of gas per hour, and has a smart controller which makes sure it only runs when needed. Finally, it has a safety feature which causes the generator to switch off if it tips over.

Finally, here are some accessories you might find useful with your CO2 setup.


Cyl-Tec 20lb CO2 Tank – New Aluminium Cylinder with CGA320 Valve

This 20lb CO2 tank keeps the gas at 1800 PSI and comes with a brass CGA 320 CO2 valve, and a male thread ready to be attached to a regulator. It has a carrying handle to help move it around, and the gas inside can be used both for growing and for carbonated drinks.


AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor

It is wise to purchase a temperature and humidity gauge when growing indoors, especially if you have a CO2 generator that will add heat and moisture to your grow room as it runs. This gauge is battery operated and therefore wireless, and has an easy to read screen, even in direct light.


Amflo 24-25E-RET Blue 120 PSI Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose ¼ inch width 25 feet length MNPT Swivel Ends and Bend Restrictor Fittings


This blue air hose is 25 feet long and ¼ of an inch wide, giving you more mobility with your CO2 setup. The restrict fittings ensure that no air is lost in transit, and it coils up neatly when you need to store it away.


Exhale 365 – Self-Activated CO2 Bag Home Grown for Grow Rooms and Tents


If you only have a limited grow space of no more than 4 feet by 4 feet in size, then this Exhale bag can help you to add CO2 to your grow room. Hang it just a little higher than your plants, and don’t forget to replace it every 6 months.



Summing Up

Monitoring and regulating the CO2 levels in your plants’ environment will increase the growth speed of your plants and the yield of your bud. Be careful not to flood your grow room with carbon dioxide, as this will kill your plants. Also be careful when using a generator to source your carbon dioxide, as this will increase the temperature and humidity levels in your grow space.

Whether you decide to build your own CO2 setup or buy an all in one regulator, make sure you regularly check back on your plants to make sure they are growing healthily. Don’t forget to check your machinery too. Happy growing!

Marijuana Grow Box: Build or Buy?

In this article we will be talking about what grow boxes are and how they are made. We will also be looking at the pros and cons of building your own grow box compared to buying a ready-made one, so that you can make an informed decision as to how you want to grow your own weed at home.


What is a Grow Box?

A grow box is a fixed structure that can hold everything you need to grow your own marijuana. This includes a hydroponics system, grow lights, reflective lining, ventilation, humidity, temperature and (sometimes) pH monitoring, and odour control. A grow box is a more permanent fixture than a grow tent, and is usually made for a home grower.


They come in different shapes and sizes depending on how many plants they can fit inside and what sort of system they use to grow the plants (most grow boxes come with some kind of hydroponic system, but some will allow for soil growing too).

Many grow boxes are designed to be stealthy. This means that from the outside they might look like regular filling cabinets or cupboards, and internally they don’t use up large amounts of energy so that your utility bills remain unsuspicious.


It is possible to build your own grow box or cabinet by buying the equipment you need separately and assembling it inside an old cabinet. You can also buy ready-made grow cabinets in any size you need, and each model will come with varying levels of technology and automation. The more advanced the grow box, the more expensive it will be, but the easier it will be to run. It all comes down to personal preference.


Why Build Your Own Marijuana Grow Box?


Building your own grow box usually works out cheaper, as you can scan the market for the best deals on hydroponic grow systems and grow lights to find the ones that suit you for the best price. This way, you can spend as much or as little as you like.


Making your own grow box also means making the most of your grow space. If you have limited space or awkward dimensions, then making your own grow box ensures that you are using all the space you have to grow your marijuana, and none of it goes to waste.


Using old furniture to make a new grow box is a great way to recycle. If you or someone you know is about to throw away a perfectly useable cabinet or chest of draws, this is (in our opinion anyway) the best way to repurpose it!


Finally, making your own marijuana grow box is a good way of starting a small project without getting too invested. Start small and see if you enjoy growing. If not, then you haven’t spent a huge amount of money of something you won’t use again. If you find you really enjoy growing marijuana, then there is no reason not to expand your grow box or make a second one to house more plants!


Why Buy a Pre-made Marijuana Grow Box?


If DIY projects aren’t your thing, then perhaps you would me more interested in buying a ready-made, all-inclusive marijuana grow box. This way all you have to do when it arrives is plug it in and plant your seeds and you’re all set!


Whilst ready-made grow boxes tend to be expensive, they are usually far more efficient and less time consuming than home-made grow boxes. The more automated it is, the less time you will have to spend checking your plants and monitoring their growth.


Another bonus to buying a grow box is that you already know that all of the components will work well together. There is nothing worse than thinking you have finished building your own grow box, only to switch it on and have all your fuses blow from too much current being drawn to your box.


If you are choosing to grow with a grow box for stealth reasons, then factory made grow boxes tend to be more reliable, as there will be no gaps for the odour or light to seep out. This will also benefit your plants, as no light will seep in when they are in darkness.


Factory made grow boxes are designed to be efficient. This means two things; one – that your marijuana plants will grow lots of big buds very quickly, and two – they won’t require huge amounts of energy to power, which will save you money in the long run.


Finally, DIY projects take time. First, you have to do your research on each individual component, and then you have to spend time actually building and assembling it. The huge bonus with buying a grow box is that they are quick and easy to set up and run, allowing you to grow more marijuana faster and with less effort.

Buying a Marijuana Grow Box

Here is a quick list of some of the key features you will need to look out for when buying a grow box:

  • Wattage (how much electricity will it require?)
  • Type of grow light (HID, fluorescent, LED – we suggest LED grow lights as they won’t overheat in the confined space of a grow box, they last a long time and are highly efficient)
  • Dimensions (will it fit your grow space?)
  • Is it light proof?
  • Odour control (does it have carbon filters?)
  • Automation (how much monitoring will the machine do and how much will you have to do?)


A Couple of Grow Box Suggestions to Help Get You Started

There are plenty of options out there, so do lots of research before spending your money. Here are three marijuana grow boxes and cabinets that we have picked out to share with you, all of which are discreet and good for beginners.


SuperCloset SuperLocker 3.0 Stealth Marijuana Grow Box

The SuperLocker measures 66 inches high by 15 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and comes with a Kind LED K3 L300 full spectrum grow light (as well as T5 fluorescent additional side lighting), and a 3-year warranty. It has the external appearance of a simple locker, and wouldn’t look out of place in your house or garage, for example.

There is enough space inside to grow up to 8 marijuana plants, and there is also a separate chamber with fluorescent lighting for cloning or growing seedlings. This way you can keep a continuous growth cycle so you will never run out of bud.

The ventilation system and air filters control odour and are quiet, helping you avoid suspicion and keeping your plants well ventilated. The entire box is airtight and light-tight, benefiting both you and your plants.

To get started with the SuperLocker, all you have to do is plug it in, fill the reservoir with water and nutrients and check and adjust the pH balance. The controls on the back of the locker allow you to completely automate the growing process, which makes this grow cabinet perfect for beginners and those who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands.


SuperCloset SuperBox CFL Grow Cabinet

The SuperBox measures 30 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and comes with a 200W Warm Spectrum Feliz CFL Lighting System and a 3-year warranty. This grow box is smaller than the previous one, but still made by SuperCloset, one of the leading brands in marijuana grow box technology. It is just as low maintenance as the previous grow box, with a control panel at the back to fully automate your marijuana growing.

You can still grow up to 8 marijuana plants inside the SuperBox, but this one doesn’t have a cloning chamber. However, it is still as powerful and high yielding as the above grow cabinet, just smaller and slightly cheaper.


Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 LED Hydroponics Grow Box

The Cash Crop 5.0 measures 27.75 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 11.25 inches deep, and comes with a 20W full spectrum LED grow light and a lifetime warranty and tech support. There is enough space inside to grow up to six marijuana plants, and it arrives fully assembled and ready to go – all you need to get are the seeds or clones.

The grow lights, ventilation system, carbon filter (for odour control) and hydroponics system all work quietly and coolly, saving you on energy and from suspicious neighbours. It is not fully automated, meaning you will have to do a little more maintenance, but this does mean that it is cheaper than other models like the SuperCloset SuperBox above.

It is available in two different heights, so you can buy the one that best fits your grow space dimensions. Finally, it is easy to operate and even comes with instructions, making it perfect for any grower to use.



Overall, we think that buying a grow box or cabinet is the best way to grow your weed. They come in different sizes with different levels of automation, and at different prices. If you don’t mind spending a bit more on a more advanced grow box, then you won’t have to do as much maintenance. If you like putting the extra work in, then a cheaper grow box will work great for you. There is something out there for everyone.


If you still fancy having a go at building your own grow box, then make sure you do all the necessary research before starting your project. In the long run, the cheapest option is a small ready-made grow box, but if you like to challenge yourself and don’t mind a bit of trial and error, then building your own grow box could be a creative use of your time.


Either way, good luck with your purchases, and happy growing!

Best Cloning Gels for Weed 2018: Guide and Reviews

Using cannabis clones instead of seeds to grow your weed is a lot more efficient because for one, you already know the sex of the plant (you would use female clones if you just want to grow bud). Secondly, clones grow a lot faster than seeds, especially if you use cloning gel.


How to take a cutting and plant it

First, it is important to prep the mother plant to make sure its stems have lots of carbohydrates and growth hormones. Do this by heavily watering the mother plant a few days before taking the cuttings so as to reduce nitrogen levels and thereby increase carbohydrates.

You will then need sharp, sterilized razor blades to make a clean cut and to avoid infecting the clones with the disease. Aim to cut close to the main stem, as there will be a higher concentration of root growth hormones there. If you plan on cutting several clones, then make sure you have a clean container of water to hold your cuttings to make sure they don’t dry out.

Cover the ends of the cuttings in cloning gel. This will help protect them from illness, as well as provide them with growth hormones and nutrients to help them sprout roots faster. Then place the clones in your rooting containers filled with substrate (such as Rockwool) and keep them moist for the first couple of days.


As the cuttings won’t have roots yet they will be drinking through their leaves, so it is important to spray the leaves regularly and keep humidity levels between 80 and 90 percent. You will also want to keep your soil slightly acidic (pH 5 – 5.5) as this helps promote root growth.


Don’t worry too much about light at this stage, as the clones can’t handle too much light. You could use fluorescent lamps for 18 to 24 hours each day if you want. Clones also do well when their soil is warm, so you could place a heating mat underneath them too.


One week after you have planted your clones, check to see if any have wilted and remove these. Once the roots of your clones are about 1.5 inches long (roughly two to three weeks after planting) it is time to transplant them to your regular growing setup. Then you can gradually increase light exposure as your plants mature.


Onto the reviews!


Clonex Rooting Compound Gel Packets 15ml


Clonex is one of, if not the most well-known cloning gel brand. They have been developing their formulas for a long time, and it shows. Clonex gel is chock full of vitamins, mineral nutrients and root growth hormones, and is designed to stick to the stem, protecting it from infection whilst feeding it at the same time. The active ingredient in this Clonex formula is Indole-3-Butyric Acid at 0.31%.


Clonex Rooting Compound Gel is sold in small packets of 15ml which doesn’t seem very much, but it will suffice if you are only planning on taking a few cuttings at a time. Even when used generously, this gel packet will be enough for growing a small number of clones.


HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel 100ml


From the same company as above, this cloning gel is highly effective and this time comes in larger quantities. Clonex also sell their rooting gel in bottles of 500ml or 1litre, which ends up cheaper in the long run, especially if you have lots of clones to plant.


Technaflora Rootech Gel for Plants 7 Grams


Like Clonex gels, Rootech Gel is water based and can be diluted with more water if you need it to go further. The active ingredient in this gel is similar to Indole-3-Butyric acid, but has a higher concentration of 0.55%, which makes it a powerful feeding gel even when diluted. This container of 7 grams is the smallest size you can buy; they also sell their gel in containers of 56, 112 and 224 grams if you need a larger supply.


Grodan 1.5 inch Rockwool / Stonewool Cubes plus Rootech Cloning Gel


This kit contains rooting cubes as well as cloning gel, which will save you a little money as you start out cloning your marijuana plants. It contains 45 1.5-inch rooting cubes and a 0.25-ounce container of cloning gel.


A word of caution: Rockwool and Stonewool are great for cultivating seedlings and clones, but be careful when handling them. It is recommended to wear gloves and a dust mask to prevent the fibres from entering your body, as they are potentially harmful.


General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs 50 count


These Rapid Rooter Plugs are highly affordable and full of nutrients for your clones. They are slightly different from cloning gel but are very effective if you plan on growing your weed hydroponically.


