A Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Los Angeles

Have you ever thought about going on holiday to Los Angeles? There are a huge number of different reasons as to why LA might be your destination of choice for your next vacation – but one such reason that you might not be aware of is Los Angeles’ potential as a great tourism destination for weed users and lovers! Indeed, cannabis tourism in LA is rapidly on the rise and now, you can go for a cannabis holiday yourself and enjoy all of the many marijuana wonders that are on offer for users in the city!

But what is it about LA that makes it such a great place for cannabis tourism – and is cannabis tourism even a legal thing, anyway? We’ll discuss all of this and more in just a second, and help you learn about all of the top cannabis destinations in Los Angeles that you might want to visit to make your holiday – whether you’ve chosen LA for cannabis-using reasons exclusively or if you just want a little fun in the evening while on your vacation – all the more memorable!

What is Cannabis Tourism in LA?

So, what is cannabis tourism in LA? Well, as the name might suggest, cannabis tourism is exactly what you would probably expect it to be: going on holiday for the cannabis potential of the region! And Los Angeles, as a city, is great for cannabis lovers in particular thanks to a large number of cannabis serving facilities in the area. Indeed, while LA is a hugely popular tourist destination for a massive different number of reasons, its safe to say that its potential as a cannabis hotspot is one of the reasons that some people choose to head to LA for their next trip!

Legalities of Cannabis Consumption in LA

Now, it is first important to note that the rules in Los Angeles specifically state that it is illegal still to consume cannabis out in public, however, cannabis users are allowed to carry their own cannabis as long as it meets the rules of being under one ounce of marijuana flowers or 8 ounces of marijuana concentrates. Furthermore, any cannabis that you do carry with you must be suitably contained and sealed while in public until you are in a private and safe location; therefore, they must be in sealed containers and kept out of sight, and all containers of course should be a child and pet-proof too.

In addition to this, if you are intending to drive around the city personally, you’ll also need to ensure that you are not doing so while under the influence of marijuana. This is much the same as the rules for alcohol; therefore, if you intend to be consuming marijuana in private and then traveling, we highly advise that you look into local transportation options such as taxi services and the like, as this will help you to enjoy your trip without ending up getting jail time for driving under the influence of drugs!

Fines for carrying and using marijuana in public can amount to about $100 and the penalties for driving under the influence are far harsher, and so, it’s easy to see how important staying within the rules will be for your cannabis holiday in Los Angeles!

Once you’ve digested all of that information and are confident that you can follow the rules of cannabis use in LA (and let’s be honest, they aren’t really all that complicated to understand) then you’ll be ready to start planning your next trip to LA. And we can guarantee, if you love marijuana then there are plenty of treats to be had!

Where to Find Weed in LA

First of all, regardless of whether you have planned your trip to LA for cannabis using purposes or simply want to enjoy the experience for the night, there are plenty of destinations in Los Angeles where you can source your marijuana from. Now, we highly recommend that you stock up on weed at legitimate institutions – of course, there are still people wandering the streets trying to sell you weed of a highly questionable origin, but with cannabis being legalized for use in LA there really is no reason why you should want to engage with these individuals when you can get the purest, highest quality weed from legit establishments instead! There are plenty of different options, so you won’t be limited to choice either!

The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in LA

Heading to a cannabis dispensary is generally the go-to option for people looking to stock up on weed in LA. We recommend that you choose one of the following two cannabis dispensaries for the highest quality weed products in LA.

#1 MedMen

When it comes to talking about cannabis, there is often a lot of stigma around, even nowadays with cannabis and marijuana use being legalized in many different states and even on a global scale. MedMen is a chain store whose aim is to help tackle that stigma and reputation. If you’re looking for the highest quality and purest cannabis, served in a friendly atmosphere, MedMen could be a good option for you to consider; they have six different shops in Los Angeles alone as well as branches all across America and are open from 8AM to 10PM. The six branches for MedMen can be found in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, DTLA, near to the Los Angeles International Airport, and there are even two choices open in Venice Beach. With so many different branches, then, its safe to say that you should be easily able to get to your local MedMen store for your cannabis trip in Los Angeles.

The Farmacy

If you can’t get to one of the six different LA MedMen stores then you may want to instead consider paying a visit to the Farmacy Westwood. Stocking well over 100 specialist products, all made from the highest quality and most pure cannabis around, you can be certain that you will be buying a high-quality product when you choose this dispensary. They have been supplying weed and other cannabis-based products to the Los Angeles population for over 14 years now and are also open from 8 AM to 10 PM, just as with MedMen. For people looking for a quick pick up of their cannabis, you can also make an order online so you won’t have to hang around if you don’t want to.

Cannabis Delivery Services in LA

If you’d rather not have to go into a dispensary in person for your cannabis, don’t panic – there are other options that you can also consider for getting hold of your premium quality cannabis. One such option is to get the cannabis delivered directly to your door! There are a number of different weed delivery teams all through LA and California, and ordering cannabis in this manner is completely legal so long as you stick to all of the rules and regulations regarding cannabis consumption and possession in the county! If you think ordering cannabis might be the best option for you to try then we recommend a choice of the following three delivery companies, to ensure you’re getting the highest quality products dropped off at your door with no fuss or worry! If you are in Canada, you can rather try out these subscriptions to get delivered at home.


With plenty of different cannabis products to choose between, if you want cannabis delivered to your door then HERB is absolutely one of the companies that we recommend. They have a minimum order amount of $25 and charge a delivery fee of $5 between $25 and $50 purchase value; however, if your purchase totals $50 or more then you will qualify for free home delivery! Best of all, you can also enjoy a 20% discount on your order as well when you are a new user, so if you’ve never used HERB’s services before then you can take full advantage and get money off of your cannabis order too.

There are a number of different payment methods available with HERB, but the rapid delivery times (usually around half an hour or so) make HERB one of the most popular cannabis delivery teams in and around Los Angeles for sure.

#2 Eaze

Eaze offers a premium marijuana delivery service for Los Angeles residents and visitors and provides this delivery service for 7 fully licensed marijuana retailers. They require ID before handing over your order to ensure that you are of an age that cannabis use and consumption is legal, however, they deliver rapidly and with a hassle-free service. They deliver throughout the day from 9 AM to 10 PM and are a great choice for people looking for a quick and easy marijuana delivery experience. The fact that they work with different retailers also means you’ll have a great choice, and they even offer a range of low-CBD medicinal products too (all of which have been tested and assured to be below the legal THC limit for medicinal marijuana products of 0.03%).

#3 Real