Quick Clone Gel 75ml

Quick Clone Gel does not use the active ingredient found in Rootech and Clonex, but instead is made from entirely organic ingredients containing vitamins, amino acids and of course rooting hormones. It comes in two sizes: 75ml for small operations, and 250ml for more serious growers. It is a little on the expensive side, but all the ingredients are natural, so if you prefer to grow your weed organically and you have the extra cash, this one’s for you.



When raising clones, it is important to use a good cloning gel to help give them the best start possible. Any of these products would make a good addition to your clone growing kit. As long as you buy the correct amount, any of these will work well. Happy growing!

Grow Tent Setup for growing Cannabis Indoors

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis

If you’ve ever been interested in growing your own weed at home and have some cash to spare, but aren’t really sure how to go about it, then keep reading! This guide will teach you how to set up your own grow tent, show you the equipment you’ll need, and how to use it. For the sake of simplicity, we will just be covering the traditional soil growing method and we will leave hydroponics for another article.

A quick list of what you will need:

  • Grow tent, or designated grow area
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Seeds
  • Peat pellets (for germination)
  • Pots
  • Grow light
  • Timer
  • Air circulation
  • Odour control
  • Optional: measuring instruments, pH kits, microscope


Legal disclaimer: Please check the laws on growing cannabis at home in your country or state first. Some places may allow you to grow at home but there may be a limit on how many plants you can grow, so please make sure you know what this is before starting.


Grow Tent

Grow tents come in several sizes, so you can choose one that fits the dimensions of your grow space. Most grow tents have internal surfaces that are reflective, helping you make the most of your light source. The fabric also doesn’t let light in, so when you turn your grow light off your plants will get the rest they need.


Soil and Fertilizer

Organic soil is perfect for marijuana plants especially, as it will make sure that your buds have a great flavour. One of our favourites is the OMRI certified organic potting soil from Black Gold. They sell their soil in 16-quart (4-gallon) bags, and it contains pumice and perlite to increase drainage and air space, and organic fertilizers such as earthworm castings. With all this added goodness, you won’t have to add extra nutrients to the soil for a good 3-4 weeks.


After about a month, you will need to start adding fertilizer to the soil to keep your plants well nourished. It’s best not to use chemicals for this, as it will affect the taste of the buds. Lots of high-quality fertilizers are available, and it’s important to use the best if you want the best yield.



It is generally better to water your plants with purified or filtered water, as water from the tap contains small amounts of chemicals that could potentially hinder the growth of your plants. You could use an ordinary water filter, or even place a filter on your faucet, such as the PUR filters. These filters fit most faucets, last for about 100 gallons, and warn you when it’s time to change filters.

How often should you water your plants? Generally, younger plants need watering once a week, and adult plants once a day. If the leaves on your plants are drooping or the soil feels warm, they need watering. If the soil feels cool, then wait to water them. Alternatively, you could use a hygrometer to check how much water is in the soil before watering.

A useful tool to have for watering is, of course, the watering can. Grab one with a long spout, and make sure it fits under your tap so you can fill it easily. Some watering cans even come with built-in liquid fertilizer dispensers!



Depending on where you live, cannabis seeds can be bought in weed shops or online. Once you have your seeds, make sure that they have a tiger stripe pattern on them. This ensures that they are what it says on the tin. Avoid planting any black seeds, as these seeds are dead and will not grow. Once you have your healthy cannabis seeds, it’s time to germinate them.


Peat Pellets

Peat pellets are used to help your seeds germinate. The pellets first need to be soaked in water so that they expand, and then you can place the seeds roughly half an inch into the pellet. They will need to be kept moist throughout germination (three to seven days), but you will have to water them from the side to avoid dislodging the seeds.


Pots for Planting

Once your seedlings have successfully germinated (you will see the roots coming out of the pellet) it is time to pot them. Keeping the seedling inside the pellet, bury it in the soil up to about halfway up the stem.

We currently love fabric pots to grow our marijuana plants, as they are breathable and thus reduce the risk of root rot. A good brand that sells fabric plant pots is Smart Pot. They sell many different sizes of pots for all your gardening needs, but our favourite for growing weed is the 5-gallon fabric pot.


Grow Light

During germination, your seedlings won’t need any light, but as soon as they start sprouting they will need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness each day. Once they are about three weeks old, this changes to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day, which will kick start the flowering stage.

We recommend LED grow lights, as they are super energy efficient and won’t overheat. They provide your plants will full spectrum light while keeping your utility bills down, and there is little risk of them singeing your plants or drying up your soil.




Timers are incredibly useful for keeping track of when to switch your grow light on/off. We think high-quality programmable timers are the way to go; these are the ones that can handle a large amount of current being drawn by your grow light.

One recommendation is the Enover timer, which is programmable for up to seven days and can cope with up to 15A of current. It isn’t UL or CSA listed yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe to use, just that it is not yet certified.

A timer that is UL listed is the iPower 7-day Dual-Outlet Digital Timer, which is capable of recording eight separate schedules every day for a week! It has an LCD display and two outlets with surge protection, which could come in handy if you need to use more than one grow light.


Air Circulation

Cannabis plants require a certain amount of heat for optimal growth, but past that point, they begin to dry up. In order to prevent this, good air circulation is vital. Stand-alone fans are a good buy, like the Holmes Dual-Blade Twin Window Fan, which has two-speed settings and a water-resistant motor. It runs quiet and has reversible airflow too.


Another ventilation option is to get a grow tent with built-in fans, such as the Gorilla Grow Tent package, which includes a 750W LED grow light, a fan and charcoal-filtered ducts, and even a hydro-thermometer to monitor the conditions inside your tent.


Odour Control

Cannabis plants can give off a distinctive smell that may be undesirable for many weed growers. Charcoal air filters help to rid your grow area (and living space) of the weed odour. We recommend the iPower Inline Air Carbon Filter for its low maintenance – it will last a year if you reverse the flanges after about six months.


Measuring Temperature and Humidity

You need to monitor the temperature of your plants and the humidity (soil moisture) to make sure that your plants are happy and well-watered. One tool for this is the Extech 445715 Hydro-Thermometer, which measures both temperature and humidity accurately with its probe. If you are on a budget, then Etekcity’s sensor for measuring soil moisture will do the trick.


Harvesting and Curing

When your plants begin to mature, you need to know which are female and which are male. If you want your plants to produce seeds, then you’re good. If you want the females to produce bud, then you will need to get rid of the male plants.


At about 12 weeks, the white hairs on the female plants will start to turn brown. When they are all brown, gently start trimming the buds from the plants. If you want to be extra sure, you could examine the sticky parts of the buds (the trichomes) with a digital microscope to see if they have also turned brown.

Once you have harvested your bud, it is time to cure. Place your buds in large glass jars such as mason jars and put the lid on. Leave them for anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. After 6 months, curing will not have any effect on your buds. A good month’s curing will drastically improve the taste and intensity of your weed.

The final step is to enjoy your weed any way you like!

Best Hydroponic System for Growing Cannabis: 2019 Guide and Reviews

From novice to expert growers and gardeners, a high-quality hydroponic system can surely come a long way. Coming from tested and proven reliable brands, these hydroponic systems will not only help your cannabis plants grow. These set of tools and equipment will guarantee that your plants are supplied with sufficient nutrient solution and oxygen. You can also make sure that they will not become ill due to lack of watering.

These systems are linked to a reservoir where water and nutrient solutions are stored whenever your plants need some. So, read on to learn more about the best hydroponic system for growing cannabis and the basic things of growing cannabis.

#1. PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit

This Editor’s Choice is the best product in this list if you want to try growing cannabis hydroponically. This model from PowerGrow Systems is very easy to use and requires less effort to take care of your plants. It uses an FDA approved bucket that has a capacity of 5 gallons and 6 inches net pot bucket lid. It includes Growstones growing medium that is more efficient than regular hydroton clays. Of course, it also comes with its own powerful air pump, air tubing, and a cylinder air stone.

In addition, it includes 3 pieces of Grodan Rockwool starter plugs, a blue water level indicator, and its own drain. Therefore, it results in more superior growth and production of cannabis plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.3 pounds with 16 x 12 x 12 inches dimension
  • 5 gallons of FDA approved bucket allows plants’ roots to grow in a rich water reservoir with oxygen and nutrients
  • 6 inches net pot bucket lid with medium Growstones Growing provides better growth effects than hydroton clay
  • 44 GPH air pump connects to the air tubing provides enough oxygen for your plants
  • 2 inches diameter cylinder air stone slowly distributes air into the tank to eliminate creating noise and bubbles
  • Blue Water Level Indicator with a bucket drain keeps your plants’ water fresh and clean
  • Oxygen filled solution helps plants’ root system to grow better faster and healthier than those that are planted in soil

As our Editor’s Choice, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best products that you can get in a complete set. As mentioned in its product description, it comes with everything needed in order to grow cannabis in nutrient-infused water! Thus, we highly recommend it this model for first time and veteran cannabis growers.


  • Budget-friendly and ideal for starters
  • Promotes faster and smoother growth without exerting too much effort
  • Provides everything you would need in growing cannabis for a complete system
  • Uses rich water infused with enough oxygen and nutrients
  • Comes with Rockwool seeds starting plugs


  • The air pump could have been powerful
  • The Rockwool is a little bit low in quality 


#2. General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System

If you’re looking for a high-end hydroponic system for growing cannabis, this can be a nice choice. Apparently, this comes as the Budget Pick among heavy-duty models out there in spite of its price. Besides, it is a full-packed set since it contains a total of 6 large net pots while others only have 1. Of course, it also has a total of 6 lid inserts that go with its net pots.

In addition, it already includes Flora nutrients which come in handy in growing making your plants grow faster and healthier. It also comes with its own air-driven spider drip system and an air pump with a single outlet.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 30.5 pounds with 26 x 23 x 18 inches dimension
  • 17 gallons of hexagonal reservoir gives it enough space where your plants can grow up at the same time
  • Spider pumping column makes up its air driven drip system with a removable 6 lid inserts
  • 6 inches net pot is placed in each lid insert to house large cannabis plants
  • Single Elite 800 air pump with a single outlet and ¼ air line keeps it up and running to grow your plant
  • Clay pebbles complete this set in ensuring your plants’ growth in a 3-part flora kit packed with nutrients

For those who are looking for a compact hydroponic system, this is what we can certainly recommend. It has enough space for large plants all compressed in a hexagonal reservoir with removable lied inserts. We can also guarantee that it has high-quality CocoTek liners and clay pebbles to support the plants.


  • Great for first time and veteran growers
  • Easy to maintain and to manage
  • Provides a complete set for growing plants hydroponically
  • Includes a conductivity testing kit except for cannabis seeds
  • Tested and proven by a well-established company


  • Certainly not the cheapest option for budget-seekers
  • Not ideal for tight spaces 


#3. HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

Whether you are a novice or an expert in hydroponic growing, this system can certainly work.  It is very easy to set up and to operate. Regardless of its net pots and buckets that appear to be pretty standard, it’s actually worth its price. However, it does need a hole for the hose to ensure your plants’ growth. Bubble Brothers 6 Pot DWC System is a tested and proven product for both first time and expert gardeners.

It supplies sufficient nutrient and oxygen to your plants’ roots can absorb directly from the water. At the same time, its air stones aerate and agitate your water constantly while your plants’ roots hang freely.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 31 pounds with 30 x 15 x 15 inches dimension
  • Complete set of 6 site HTGSupply DWC hydroponic system
  • 6 low profile assembled buckets with 3.5 gallons capacity
  • 6 RhizoCore advanced net pot lids with 6 inches height to house your cannabis
  • 6 (2 inches) premium air stones stay submerged at the bottom
  • 1 commercial air pump with 951 GPH high power, 41W, and 42Amps@120V connects to its 50’ roll ¼ inch air tubing
  • 10-liter bag full of high-quality clay pebbles grow medium completes its set

It’s great that it has raised cone that serves as centers where we can place Rockwool cubes. Without soil, it can absorb all its needed oxygen and nutrients while handing in the water. Its modern advancements also make it more efficient to use for growing cannabis.


  • Affordable and inclusive kit for both novices and experts
  • Quality tubing and big aerator stones
  • Easy to set up, operate, and maintain
  • Promotes an explosive growth to plants in an assembled bucket system
  • Provides enough air for each bucket


  • Some pumps are extremely loud and get hot easily
  • Doesn’t have a built-in drain tube into the buckets 


#4. AutoPot 4Pot System Gravity Fed Watering System

For a dual medium cannabis hydroponic system, this is certainly one of the best. This gravity-fed watering system is hassle-free to install and to operate that can automatically water your plants in linked pots. Actually, it doesn’t require maintenance and any gadget that consumes power. It is also extendable so you can link as many pots as you need on its single water reservoir. You can leave it for a few days once you supplied it with your plants’ needed nutrients. Thus, it is an efficient option for all types of cannabis growers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 8.5 pounds with 24 x 11 x 15 inches dimension
  • 4 gallons reservoir with lid and ¼ inches top hat grommet
  • 4 (¼ inches) tee connectors, 2 (¼ inches) cross connectors, and 2 (¼ inches) inline taps
  • 4 net pot trays and lids come with 4 pieces of pots with 4 gallons capacity
  • 4 AQUAvalves come with 13 ft. of ¼ inches pipe and ¼ inches golf filter
  • 4 black and gold root control disc completes its set


  • Doesn’t require pumps, timers, and power to operate
  • Versatile hydroponic system for both gardeners and cannabis growers
  • Compatible with a single reservoir
  • Can be easily extended to link additional pots


  • The instruction could have been more a little precise for fittings


#5. Oxygen Pot Systems 6 Site Expansion Kit For Hydroponic Grow Systems

This kit is designed with a super flow system that provides premium support to plants’ growth. Designed to take gardening and cannabis growing into the next level, it promotes new technology for all levels of users. Specifically, it comes with advanced fabric pots for aerating your plants constantly and letting them absorb enough oxygen. These fabric pots are made from high-quality polypropylene to make sure that it can last for years. Its design also promotes better yields while it protects your plants’ roots from developing diseases.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 20 pounds with complete T-fittings and grommets
  • 6 grow sites of custom green molded buckets
  • 6 gallons capacity with a full bottom draining system
  • 6 fabric pots with a super flow system provide enough room for your plants’ roots to reach their full growth
  • 30’ ¾ inches kink proof tubing premium glossy with UV-resistant vinyl tubing transfers nutrients from your reservoir to your plants smoothly


  • Easy to clean and drain
  • Safe and made from food grade plastic materials
  • Complete with all the necessary tubing and fittings
  • Suitable for growing and gardening


  • Requires frequent monitoring to keep your plants well-fed with its needed nutrients


#6. Viagrow Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System

This Flood and Drain Kit from Viagrow is packed with all the necessary tools and equipment for a new growing station. Though its lighting system and nutrient solution are sold separately, it’s definitely a steal. It can grow up to 16 cannabis plants that can be arranged on its tray to maximize your limited space. It’s a type of Ebb and Flow hydroponic system. Thus, it can distribute the precise amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen to your plants to improve its growth and yields.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 100 pounds with 40.5 x 40.5 x 24 inches dimension
  • Flood and Drain fitting kit with 50L bag grow rocks
  • 3-10L bags of grow rocks ViaStone
  • Viagrow with 211 GPH submersible pump comes with a grounded multi-pin timer prevents plants from being overfed
  • ½ and ¾ inches black poly tubing connects to its 9 nursery pots with a 1-gallon capacity
  • 20-gallon reservoir uses 36 x 36 x 7 inches ID white flood tray 3 x 3 x 2 inches metal tray stand


  • Complete in a compact packaging
  • Capable of growing up to 16 plants in a limited space
  • Delivers just enough oxygen, nutrients, and water to your plants


  • Could have been better with a bigger tank with over 30 gallons capacity
  • A little pricey


#7. General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete

Designed with a 3 part Flora kit and 9L of Hydroton, this WaterFarm Module comes with sturdy plastic parts. Rest assured that you can maximize its use longer in its unique square shape that allows you to pack units. At the same time, it allows you to create large and high-density installations for your cannabis plants. From small to large plants, you can rely on this complete kit with large water capacity and low water requirements.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.1 pounds with 10.3 x 16.5 x 10.6 inches dimension
  • 4-gallon reservoir with 2-gallons growing chamber
  • Column support tube works with its pumping column and Elite 800 air pump
  • Drip ring connects with its drain level tube and ½ inches grommet
  • High-impact plastic bucket ensures its long years of service
  • Unique square design allows you to pack modules better to create a bigger and high-density installation


  • Compatible with growing small to large cannabis plants
  • Requires low water to keep your plants well-watered
  • Offers a large water capacity
  • Built from high-quality plastic materials to extend its lifespan


  • Requires high maintenance
  • Not ideal for growing cannabis outdoors under extreme heat or freezing conditions


#8. SuperPonics Superponics-8 Hydroponic Plant Propagation Reservoir System

For hassle-free water changes, this is the hydroponic system that is ideal. It has an extra-long drip tube and a powerful pump that can keep your plants pumped up with enough nutrients. With a complete set of tools and equipment, unboxing and setting it up only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It also has up to 4 gallons of capacity for water and nutrient solution which is enough especially for small plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 20 pounds with 18 x 11 x 11 inches dimension
  • Automated top feeding, bubble, and AeroPonics combines with its deep water culture design for best results
  • 1 air pump with 132 GPH connects the growing sites to its reservoir
  • 2 air lines, 2 medium-sized barrel air stones, and a 24-hour timer
  • Extra-long drain tube with its trademark flow gauge system connects with its top feed drip system


  • Hassle-free to set up and manage
  • Allows an easier way to change its water when necessary


  • Can’t be extended and linked with more growing sites


Marijuana Hydroponic Systems: The Basics

First things first, did you know that the term “hydroponics” came from a Latin term which means “water working”? Coming from its name, the term “hydro” is enough to make you think of water. When it comes to horticulture, hydroponics is actually a form of agriculture wherein plants are planted and grown without soil. Instead, plants like cannabis are put in grow beds or trays that are supplied by a consistent flow of nutrients. So, a hydroponic system refers to all the tools and equipment that are used to grow hydroponic plants.

When it comes to marijuana hydroponic system, there are actually different versions that you can choose from when shopping. Right now, there are at least 6 main types of hydroponic systems that are used in growing marijuana. These types include:

  • Nutrient Film Technique or NFT
  • Aeroponics
  • Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain
  • Drip Systems
  • Deep Water Culture or DWC
  • Wick Systems

Just like other products, each version has its own pros and cons. Each also has its own level of complexity that users might feel either as too complex to easy to operate. After all, we all have our own level of tolerance when it comes to setting up and managing things. Regardless, the best hydroponic system for growing cannabis really depends on your personal preference and needs. But if there is one thing in common about these types, it is its plants’ source of nutrients. Instead of using fertilizers in the soil, oxygen and all nutrients that are needed by plants are mixed in a reservoir.

These nutrients keep plants healthy until they reached their full growth potential faster:

  • Nitrogen
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Chlorine
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Boron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese

No matter what type of marijuana hydroponic system you use, you need a reservoir that contains a nutrient solution. All of these listed nutrients are placed underneath the system’s growing tray or pot. Then, the growing tray or pot is filled with a growth medium that can be gravel, sand, or Rockwool. These growth mediums help plants to absorb all the nutrients and oxygen it needs to grow its roots. Depending on the type of hydroponic system you use, you may need a small pump and a timer. These things will keep the bottom layer of the buckets filled with enough nutrient solution.

Once your plants are well-watered and fed with nutrients, the timer will automatically turn off the pump. This will also drain the solution back into the system’s reservoir.

Basic Overview of How to Grow Cannabis

When it comes to growing cannabis, the first thing that you should consider is its location. If you intend to keep your plants inside, it is best to invest in a decent tent. A grow tent can help your cannabis grow better and faster no matter what is the current weather. After all, it will not be one of those plants that will have to ensure the weather outside. A grow tent is also cost-effective and very much accessible solution so you will not have a hard time shopping. There are available grow tents offered in both land-based and online shops especially on Amazon. In some cases, grow tents already come with a complete package. This means that you can already buy everything you would need to air your plants’ growth in one package. If you are a novice, this would certainly be a great option so you can save time shopping. But if you already have all the needed tools except for a grow tent, you can buy a tent only. Some are designed with a single but spacious compartment while others are divided into small chambers. This works great when separating cloning from vegetative growth.

However, watch out for those that include expensive plastic materials that are not necessarily important for being an expert grower. In addition, this eliminates the need to buy another one when you can squeeze in everything inside a single grow tent. You will also need a grow light whether you place your cannabis is placed inside a grow tent or not. These lights may vary in size, color, and exact shapes to provide a sufficient amount of light even when indoors. Grow lights may also include a timer that can turn on and off it automatically. Aside from these things, you will also need an exhaust fan as well as an activated filter, and eliminate odors. Thus, it is best to look for a circulating fan that you can simply mount or clip on the wall. In some cases, you might also need a thermometer or a hygrometer that serve as your plants’ thermometer. If you don’t know where to get some marijuana seeds or even clones, you can start by buying it online. A lot of online shops nowadays offer marijuana seeds especially in Canada where it was already legalized. Once you’ve got your seeds and planted them, remember to avoid overwatering and overfeeding them.  Lower your reflector closer to your plant then raise your lighting as they grow. Be sure to set your light and hydroponic system timer properly for best results.


There you have it! Whenever you’re ready to go and shop for the best hydroponic system for growing cannabis, just go back to this post. Regardless of the kind of hydroponic system you are looking for, these are the top choices on the market today. Coming from different brands with different weights and sizes, we’re sure that one or two will match your needs. This is the best solution to avoid overfeeding and overwatering your cannabis even without monitoring them 24/7.

Best Cannabis Fertilizers and Nutrients – Reviews & Guide

Growing cannabis at home has become more and more popular in recent years as more US states and countries around the world change their laws in favor of legalizing cannabis. With its many uses medically as well as recreationally, the weed business has boomed. Buds can be smoked, vaped, cooked, and made into oils and lotions to relax the muscles.

With all the ways you can use and consume cannabis, it is important to start out with a good quality product to get the most out of each usage. If you are growing your own weed at home, then the way to ensure a good quality bud at harvest time is to feed your plants with all the correct nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

In the rest of this article, we will review some of the top marijuana plant fertilizers currently on the market, so that you can buy the product that best suits your grower needs.


#1. Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle 250ml

The Advanced Nutrients line of plant fertilizers is one of the most highly recommended product lines for growing any strain of cannabis. All of the products in this line are only made with the finest ingredients containing all the nutrition your cannabis plants need to grow and produce high-quality buds. Advanced Nutrients have such a good reputation that it is difficult to find a bad review for any of their products!

Product Highlights

Advanced Nutrients have a variety of products and bundles varying in size and price. Their Hobbyist Bundle 250ml contains four different fertilizers: Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B52, and Overdrive. They automatically balance the pH of the soil and will lead to a bigger bud yield when the plants start to flower. This pack costs around $50 on Amazon and is perfect for both beginners and more experienced growers alike. With four different fertilizers containing specific nutrients for each stage of your plant’s life, this is great value for money. Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle 250ml contains effective formulas with well-blended nutrients and is an all-around favorite for marijuana growers.


#2. General Organics Go Box

Growers who like organic products will love this General Organics Go Box. It can be used both with soil and with water or hydroponic growing systems and includes eight different formulas for your plants. This entire line is made from botanical extracts and natural minerals, and none of the products contain any animal derived ingredients.

Product Highlights

Because these products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, they would make a great addition to any vegan grower’s supplies. The natural and organic ingredients produce healthy plants without the need for strong chemicals and can be used with a variety of growing methods. This flexible, multi-purpose starter pack is also well priced at only around $40 online.


#3. Botanicare CNS17 Bloom 2-2-3 Formula

Suitable for both cannabis and other plants, this fertilizer has had many positive reviews. The formula comes in bottles of up to one gallon, which is enough to feed an entire grow room. It is highly soluble, which means it would work very well with hydroponic grow systems, and contains optimum levels of phosphorous and potassium to help your plants grow the largest and healthiest buds around.

Product Highlights

The Botanicare CNS17 Bloom formula can be bought in bulk for a good price on Amazon (1 gallon for $23.30, or five 1-gallon bottles for $94.91), which makes this a good product for those who like to grow on a large scale. This formula is a professional strength product, so a little goes a long way, and it has been developed especially for flowering and fruit-bearing plants. The precise blend of 17 minerals will keep your plants well fed without giving them any nutrient burn or nutrient overdrive.


#4. Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom

These three formulas from Fox Farm are almost on a par with Advanced Nutrients in terms of positive reviews in the weed growing community. Each of the three formulas has a special blend of nutrients that will help your marijuana plants grow to the fullest in each stage of their development. Fox Farm say to use Grow Big at the start of your plant’s life to help it grow lush, green vegetation, and to switch to Tiger Bloom as soon as your plant starts to show signs of bud development. Big Bloom is used throughout the entire growing cycle of the plant to aid nutrient uptake.

Product Highlights

This line of Fox Farm products has been known to produce larger and greener marijuana plants, as well as having formulas specifically dedicated to the later stages of growth, which lots of fertilizer companies do not do. This Fox Farm bundle produces great results all round, and is a little cheaper than the Advanced Nutrients products, selling on Amazon for around $40.


#5. Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow and Liquid Bloom 8oz

All types of gardeners love this product with its blend of essential micro and macronutrients, as it can be used to aid the growth of everything from vegetables to houseplants, flower gardens to marijuana, and even trees! Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow and Liquid Bloom produce plants with large, healthy buds, flowers, and fruits, and even improve the quality of the smell and taste of marijuana buds.

Product Highlights

These Dyna-Gro products contain 16 essential minerals that are quickly absorbed, providing complete nutrition for all of your plants. They can be used with both soil and water grow systems, and are very easy to use. Everything you need is in two bottles (one for the vegetative stage and one for the flowering stage), so there is no need to measure out and mix lots of solutions together. Another plus is the price point, as they are currently selling on Amazon for only around $15.



Whether you are growing cannabis or other flowering or fruit-bearing crops, it is important to provide them with all the nutrients and minerals they need to produce the best yield possible. Every one of these products will help you to achieve this, and they all have great reviews. Advanced Nutrients offers the largest product line, but all of these products have high-quality formulas which your plants will benefit from. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal choice. Whichever you choose, your plants will thank you for it!

Cannabis Growing: Best Grow Tents for 2019 Product Reviews and Guides

A grow tent is a portable grow room with reflective interior walls that you can take anywhere. Grow tents are perfect for indoor gardening. If you prefer a hydroponic indoor garden and doesn’t have so much space, investing in a grow tent rather is more practical. Using a grow tent helps you control the environment and it can also provide your plants the right amount of nutrients they need. It’s more cost-effective, energy-efficient, space-saver, and faster to set up.

Here, you can find the best grow tents in the market and how to choose the right size. Ideal for backyard, apartment, and condominium, keep reading to learn more about grow tents.

#1. Gorilla Grow Tent GGTLL22 LTGGT22 Tent

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this Editor’s Choice tent can be perfect for you. It offers a lot of distinct features that make it one of the best grow tents in the market. The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. It has a thick canvas material that makes the tent 3-9x denser. It’s also plastic-free with the biggest zippers in the market. It is also ideal for tall houseplants as it comes with an adjustable height extension kit. When it comes to safety, cleanliness, strength, durability, and thickness, Gorilla Grow tent got it grow tents

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 19 pounds with 24x30x67 inches dimension
  • 1680D thread count canvas makes its fabric 9x denser than any other grow tent
  • Adjustable height extension kit allows you to increase its height from 5’7 to 6’7 ft.
  • Solid frame with steel poles and interlocking pins makes it 2-5x stronger than regular tent frames
  • Diamond-shaped reflective interior with a micro mesh pre-filters that can resist bugs from pestering your plants
  • 10 inches double cinching ducting ports help to keep your tent light protected
  • 360° accessibility

We really like this product as it offers the exact benefits we need. It’s great but the usual complaint about this product is the light that leaks through its zippers. The company should focus and listen to people’s complaint and use it to provide more exceptional products.


  • Resistant to pests
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Ideal for tall houseplants
  • Patent pending infrared blocking roof keeps the surface cool
  • Ideal for experts and beginners


  • A little hard to assemble
  • Light leaks through the stitching and zippers
  • The zipper could have been tighter


#2. Apollo Horticulture 36x36x72 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Whether you have a large or tight space, this grow tent is excellent. Apollo Horticulture brings the best quality, fully featured and latest hydroponics grow tent to the people at an affordable price. Thus, this tent offers durability, protection, efficiency, and an exceptional customer service team. It is equipped with heavy-duty metal zippers to ensure your plants’ safety. With its dense fabric and quality double stitching, your plants will be safe from any unwanted outside exposure too.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 44 pounds with 36x36x72 inches dimension
  • Includes 2 filter Straps, 1 Instructional Pamphlet with 100% Reflective Tear Proof Mylar
  • Removable Mylar floor tray and 100% light-proof lining increases its light intensity inside to improve your plants’ growth
  • Heavy-duty zippers and double stitching ensures its efficiency and long-term use
  • Metal frame poles covered with thick fabric prevents any unwanted outside exposure for security and stability

For those who want the best grow tents but on a tight budget, we recommend this tent. Apollo Horticultural products surely meet and exceed expectations, as the company only produces high-quality products.


  • Provides instructional pamphlet for an easier installation
  • Tear-proof and Ideal for indoor garden, apartment, condominium or any rented space
  • Prevents odor and pests from getting in


  • Zippers are hard to pull
  • Light leaks through the seams and zipper


#3.Apollo Horticulture 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Apollo brings in another high-quality grow tent that’s wider and bigger. With a bigger space inside, you can raise 6-8 plants. It uses a heavy-duty metal zipper and double stitching. Thus, this tent can prevent light leakage and prevent odors to ensure your plants’ healthy growth. It also comes with a 90-day warranty and money back within 30 days with no hassle. Most importantly, it has a light-proof and tear-proof reflective film that promotes better plant growth.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 32.1 pounds with 49.5×11.5×7 inches dimension
  • Constructed with 2 filter straps, and 1 instructional pamphlet
  • Covered with 100% Reflective Tear Proof and light-proof Mylar Lining
  • Double stitching and heavy-duty zippers ensure give it light protection for long-term use
  • Mylar lining increases the light intensity to improve the overall growth of your plant
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty and 30-day money back guarantee hassle free
  • Uses metal frame poles to give it security and stability

Like the previous one, this product from Apollo Horticultural Company with fully featured equipment which we find really impressive. It has the same features and quality but much wider and bigger size. For those who want to grow some veggies and tall plants, we recommend this model.


  • The instructional pamphlet makes the tent to assemble easily
  • Fits in 6 up to 8 plants inside
  • Suitable for small spaces like apartments and condominiums
  • Prevent odors and stop pests from getting in
  • Great for tall houseplants


  • Zippers are hard to pull and could be ripped easily
  • Allows minor light leak between the zippers and seams


#4 Gorilla Grow Tent LED Combo

If you’re looking for the perfect all in one grow package, this combo package might help you to have successful gardening. Customizing your own grow tent kit helps you to control and create a perfect environment in order to have healthy plants. Don’t worry about the shipping fee as it is free and it comes with a special package pricing. With a high quality-equipment, your plants can surely have productive growth.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 300 pounds with 24×48 inches dimension
  • Adjustable height extension kit allows you to increase its height from 6’11 to 9’11 feet
  • Kind LED L450 (KL145) emits energy-efficient artificial light
  • Active Air 6 inches In-Line Duct Fan supplies 400 CFM (ACDF6) airflow
  • Active Air 6 inches Clip-On Fan (ACFC6) has an adjustable head that can rotate 360°
  • Active Air Hygro-Thermometer (HGIOHTJ) helps you to read current temperature and humidity
  • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (ACSC) corrects and adjusts the speed of centrifugal fans
  • Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer (TM01015D) helps you schedule its lighting
  • Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet-2/pack (CN10005) comes in an attractive clamshell packaging
  • Active Air 6″x25′ premium ducting (ACDC625P) resists punctures and tears
  • Active Air 6″x16″ Carbon Filter-400 CFM (ACCF166) absorbs VOC using its virgin activated Australian granular carbon


  • Ideal for professional gardeners
  • Equipped with a high-powered LED panel
  • Provides a customizable temperature and humidity using an in-line fan
  • Energy and time-efficient with its LED technology


  • Too heavy compared with the average grow tents


#5.iPower GLTENTM1 4’x4′ Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

This product offers you a high-quality tent at an affordable price. For a hassle-free cleaning, this provides a removable water-resistant Mylar floor tray with security straps. A double layer ventilation ducting holes and bottom ventilation windows provide good airflow for plants and removes heat. It also comes with a tool bag that allows an easy access inside and convenient storage. This tent is equipped with heavy-duty zippers and light proof Mylar with double stitching for light protection.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 30.3 pounds with 48x48x78 inches dimension
  • Easy organization tool bag allows you to find the tools you need with ease
  • The removable water-resistant tray makes it easier to clean without wasting too much time
  • The considerate open-close window allows you to take a peek on your plants without compromising the environment
  • Sturdy All-Metal Frame matches its grow lights, fans, and filters
  • Comprised of heavy duty zippers and 99% sealed light proof Mylar with double stitching


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has a 95 % reflective interior
  • Handles at least 110 pounds
  • Easy to assemble and relocate
  • Comes with reliable and sturdy metal parts
  • Provides a tool bag for convenient storage


  • Could use a more quality control
  • Light leaks through the zippers


#6. Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4’x4′) LED Combo

Planet earth garden offers another high-quality product that is bigger than the regular tents on the market. With a 48×48 product dimension, you can put up to 8 plants inside. This LED combo package helps you to create a perfect environment and gives you control over your garden. It is also specially designed for professional horticulturists to guarantee your plants’ growth even when they are indoors. Thus, this extremely high-performing grow tent is built with customized features.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed with 48×48 inches dimension
  • Kind LED XL750 (KL175) emits energy-efficient artificial light
  • Active Air 8 inches Inline Duct Fan supply 720 CFM (ACDF8) airflow for the plants
  • Active Air 6 inches Clip-on Fan (ACFC6) x 2 features strong, spring-loaded clip
  • Active Air Hygro-Thermometer (HGIOHTJ) helps you to read current temperature and humidity
  • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (ACSC) helps to prevent damage to fan motors
  • Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer (TM01015D) helps you schedule the hours of its lighting
  • Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet-2 per pack (CN10005) comes in attractive clamshell packaging
  • Active Air Premium Ducting, 8″x25′ (ACDC825P) is designed for air-cooling
  • Active Air Carbon Filter, 8″x24″, 750 CFM (ACCF248) has a 2-year life expectancy


  • Ideal for professional gardeners
  • Equipped with a high-powered LED panel
  • Allows you to save energy and time with the Light Emitting Diode technology
  • The grow kit package allows you to control your environment


  • Leaks light around the stitching and zippers due to its multiple pinholes


#7. Complete 4×4 Grow Tent Package

Purchasing this complete grow tent kit can save you energy and time. This package includes an HPS lamp, 600W iON digital ballast, carbon filters, in-line fan, and reflector. It provides many benefits that will surely help any horticulturist or grower. It provides a clean and contained environment that is perfect for catering up to 15 plants. With this complete beginner set, all you need to prepare are some soil and the pots of plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 152 pounds with 48x48x80 inches dimension
  • Includes 6 inches DuraBreeze carbon filter that controls odors
  • 6 inches Durabreeze In-line fan ensures the proper airflow inside
  • Comes with the Sunspot 6 reflector, 600W iON electronic ballast, and OptiLume 600W HPS lamp that emulates natural sunlight
  • Blueprint Controllers Digital Thermo-Hygrometer helps you to read the accurate temperature and humidity inside your tent
  • Blueprint EZGrow timer allows you to conveniently change photoperiod from growing


  • Ideal for beginner and professional growers
  • Equipped with a high-powered lighting system
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides different blueprints
  • Complete grow tent kit that can support your indoor garden


  • You can’t adjust its poles


#8. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, this product is perfect for you. This hydroponic grow tent is constructed with 600D thread counts and 0.88mm thickness which makes the fabric tear-proof. It is also double stitched to keep the lights in and prevent outside exposure. This tent is strengthening by metal poles that are especially finished for a smooth installation. It is fast and easy to install with a 2-year warranty.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 41.4 pounds with 60x60x80 inches dimension
  • Constructed with extra-thick 600D thread count canvas
  • Offer a superior indoor growing environment with the unique diamond reflective Mylar
  • Comes with metal poles and corner adapter which make the tent sturdy
  • Provides an easy-access door and observation window
  • 8 mm thick and lined with 98% reflective Mylar


  • Comes with a heavy-duty metal zipper
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides a tear-proof fabric
  • Ideal for beginners or professional gardeners
  • Supported by sturdy metal poles for security and smooth installation


  • Light still leaks through its pinholes


#9. Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59, 5’x9′ Grow Tent

Gorilla grow tent provides the highest quality products in the market and yet budget-friendly. It offers you different features that can surely help you to yield healthy plants. This medium-size grow tent is the most popular size in the market. It allows you to have a larger harvest. You can also check your plants conveniently with the help of large EZ view windows and rear access door.  Constructed with 1680D thread counts that improve its fabric’s density than in other grow tents.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 90 pounds with 60x108x83 inches dimension
  • Adjustable height extension kit increases its height from 6’11 to 8’11 ft.
  • 1680D thread count canvas makes the fabric 9x denser than any other grow tents
  • Infrared blocking roof insertion and diamond reflection technology helps plants gain 30% more lumens
  • All-steel construction steel frame has steel interlocking pins and tool pouch for a convenient access


  • You can cultivate a larger harvest
  • Ideal for large spaces and tall houseplants
  • Provides a 360° door access
  • Resistant to bugs and diseases


  • Quite difficult to assemble and requires some expertise
  • Has a minor light leak through its zippers

#10. Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (2’x2.5′) LED Combo

This is another product from planet Earth supply that provides high-quality equipment. This LED combo package is designed for professional horticulturists out there.  This LITE LINE Gorilla Grow tent includes LED, in-line Duct Fan, Hygro-Thermometer and many more. The tent also has a 100% steel interlocking frame. Customizing your own grow tent can provide a perfect environment and healthier plants. So, start your indoor garden with this extremely high-performing grow tent.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed with 24×30 inches dimension
  • Kind LED K3 L450 (KL145) improves the plant growth
  • Active Air 6 inches In-Line Duct Fan supply 400 CFM (ACDF6) airflow
  • Active Air 6 inches Clip-on Fan (ACFC6) has an adjustable head that can rotate 360°
  • Active Air Hygro-Thermometer (HGIOHTJ) displays the current temperature and humidity
  • Active Air Duct Fan Speed Adjuster (ACSC) prevents damage to fan motors
  • Hydrofarm Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer (TM01015D) helps you to schedule the hours of light, consistently
  • Hydrofarm 1/8 Rope Ratchet–2/pack (CN10005) for hanging lights, filters, and other equipment
  • Active Air 6″x25′ premium ducting (ACDC625P) is designed for air-cooling and in different forms of heating and ventilation


  • Equipped high-powered LED panel
  • Time and energy-efficient
  • Provides proper ventilation and contained environment
  • Ideal for professional growers
  • Provides a 100% steel interlocking frame


  • Doesn’t automatically shuts off when it gets too hot


How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent?

When it comes to gardening, there are a lot of things to consider. There’s the location, maintenance, soil type, climate, right size or containers, and of course, space. Space is really important in starting a garden. If you think that your backyard is lacking in space, don’t worry there is an alternative way to raise a garden. Indoor gardening can provide many benefits than the outdoor garden.

You can choose between a grow room and a grow tent depending on your needs.  But, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, we recommend a grow tent. Purchasing a grow tent can save you some money and space. You can find it in various sizes from physical and online shops that will surely fit inside your small house.

Another thing you need to consider when purchasing a grow tent is how much space do you have. The cost depends on the size that you choose. However, each model still provides different features that can help you. Having a high-quality grow tent allows you to control and keep the environment contained. So, here are the sizes you can choose from:

  • Small Grow Tents (2x2ft – 3x3ft)

These sizes are perfect for beginners and for people who have limited work area. In a 2’x2’or 3’x 3’ grow tent you can only put 2-6 small plants. It is great for mother plants.

  • Medium Grow Tents (4x4ft – 5x5ft)

These sizes are the most popular tent sizes. In a 4 x 4ft tent you can raise 4-6 plants while in 4 x8ft or 5 x5ft tents you can put 4-10 plants.

  • Large Grow Tents (6x6ft – 8x8ft)

These sizes are for people who have large spaces and harvest in their house. In this kind of grow tents; you can raise 14 up to 24 plants. It is enough for you to cultivate a vegetable garden.

Regardless of how many plants you aim to raise, make sure they fit perfectly. There should be enough space for every plant to grow and not squeezed like sardines.


  • Q: Why use a grow tent?

A:  It is not really necessary for you to purchase a grow tent when it comes to gardening. But if climate change, pests, diseases, and inadequate space become a problem, a grow tent is worth a try. It’s easy to set up and relocate; you don’t need any tools for this. You can grow your favorite plants whenever and wherever you want as long as your grow tent fits.

  • Q: Can I grow vegetables in a grow tent?

A: You can grow various kinds of vegetables with a grow tent like cauliflowers, peppers, tomatoes, and beans. You can even take care of some strawberries indoors and enjoy your healthy harvest later.

  • Q: What is a grow light?

A: Grow light is great for an indoor garden. Grow lights function as an artificial source of light. This product emits electromagnetic radiation that stimulates sunlight for photosynthesis. It allows you to grow plants easily at your home. There are many different types of grow lights such as high-pressure sodium lights (HPS), high-intensity discharge lights (HID), LED, and Sulfur plasma lights. LEDs are the most popular grow lights today as they provide more benefits to plants.


Our world continues to evolve and embrace innovation every year. Thus, it is an advantage to invest in up-to-date products that will utilize your skills as a horticulturist. If you’re just starting and you want to seek the best grow tents, this review can help you. Remember, it is essential for your plants to grow in a tidy environment. With enough research, rest assured that all the grow tent in this review come from reputable manufacturers. So, be sure to follow us to stay updated about the latest reviews of the best grow tents review.

Best Bud Trimmer Machines- 2019 reviews

Are you looking for the best bud trimmer? Well, fret no more because this guide will help you find one for your needs. Whether you need a manual, automatic, or industrial type, we’ve got it covered. This review guide will help you determine which type of tool suits your needs the most to avoid overspending. You can also identify the top products that work great on small to large projects. So, read on to learn more about the best bud trimmers from different brands on the market today.

#1. EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

This Editor’s Choice is definitely one of the best bud trimmers when processing wet and dry plants. It has a suction mechanism that automatically pulls the trimmed leaves from your plants’ bids without ruining your harvest. It has a unique blade that rotates inside a stainless steel tube. It’s very simple to use as you simply tap it on the plants that need trimming. Then, you have to dab it on the wet sponge once in a while before disassembling it for cleaning. Thus, it’s way better than trimming manually with bud trimmer

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 30 pounds with 20x20x10 inches dimension
  • Aluminum 6061–FG, stainless steel-FG, silicone–FG parts handle the trimming job
  • 1 plastic bucket–HDPE keeps all its trimmed leaves from the bids and stems
  • Speed controller lets you control its speed by simply rotating the knob from low to high
  • Rocker switch keeps your machine trimming wet or dry buds
  • IEC jack and power cord ensures your trimmers efficiency with enough length
  • Uses 1 main motor with 120 or 240VAC; 60 HZ; 204 Watts; 1.7 Amps

For those who are looking for the most efficient way to hand trim their harvest, this is what we recommend. It puts hand trimming to the next level with its rotating blades and excellent suction tube that is connected to a plastic bucket. It uses a low RPM motor and hassle-free to maintain which we find really impressive. Overall, it’s a high-quality tool that is worth its price.


  • Ideal for novice and expert plant growers
  • Delivers a smooth and high-quality trim within a short period
  • Handles 1 pound of production per hour for single operators
  • Made from UL Certified components
  • Easy to disassemble and to reassemble for cleaning


  • One of the most expensive trimmers
  • Requires frequent cleaning to avoid clogging the trimmer


#2. Trimpro Unplugged

Designed without any buzzing power motor, this Trimpo trimmer is considered as the quietest tool for bud trimming. Since its parts are mostly made from high-grade plastic materials except for its grate and blades, it’s very light. You can literally carry this with ease if you want to bring your work elsewhere. It’s perfect for personal use and small load works since it doesn’t create noise. It processes plants with its leather fingers that push leaves into the grate and stainless steel blades. It’s also energy-efficient so you can use it without increasing your energy bills.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 9 pounds with 14x14x13 inches dimension
  • Razor-edged stainless steel blade with adjustable height helps speed up your trimming tasks using your very own                hands
  • Mounted design with 13.5 inches size format, 12 inches diameter with a 16 inches handle
  • Made from aluminum frame and steel grate
  • Trimpro unplugged STD grate with ¼ inches slots size
  • The power-free design makes it ideal for personal use at home and small greenhouse
  • Reversible trimming action makes it more flexible manual bud trimmer

Perfect for consumers who like to keep manually operated equipment, this is one of the best options. It can be operated discreetly without hearing the usual annoying noise from power motors while trimming buds. With simple an unplugged operation, we recommend it for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Operates quietly
  • Doesn’t require power cords and electricity to operate
  • Delivers a reversible trimming action to ensure its efficiency
  • Trims with adjustable stainless steel blades that work with all Trimpro products
  • Made from highest quality materials


  • Can’t be used without wearing safety gloves and glasses
  • The leather handle can be a little stiff
  • Quite pricey for its quality


#3. Centurion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmer

This Pro Mini from Centurion is one of the top models nowadays on the market. It has enough power and production capacity to handle small-medium operations. Made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, you can guarantee that this one is a tool to keep for years. For a mini leaf trimmer, it is one of the most powerful and efficient trimmers that guarantee a faster results. It is hassle-free to clean as it is fully pressured washable. Moreover, it is packed with a built-in suction feature and leaf collection system. Thus, it can carry 6 to 8 pounds dry weight and 30 to 40 pounds wet weight material per hour.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 65 pounds with 25x10x24 inches dimension
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel body frame withstands regular use, cleaning, transportations without a hassle
  • Cutting reel made from Toro hardened steel includes 11 pieces of high-grade blades for a more efficient trimming  performance
  • Magnetic blade technology helps maintain the blades’ sharpness to deliver the cleanest cut
  • Rugged 16-gauge and 304 stainless steel make up its Mini tumbler that measures 27 inches in length and 6.5 inches in diameter
  • Optional QuanTanium coating provides a 40% trichome preservation to protect your flowers from sticking to the         tumbler
  • Built-in suction and 1.5Hp leaf collection system decreases the mess during the operation

Though some consumers may get intimidated with its price, it’s actually a great investment for cannabis growers. As one of the best performing bud trimmers with advanced features and excellent materials, it’s definitely worth its price. With its power, we recommend it for both personal and commercial use.


  • Ideal for small-medium operations
  • Highly durable and built with hardened steel
  • Prevents your trichomes from sticking to the tumbler
  • Delivers a powerful and efficient trimming performance in a compact package
  • One of the most in-demand cannabis trimming machines


  • Too expensive for budget-seekers
  • Weighs a lot due and harder to move around


#4. Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900

Packed with a simple yet durable steel frame, this heavy-duty trimmer has a powder coating. It has a motor with variable speed control that is ideal for both home and commercial use. It includes aluminum drums, ½, and 3/8 inches mesh nets, clear funnel flow bag, and a dust cover. Thus, you can make sure that your machine will be able to last for years even with regular use. Though a little expensive, it’s really handy and great for trimming without actually using a single blade.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 30 pounds with 60×34.2×43 inches dimension
  • Furniture-grade PVC frame is constructed with industrial powder steel and food-grade drums and axle parts
  • 50W DC motor with high torque and variable speed control allows you to manipulate its right amount of speed
  • 2 mesh nets are specifically designed for trimming and separating are machine washable
  • Works efficiently with 6-12 pounds of dry trimming volume per hour
  • 151-micron net helps extract pollen/kief can be hand washed with alcohol


  • Great for small-medium productions
  • Easy to assemble and to operate
  • Operates with a quiet motor
  • Hassle-free to move and carry around
  • Efficiently trims dry plants and preserve its crystals


  • Not compatible with working on wet plants
  • Covers about 85% of trimming requirements only


#5. TriminatorWet – Industrial Trimmer System

Built to meet the high demand for commercial and large farm owners, this Triminator is perfect for wet trimming. Using a state-of-the-art-technology, it can trim faster, work longer, and cut closer without requiring frequent cleaning every session. Thus, even a leaf that’s as thick as a human hair won’t get past this trimmer’s blades. In fact, it is considered as the most precise wet trim model that has a self-cleaning feature. Its trimming volume can also reach up to 200 pounds without collecting sticky resin on its surface.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 235 pounds with 39×18.5×45 inches dimension
  • Trim Logic Technology allows the drum and reel to come closer with .00245 inch distance with one another for                  efficient trimming
  • Patented Resin Repel mist system allows it to self-clean without squeaky and sticky drums
  • Processes 18 to 20 pounds of trimming volume per hour
  • Powered by 120V motor with required dedicated 30A circuit Amps
  • Atomized water layer keeps all blades from the cutting reel sharp


  • Minimizes the amount of waste and handling time
  • Delivers perfectly trimmed buds without necessary touch-ups
  • Provides the most precise bed knife-free design for wet trimming
  • Can trim up to 200 pounds non-stop
  • Prevents sticky resin


  • Too pricey
  • Not ideal for small and novice growers 


#6. The Clean Cut M-6000SGN Bowl Leaf Trimmer

If you need for an efficient bud trimmer that you can use at home, this can be a nice choice. This Clean Cut model is designed to help you save hours of trimming without damaging your plants. It uses both stainless steel straight and serrated blades that provide tight and clean buds. Available in various colors, you can get this in green, blue, and black. Regardless, this is one of the simplest tools that you can use on wet or dry trimming.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 13.7 pounds with 17x17x11 inches dimension
  • 16 inches model with a gearbox made from metal and silicone fingers to get the job done with ease
  • Professional bow trimmer with high grade and adjustable cutting blade
  • Clear top design delivers the power of 20 scissors as a single unit
  • Suits trimming twigs and removing leaves
  • Equipped with a stainless steel razor blade and serrated blade


  • Simple to disassemble/reassemble and clean
  • Built with a durable and adjustable blade trimmer for versatility
  • Ideal for trimming plants that are planted in soil or water


  • Can’t be used on medium to large harvest size
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty trimming tasks


#7. SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf Trimmer

Another manual bud trimmer that you can compare with the previous one, this has the same pot-like design. However, this trimmer doesn’t have a transparent lid where you can actually see how each part works inside. Perfect for home-based growers, this model can only take a small workload. It is very simple to assemble and to operate a portable machine. Just simply put some dry buds inside, close the lid, and rotate its lever.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15 pounds with 16x16x8 inches dimension
  • Medical grade leaf trimmer made from stainless steel parts and 3 blade options
  • Durable parts made from high-quality and food-grade rubber materials
  • Manually operated trimmer with a pot-like design makes it ideal for small load works
  • Manually operated lever allows it to trim your plants by simply rotating it


  • Made from dishwasher-safe parts
  • Hassle-free to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
  • Very simple to use with manual operation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Trims fast and precise


  • Too small for medium to large load work
  • Not that efficient in trimming wet buds


#8. G-LEAF 16-Inch Bowl Leaf Trimmer Hydroponic Spin Cut

When it comes to energy-efficient machines, this manually operated lead trimmer is definitely in. It has the same dome or pot-like design that is efficient in spin cutting leaves from the buds. By simply keeping the lid tightly closed while rotating its lever, you can save time on hand trimming with scissors. You can even swap its adjustable blades yourself while testing its efficiency. Just be careful though since its blades are seriously sharp. Regardless, this is a manual trimmer that can make your job easier and faster.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 12.8 pounds with 17.5×17.5×12 inches product dimension
  • 16 inches diameter stainless steel bowl with a clear dome lid for additional convenience
  • Professional and durable bowl leaf trimmer with pot-like design gives it a practical yet compact look
  • The adjustable cutting blade can spin cut twigs and remove leaves from your buds
  • Compatible for spin trimming herb plants and flowers
  • Equipped with a wide blade and straight blade for trimming


  • Easy to operate and to adjust to ensure your comfort while working
  • Ideal for personal or home-based growers
  • Works efficiently for a small amount of production
  • Perfect trimming tool for hydroponic plants


  • Can only work with small batches at a time
  • Not ideal for medium to large operations


#9. Magic Trimmer – Electric Automatic HandHeld Bud Leaf Herb Precision Trimmer

If you’re not a fan of dome-shaped trimmers with a rotating lever, this one might work for you. Compared with the manually operated models above, this one is an electrically powered tool. It has an ergonomic design that allows you to handle it with ease while maneuvering it. This way, you can also trim hard to reach areas of your plants. But since it doesn’t include a debris catcher, be prepared to make a mess.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 2.5 pounds with 5.1 x 11.5 x 2.8 inches product dimension
  • Detailed patent pending design helps it remove the necessary trimmings from your plants as fast as possible
  • Comes with 3 replacement blades that can back you up for longer use
  • Powered by a powerful motor with 110 V 50/60 Hz 115 W
  • Works in a no-load speed with 33,000 r/min
  • Small head and handle makes it easier to trim hard to reach areas


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Available in a very reasonable price for budget-seekers
  • Handy and safe to use for trimming all kinds of plants
  • Works efficiently to get the job fast and precise


  • Can’t be used without some protective gloves and glasses
  • Tends to throw its trimmings everywhere which leaves a mess


#10. Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer Trim Pro

Another compact trimming machine that can aid you in your work, this electric trimmer is very portable. It is made with durable materials and construction to ensure its long lifespan. At the same time, it performs with low noise with a 110V motor that provides a powerful performance. It vacuums the leaves into its cutting system and into its large sack attached underneath. Thus, it’s less messy and more efficient.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 30 pounds with aluminum frame and grate material
  • 21x21x12 inches packaging size
  • 2×18.2×27.2 inches mounted machine
  • Silence large STD has 7/16 inches large slots
  • Silence mixed has 7/16 et ¼ inches small and large slots on the same grate
  • Original large has 7/16 inches large slots
  • Original mixed has 7/16 et ¼ inches small and large slots on the same grate


  • Performs quietly with a tempered steel blade
  • Delivers clean cuts without damaging your plants
  • Available with various grates options
  • Made from durable materials that are made in Canada


  • A little bit pricey


Things to Consider Before Buying Bud Trimmer Machines

Before you buy anything, take note that there are some things to consider when looking for the best bud trimmer. After all, there are a lot of options on the market and the number of choices can be overwhelming sometimes. To help you make up your mind, these are the things that should be included in your list:

Types of Bud Trimmers

There are lots of bud trimmers on the market that can make your work faster and more efficient. Thus, the first thing to consider when buying one is to know the type of bud trimmer you need. So, read on and choose which one you need the most:

  • Manual – As its name suggests, this is the kind of bud trimmer that is operated manually. Thus, this is the simplest tool that you can operate manually when taking care of your plants at home.
  • Automatic – An automatic bud trimmer is obviously ideal if you’re not into doing manual labor. Available in various sizes, this type of machine is perfect for handling small to medium bud trimmings. It is an electronic machine that is great for personal use to save time and effort.
  • Industrial – If you’re looking for a heavy duty machine that is perfect for commercial use, it’s definitely the industrial bud trimmer. Perfect for industrial uses, this type of machine is no doubt more powerful than manual and automatic bud trimmers. But since it is designed with an effortless operation to handle more work, it is normally available at a higher price.

Harvest Size

Bud trimmers vary in size since some are designed for home-based gardens while others are for medium-sized to large farms. Depending on the size of harvest you expect, be sure to pick the right size that matches it. The bigger garden or farm you have, the bigger machine you would need to handle the trimming task. Thus, small trimmers won’t obviously work and last long with large farms with bigger harvest size.


Since the trimmers’ size and type vary, its price varies too so it’s also important to consider your budget. Some are available for less than $200 while others may cost as high as $6,000 or higher. But then again, your budget can be a deal breaker so we recommend those models that are within your budget. Regardless, take time to compare each model that you can afford including its pros and cons.


Though your budget plays an important role in your shopping, never forget about bud trimmer’s quality. In this case, take time to read our product review to know the quality of each product. Even if the trimmer is manual, automatic, or industrial, its quality should never compromise so it can last longer.


Once you’ve considered everything above, it’s time to consider your machine’s design. Whether you like it or not, some bud trimmers may function efficiently but look a little horrible. At the same time, some may look sleek but function poorly. Depending on your taste and preference, you may look for a bid trimmer that looks and functions efficiently.


Whenever you need a new bud trimmer, always take note of this guide to find the best bud trimmer. Ideal for both first time and expert gardeners or growers, this guide can help you narrow down your search. Thus, you can get rid of those poor machines in your list and buy the best bud trimmer only. Take note, bud trimmers come in various designs and size that can match your needs. The bigger task you need to handle, the bigger and more powerful machine you need to buy. The most important thing to consider is that it should not give you a hard time operating it.

Growing Marijuana Plant: Beginner’s Guide


VELACOMMUNITY.COM is now a part of 420proguide!

It requires skills to grow marijuana indoors. I have learned this skill through years of experience and extensive research. But you don’t have to go through the same process since I am putting up what I have learned altogether on this site. The knowledge I have acquired for decades of learning can now be yours with just a few hours of reading as you use this site as your guide.

A lot of people are less interested in growing marijuana because they think it is too hard. Well, this can be true, unless you have read the posts on this site. I will teach you the easiest way to do it. You will not only learn how to grow the best marijuana weeds but I guarantee that their yields will be very tempting as well when it comes to their taste and aroma.

For this guide to work, you must follow it accordingly and learn the ideas taught by heart. And don’t worry, every page here relates to the topic. Hence, you wouldn’t find them confusing. And I have written them using the simplest terms possible so all readers will understand; which I believe all guides must be, to serve their purpose well.

About Marijuana


Its scientific name is “Cannabis Sativa”. However, everyone refers to it as “weed”, “trees”, “pot” and “bud”. This comes from an Indian Hemp Plant and commonly used as narcotic.  The leaves and the flowers are the ones used in a cigarette form. After drying these parts, they will then be crushed and taken as a cigarette.

Inhalers can affect the body in different levels. Of course, this will depend on the quality of marijuana used. The weather has great influence on the growth quality of the plant as well. Same is true with the techniques and methods used. The quality is gauged according to the plant’s potency, aroma, and taste.

As you learn how to grow marijuana, you will enjoy doing the task. Such insight will serve as a helpful tool as you start a business with marijuana as your main product. There is a cost-effective way to grow this type of weed. And once you master the skill to do it, expect for a lot of profit in return.



When taken, marijuana causes different effects to the body. And all these are caused by cannabinoids; a chemical content of the plant.

Important Elements for Marijuana to Grow

When growing cannabis, you need to pay special attention to the following factors:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Light
  • Nutrients
  • Growing medium
  • Environmental effects

As you understand how these factors affect the growth of Marijuana plant, you will know how to handle them well and end up successful in your marijuana growing project. If you think that learning all of these can be overwhelming then you are wrong. I will make things simple for you. I will teach you how to grow first class marijuana with topmost quality. All that is required from you is to follow the steps given accordingly.


Marijuana users would say they feel “high” when taking this weed. This is the result of taking in Cannabinoids. It has a psychoactive property which influences your mind and body. However, the level of “highness” will all depend on the quality of the plant which can be traced back on how it was grown.


What gets you high when taking marijuana is the Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is one type of cannabinoid which can be found in other flowers. However, cannabis or female flowers of marijuana contain a high content of it.

When used as a drug

Though some people have a negative perception about marijuana, you need to know that it plays an important role in the field of medicine. Among its medical effects are as follows:

  • Stress reliever
  • Relaxant
  • Changes mood
  • Improves thinking process
  • Pain relief
  • Positive thoughts and better ideas
  • Manage nausea
  • Combat addiction
  • Relief of stress or tension
  • Solves sleeplessness
  • Treats dizziness and headache
  • Manages anxiety

How to Use It

Now that you know how marijuana can be beneficial as a drug, you may be curious how this is taken as a weed. Here are some ways how:


Using Pipes


Some say it’s cooler to take marijuana using pipes. Unfortunately, this is not highly recommended by experts due to safety hazards. But if you want to take marijuana this way, better choose the less harmful tool. Opt for a pipe made of aluminum, glass or stainless steel. Its plastic or wooden counterparts wouldn’t be a healthy choice.


As a smoke

The most common method employed by marijuana users is smoking. However, health gurus warned against taking too much of it into the lungs since it causes stress on the organ. Light puffs are more preferable. This must also be used in moderation since excessive marijuana smoking can lead to asthma.

Smoking in joint


This is hand-rolled marijuana using rolling papers. This is the most recommended method of taking the weed. For a lower temperature, a fat joint is preferable. If you want to enjoy that “high feeling”, the thin joints will do best. Sedation can also be attained when the smoke is rolled thickly. Whatever your choice is, always consider your health and safety.


Here you will inhale the vapor that comes from the weed. Since the inhaler or vaporizer can be DIY, this is a cost-effective way of taking the drug. However, the effects of the weed can’t be enjoyed at its maximum level.


Water Pipes

Since water is present, there is a tendency for the THC’s effects to be diluted. This makes the weed less palatable. However, if you really want to know how this thing works then maybe it is worth a try.


Additives to foods

Though some people ingest cannabis, this is not recommended. It is preferable to use it as an ingredient. These days, cannabis can be added to drinks and cakes. You can still feel the effects of the weed using this method which can take around 3-4 hours. The good thing is; it is a safer option of taking cannabis.

You can also find marijuana in other forms or products. You may buy this as tinctures, oil, lotions, creams, medicine or other forms of chemicals. Sometimes, this is used as a combination of other chemicals and herbs.

Cultivating Marijuana

Now that you have known more about marijuana, you are ready to learn how to cultivate it. You need to be familiar how this weed is grown, what’s the suitable procedure on your site and probable factors that would fail you in your project.

Like any other plants, marijuana can be grown inside or outside your home. And yes, this weed can grow in both conditions. It is all up to you to adopt the one that is most feasible in your area.

Outdoor Planting

Planting marijuana outdoor can be difficult too without proper guidance, hence the reason why this site was created in the first place.  This is packed with guides and instruction on how to make the planting process easier and effective. I will teach you how the outdoor environment can affect the plant’s quality and production. And though there are disadvantages to planting marijuana outdoor, this does not mean I am discouraging you from doing it. The only reason why pros and cons are mentioned on this site is for you to make an informed decision as to where you will plant the weed.


  • It is affordable with free and natural light from the sun
  • Has good ventilation
  • Temperature regulation is not necessary. External elements like humidity and air are controlled by nature itself.
  • The plant is healthier since it is grown in a natural environment.
  • It is more profitable than indoor planting, making it a good medium if intended for a business.
  • Has greater production compared to indoor planting.


  • Light exposure can’t be controlled. Note that the productivity and quality of the plant will greatly depend on its light exposure. Excess of this can have a devastating impact to the weed.
  • The plant is prone to insect infestations and infections.
  • Exposure to animals and other people may spoil the baby cannabis plant.
  • Disorganized pollination may happen.


Indoor Planting

For some reason, you may want to grow marijuana indoor. This can be possible. However, you need to consider the fact that this would mean not giving the weed the open air nourishment that it can get outside. Indoor gardening has its sets of pros and cons. However, you need to know that there are some techniques you can employ to grow high-quality marijuana despite all the disadvantages of an indoor condition. You just need to learn about the plant’s growing process and follow all the guidance offered by this site to ensure high productivity in your indoor growing marijuana business.

Below are the pros and cons of growing marijuana indoor:


  • You have more control on the environment
  • With more control, it will be easier to grow the best quality weed.
  • You can regulate everything the plant needs to grow which includes the air, humidity, lighting, soil, water, nutrients, temperature and many others.
  • The plant does not need to go through its usual delicate growing cycle.
  • You can have control of your plant’s flowering and this is something that you can’t do when growing marijuana outdoor.
  • You can control the plant’s light exposure, something that you can’t do on outdoor plants.
  • Excessive light exposure can cause a chemical reaction and triggers enzyme activity.
  • Keeping the plant indoor is a good way to secure it from insects and virus.
  • The Ganja community recommends indoor marijuana planting.


  • Some experts are strong in their stand that outdoor planting is still the best choice since it receives natural light from the sun and not any artificial lamp installed indoor.
  • Nothing beats a natural photosynthesis process and this can only happen outdoor.
  • There is less ventilation indoor.
  • Regulating the temperature, lighting, and humidity is easier said than done. Since you are growing a delicate plant, proper guidance must be given.
  • With limited space indoor, there will be a limit on the number of crops you can plant as well.
  • Indoor conditions can also have an effect on the weed’s height.

Medium Used

The soil is the usual medium used for growing any types of crop. This is also an affordable choice and very reliable. However, your other option is hydroponics. This is using water and nutrients to cultivate the growth of marijuana plant.

If you want to experiment on hydroponics, you need to know that this will require constant monitoring. The chemical solution used must be precise; otherwise, this will damage the plant. If you are a first timer in marijuana growing business then your best option is using a soil. This is especially true if you want to grow the weed the simplest way possible. The only advantage with a hydroponic medium is greater productivity at a short period of time. However, you have to take the risk on the plant’s potency as well.

Soil planting can take a lot of time. However, your long time of waiting will reward you with a tempting yield. But more than that, this entails lesser risk compared to hydroponic medium.

Grower’s Guide

Now, you are ready to learn how to grow green and lush marijuana. Pay close attention to the next step by step guide I am about to teach you. Everything was written in proper order so you wouldn’t be confused as you read through the instructions.


The seed is the product of female and male sexual propagation. It resembles a sleeping embryo. A high quality or healthy seed can only be produced by healthy parents. If you want the best for your cannabis plant in terms of color, length, quality, and aroma, you have to do it correctly right from the start. And this is by planting a good seed.

So, your first task is to look for a high-quality marijuana seed. This should be light brown in color and hard.  If it is soft with greenish color, this means it is not yet ready for germination or has not yet reached its maturity. If you want this to be result oriented, choose the strong and healthy ones.


Once the best seed has been found, you can now germinate the seed. This is when you will keep the mature or healthy seeds in an environment that allows the seed to break down and create a root shaped sprout that is white in color, dropping downward.

Note: Out of 10 seeds, only 2 will become healthy female marijuana plants. The rest will simply grow as male plants or even spoil.

Germination can never take place without the 3 needed elements; (1) air, (2) moisture, and (3) heat. Once germination took place, you need to get rid of the less developed sprouts or male plants and cultivate the remaining healthy female marijuana weeds.

It takes 2-7 days for the germination to take place. However, this will still depend on the following factors:

  • Seed’s quality
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Air

Your goal is to germinate as much female marijuana plants as possible. And here are some ways to do it:

  • Do germination stint twice (Just like most farmers do).
  • Do the germination during hot season of the year (proven to have effective results).
  • Use a grower mat (although this can be a bit expensive).

Once all the needed factors are present for the seed to germinate, the germination process will take place. A white, root shaped sprout will appear and will grow in length over time. Once the length has reached a quarter of an inch, you will need to transfer the seed to another medium. This can be a pot or rockwool tray. This time, it will be a baby plant which will be relocated to the hydroponic system or garden (whichever your choice of medium is).

Techniques in Seed Germination

The germination process can be very crucial since, at this point in time, the seed can be very fragile. Since marijuana seeds are expensive, it is wise to practice germinating seeds of other plants first.

Below are the different methods you can employ:

  1. Soaking

This is the most reliable option, regardless of the seed you intend to germinate. Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Prepare a coffee cup filled with warm water.
  2. Soak the marijuana seed into the warm water.
  3. Get rid of the floating seeds since viable seeds will usually sink.
  4. Keep the seed from the light by covering the cup with a lid.
  5. Germination will take place in 2 days; others will only take 24 hours, depending on several factors that can affect the germination process.


  1. Propagation Kits

This is an affordable method you can try. And since this is result oriented, it can work in your favor. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Pour seeds from tiny holes.
  2. Add the germination hormone.

Note: This can be bought at very affordable cost but you can also create one.


  1. Soil Germination

Since this method is effective and easy, many farmers use it. Here’s how this is done:

  1. You will need a pot filled with soil, with holes on its bottom
  2. Pour water into the pot, and let it drain
  3. Using any pointed object (e.g. pencil); dig the soil about a quarter inch deep.
  4. Plant the seed and fill the space up with soil.
  5. Keep the soil moist by spraying water on it until the seed begins to produce sprout.

Note: For a 78 degree Fahrenheit soil, you need to have a normal room temperature. The entire germination process may take 5-7 days.

  1. Peat Briquette Germination

So far, this is the most reliable and safest germination method today.


  1. Let the Peat briquette swell by soaking it in water.
  2. Maintain 95 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to keep it hot.
  3. Retain moisture and watch out for growinf sprouts.


  1. Use paper towel

For this method, you will need:

  • 2 dishes
  • Water
  • Paper towels


  1. Bring water to a boil and use this to rinse the dishes to get rid of any germs on it.
  2. Wet paper towels by soaking them in hot water. Squeeze them, so they will just be warm and damp.
  3. Line paper towel on the dish and put seeds on top of it. Cover this using another paper towel and the second dish. This is to prevent exposure to any light (whether it is from the sun or other sources).
  4. Germination will take place in 2-5 days using this method.

Note: Remove the seeds from the towel right away as soon as you spotted sprouts growing from them.


When the seed has grown a quarter inch long, this signifies that it is now ready to be replanted in a pot. Here, it will grow into a small marijuana weed. Seeding will allow the seed to grow a pair of 2 leaves. This is termed as “cotyledon” or “seeding leaf”. The main function of cotyledon is for food storage and to sustain the health of the upcoming plant. Once the real leaves grow, the cotyledon will start to look pale, turns yellowish and finally fall from the plant. This point can be very crucial and this will require intense plant care.

The real marijuana leaves come with 3 lamina growth. Refrain from excessive watering of the plant since this would only damage it. Also, be vigilant on the amount of light the plant receives since this can affect its growth significantly as well.

Take note that at this stage, the plant grows very slowly. However, you need to understand that a lot has been happening from its inside. Much of the growth happens inside, like the roots. Hence, there is no need to add fertilizer or water to improve its growth rate. This will instead kill the plant if you do so. Just make sure that the plant is receiving enough light that it needs and around 16 hours of light daily must be provided.


After seeding, the next step is transplanting. You can do this in a garden or use a hydroponic system. On this medium, the plant will grow to a top quality weed. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Dig a hole.
  2. Place the seed inside.

There is no need to worry if you happen to drop the seedling along with rockwool tube. This will have no effect on the plant’s growth.

Things to remember:

Now that you have started growing the plant, expect this to become a powerful crop. However, you need to be mindful on some things as listed below:

  1. Watch out for nutrient deficiency or efficiency. They present similar symptoms.
  2. Check if the plant is growing well.
  • Color – Must be perfect green. Perhaps you would notice the stem to be purple in color. Well, don’t panic since this is normal and can be influenced by its genes.
  • Branches – Must be sturdy and dense.
  • Assess if everything else looks fine to know if it is growing correctly.
  1. Maintain high humidity for indoor plants. Female plants need this. Low humidity is for male plants.
  2. Keep the temperature low since high temperature only sustains male plant growth.
  3. Boosts the female plant’s growth using blue spectrum light energy. Its red counterpart is for male plant’s growth.
  4. Low nitrogen and potassium level are needed for the female plant to grow as well.


Growing Marijuana

You have now reached the most important topics in growing marijuana. Still, it is up to you to decide which method and medium you will employ. The next topics to be discussed are:

  1. Growing Marijuana Plant with Soil Used for Germination Process
  2. Growing Marijuana Plant Using Cloning Process
  3. Growing Marijuana Plant Hydroponically


Still, growing with soil is highly recommended. This is because using this medium is not just affordable but it comes with fewer risks as well. However, you are to decide whether you will grow the plant indoor or outdoor. But before you decide on this matter, it is best that you gather some ideas first which will help you identify what option suits you best.

Growing Marijuana Plant with Soil Used for Germination Process

If you are just growing marijuana for personal use, there is no need to stretch your garden for a large business project. You can grow the plant in containers instead. Because growing in containers can easily be managed, it guarantees you less failure.

Growing in Containers

The advantage of growing plants in a container is the accessibility of checking the plant individually. Hence, you get to identify undergrowth or discover a rotten plant easily. You can use a small bucket, pot, wooden box and other forms of containers. Just make sure to create holes on the bottom at around 1 cm. in size where water can drain through.

A dark colored container is more preferable, especially black. This makes it easy to propagate light into its roots. Starting with smaller containers is highly advisable since they are easy to manage. However, the plant’s roots can grow very long, hence the need to transfer the plant to a larger container when this happens. There are farmers who opt to plant cannabis in small plastic shoppers for a practical reason. This makes it easier to transfer the plant to a bigger container once it has grown.

DIY Container

You can make your imagination work when it comes to containers. In fact, you can make one of your own. You can use old pots, bowls or broad sized bottles. Don’t forget to clean them before using and add holes on their bottom where excess water can drain.

Growing in the Ground

Growing indoor can be your only option if there is no place in your home where you can grow the plant in the ground. However, if you have an extra space with abundant sunlight then may as well grow the plant in the ground. Make sure they have uniform spacing in between to maximize productivity.

Important things you need to know

If you are growing cannabis using soil, make sure to:

  1. Choose the type of soil to use. This must allow excess water to drain but not to the extent of leaving the soil too dry.
  2. Make sure that the soil has the needed nutrients, texture and pH level to sustain the growth of the plant. The texture must be light and fluffy.
  3. The use of organic soil is highly suggested.

Transplanting Plants

This is the time when you need to relocate your plant from small containers to bigger areas where you can cultivate them even more. Though this step can be straightforward, it can be tricky at times. Make sure that you remove not just the plant but also its roots and the soil that was filled in the small container. Then you have to dig a hole in the new area where you will transfer the marijuana plant.  Take note that the transfer process can somewhat cause damage to the plant’s root system. Hence, allow it time to settle down. It is best to transplant it at night so the plant can rest before it starts functioning when the sun is up.

Nutrients needed

The soil to be used must have its needed nutrients to maximize the growth of marijuana plant. Below are the lists of nutrients needed:

  1. Phosphorus

This is needed for the plant’s respiration and photosynthesis. When it starts to flower, the plants need more of this nutrient than nitrogen.

  1. Nitrogen

This sustains the growth of the stem and leaf. A lack of this type of nutrient will make the leaf turn yellow. This is needed most especially during vegetation stage so the plant will appear healthy.

  1. Potassium

This is essential for the production of sugar and its transportation within the plant.  This is also needed for the plant’s absorption and rapid growth.


You may wonder how marijuana plant must be watered.  The answer to this question will depend on the light’s intensity and its container. If you are using HED light, you need to know that this significantly affects the plant’s water level. However, you need to water the plant every other day. Aside from water, the plant also needs air. Hence, a little dryness can help. However, excessive dryness may denote dehydration which will not be good for the plant’s health.

pH Level

A pH level of 6.2 to 6.7 must be maintained for the plant to survive. If you don’t take this matter seriously, you may end up with a devastated crop.

The use of too much fertilizer and excessive watering can alter the plant’s pH level. Hence, before attempting to apply fertilizer, it is best to do some search about it first. If you want to be practical, you can use horse manure as fertilizer. So, there’s no need to make an extensive search to look for its expensive counterpart.

Cloning Method

So, we have discussed a lot of essential topics already which includes the marijuana’s growth process and its seed germination. We also tackled how we sow the seed and initiate its production. If you want to know the best method to grow this plant as proven by indoor marijuana growers and farmers then may as well read on.

Note: The clone coming from the mother plant is always expected to be a female plant.

If you are already growing healthy marijuana plants, may as well take advantage of them and do the cloning. But just like other methods, this has its own sets of drawbacks as well. And you need to know that a lot of marijuana growers are using this method.


  1. Saves time

It’s pretty easy and straightforward. After selecting the plant, you can go ahead with cloning and grow them. If you use the seed method, it takes a while before the seed grows into a plant.

  1. Cost-effective

Since you are taking the clones out from your existing plants, there’s no need to shell out some cash.

  1. Female plants are 100% guaranteed
  2. Production can happen very early.
  3. The clones are expected to have better taste, aroma and after effects.



  1. Have higher risks to viruses, infection and fatal illnesses due to genetic uniformity.
  2. Have the exact similar taste, after effects and fragrance, unlike the seed process where you can enjoy varieties.
  3. You need to master cloning so you won’t end up getting the wrong plant, otherwise, this will pose the risk of infection to your other plants.
  4. Mishandling marijuana plants can cause damage to the plant which may lead to its death,
  5. Clones are very fragile and handling them well can be a challenge.
  6. Since clones are all females, the challenge lies in its breeding process in the future.


Cloning Procedure:

  1. Choose a mother plant and make sure the donor is productive, healthy or free from any illness.
  2. Gather 50% more than your needed number of clones since not all of them will survive.
  3. Sanitize your hands and tools before cloning. Use antibacterial soap in washing.
  4. Prepare pH balance medium if immediate planting is intended.
  5. When planting clones, make sure that all your harvested clones are within reach.
  6. Choose clones having 2-3 nodes only since shorter ones are more preferable.
  7. A fungicidal-b1 mix rooting solution is needed for treatment. This helps in the production of the fruitful and healthy plant.
  8. Set clones in rockwool cubes after soaking the cubes with pH balance solution overnight.
  9. A “no damp solution” has to be sprayed inside the humidity dome. Spraying the clone directly will result to powdery mildew.
  10. Make sure that the covered clone tray (installed with a humidity dome) receives sufficient amount of fluorescent light. If natural sunlight is not available, you can use a T9 grow light or HID light.
  11. The clone tray must be uncovered daily to allow air propagation.
  12. On the 5th day, remove the humidity dome from the tray.
  13. Check if the plant is already rooted. This can be easily recognized when it does not just slip off from the cube. Only do this on the 10th  day
  14. Some of the plants’ leaves may turn yellow during the rooting process but this is just normal. It happens when the plant took in all nutrients coming from the fan leaves.
  15. Spraying the plant with water is essential before it starts to grow roots. And when roots start to grow, you need to make sure that you water it correctly.
  16. Rooting solution must be drained out from the cube since it is no longer needed.
  17. Check for wilting. And if this does not happen in 4-6 hours, you can continue with the process.
  18. You now have the option to plant the weeds in a soil or use HID lights.
  19. In the vegetation phase, make sure it receives light for 15-18 hours.


How to prevent clones from wilting

You may notice that your clone is wilting. In such case, don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check its proper placement on its medium.
  2. Check the lighting for its brightness. Too much light will cause the plant to wilt. Only allow enough light needed by the plant.

Following the above-mentioned instruction will surely solve the plant’s wilting issues. Growing marijuana is a “progressive learning” experience. And the minute details of it can be learned over time.


This type of medium is more productive than its other counterparts. However, as with other methods, it has its own pros and cons as well. Some of these are listed below:


  1. Considered a clean process since no soil is involved. This means you don’t need to worry about dirt and filth. Hence, this is less messy.
  2. You have control over the plant’s growing process. Hence, there’s no need to worry about environmental pollution.
  3. Has high-quality yield with great quantity.
  4. Root drowning or dry spot is never an issue.
  5. With water in the system, it will require no additional water at all, hence cost-effective on this part.
  6. Controlled nutrients.
  7. Yield is with good quality and refined.
  8. Prevention of insect attacks and infection can easily be handled.
  9. Shorter growth time needed with greater yields.
  10. Can be set anywhere, even in your bedroom.


  1. Expensive
  2. Regular monitoring is needed.
  3. Dependent on electricity.
  4. A single mistake can damage the entire system.

Growing Marijuana Plant Hydroponically

  1. Prepare the needed items including clones or seeds (whichever you prefer), hydroponic nutrients, white color paint, containers, timer, fluorescent lighting system and pH detector.
  2. For greater weed production, prepare your walls. With indoor planting, you need to set the fluorescent (or other light sources) at placee that will allow it to supply the plant with its needed light. Paint your wall with semi-gloss white color to make it highly reflecting. You can also employ Mylar but take note that it may have an extreme effect on the heat and light which can cause the plants to burn.
  3. Set lights by hanging them at the right spot adjacent to the plants.
  4. The average growing plant requires 3000 lumens in every square foot. With higher yields, this will need around 7000 to 1000 lumens in every square foot. Hence, when setting the light, you need to figure out how much light it needs to survive. More than 90% Fahrenheit temperature is intolerable for a marijuana plant, resulting in burns.
  5. Proper ventilation is needed.
  6. Seeds can also be used but only after its successful germination and initial growth in a rockwool block.
  7. The hydroponic system must be fed with nutrients and water. Maintain a pH level of 5.0-6.0. Overfeeding of extra nutrients must not be done since this may spoil the weed. The safest trick is to start with small amount of nutrient, increasing gradually over time.
  8. Ensure that the environmental conditions are conducive for the plant’s vegetation and flowering.
  9. The plant’s growth time can be calculated from its height. During the vegetative stage, it is 6” to 18” in height. This doubles in the flowering stage.
  10. During the flowering phase, the lighting has to be balanced and must be provided for 12 hours a day.
  11. Seeds growing white hairs are female plants while those with small balls resembling grapes are male ones.
  12. Once males are identified, remove them from the plants to prevent pollination of females which causes un-potent taste to the plant.
  13. Wait for the plant to mature. This will depend on the system used. Mature Cannabis Sativa ideally grows in 6-12 weeks.
  14. A week prior to its harvest, water the plant. If you have employed nutrients in the whole process, you can taste when smoking cannabis.
  15. Harvest time comes when the plants turned brown. This is if 50% – 75% pistils changed to brown.


Role of the Light

Light plays an important role in marijuana plant’s growth. If you have decided to grow the plant indoor, you have many lighting options to choose from. Among them are reflectors, bulbs, ballast or timer and many other types. Lighting systems that produce the needed light are result oriented. This helps activates the plant’s hormones needed for the plant’s growth.

Light and its roles

When choosing the type of light to employ, be mindful of its temperature and color. You need to know that varieties of colors produce various impacts.

Note: Do not choose lights more than 1000 watt. Less than this will be enough.

Light Sources

Indoor plant growing will need an artificial light source. Here are some information that can be of help as you make your choice:

Fluorescent and LED grow lights – Great sources of lighting

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) – This is very easy to access since it’ available everywhere in the market.

LED Lighting System – It’s good quality is the production of full spectrum light and low-level heat. Hence, it is highly regarded for indoor plant growing.

Light Placement

The light source will determine the distance needed between the plant and the light. If the light is heat emitting then position it a bit further above the plant. If it’s not heat-emitting, it can be hanged at 10-14 inches height away from the plant.

Lighting Schedules

At various stages of the plant’s growth, different lighting schedules are needed.

Seeding Phase – 16 -18 hours proper lighting is needed.

Vegetative Stage – 18-24 hours lighting per day is required.

Flowering Phase – 12 hours of lighting is necessary.

The marijuana plant is mainly nourished by its lighting sources. Hence, you must never go wrong on this part to ensure a healthy growing Cannabis Sativa plant.

Harvesting Marijuana

For newbies, harvesting is the hardest part. However, this is definitely wrong since this is the time when you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

When is the right time to harvest

Once you notice the hairs of the covering buds turned from white to dark brown, this tells that the plant’s yields are now ready to harvest.  So once the color has turned dark brown, gather all your harvesting tools and be ready to harvest the plant.

How to harvest

Early morning is the best time to start. Though the task is not as hard as you may think it is, you need to know in advance that it can be time-consuming. Start cutting from its roots, starting with the larger and heavier plants first. Cutting is followed by manicuring and trimming. As for the harvested plants, take them to the area where you intend to dry them.

The most practical way to dry marijuana plant is to expose them to an open air. However, if you have the budget and wants it dried efficiently in less time, you may opt for drying machines.

Right time to harvest

Experts suggest harvesting while it is dark. Female plants store food at night, in preparation for photosynthesis the following day. This applies for outdoor marijuana growers. However, if you planted indoor, you have to schedule your harvest according to your lighting schedule. If you happen to turn on the light at night then daytime will be the best harvest time for your weeds.

Prior to the actual harvest, you have to plan everything, not only the time when you will harvest but also how long this will be done. Of course, you need to consider the number of plants to be harvested and estimate how long cutting will be done to each of them. This way, you would know when you will finish all the work.

Making a Tasty and Burnable Weed

Cutting wouldn’t kill the plant. Their lives will only end once they are deprived of water. Hence, it is best to leave them for 7 days under 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with 50% humidity. This will dry its humidity. It is ideal to dry the plant gradually and keep the process at a slow pace.

To make a tasty weed, curing must be done after drying. If you failed to follow the standards, it will require a longer time to cure the weed. This is the reason why professional growers only need a shorter time to dry the plant since they know how to harvest the plant right. Curing is essential since it helps the weed produce a perfect smoke and make it smooth as well. Buds are cured for 2 weeks and maximum curing time can take around 14-16 days.

Impatient growers who rush things will end up with low quality and less potent yield. So, if you want to get everything right, let the buds take its needed time to cure completely. If done right, the THC is converted into the best psychoactive agent. However, if you are impatient and rush things, expect a low quality and less aromatic weed.

Important facts to remember:

  • THC is Marijuana’s psychoactive content. It makes you feel high when you smoke the weed.
  • Once the weed was cured and dried, this becomes more palatable than its fresh counterpart.
  • Rushing the drying process makes the weed frail. Ideally, humidity must be maintained from 45% to 55% only.
  • When curing, you must allow air exchange to have the best result. So, open the jars’ bins not more than 10 minutes. Do this repeatedly every 4 hours.

Final Words

The purpose of this guide is to make marijuana growing easy, especially to newbies. Of course, there are books you can find that tackles the same topic. I have read a lot of them. However, they appear to be confusing, especially to those who are just starting to grow marijuana plant, hence the reason why I tried to simplify everything. However, I still give credit to the authors of the books I have read, they are actually the sources of all the knowledge that I have acquired about planting cannabis.

I have written all the essential phases in growing marijuana. First are the two mediums you can use for planting; the soil and hydroponic system. Second, I have taught you on the ways of planting cannabis that is by seed and by cloning. Third, I have walked you through the process of indoor marijuana planting. And lastly, I have given you a bird’s eye view about harvesting marijuana weeds followed by drying and curing. I have also added alternative methods you can choose from. This way, you can select what suits you best.

I wish you all the success in your marijuana growing project. I know that as you follow this guide, all your efforts will pay off in the end.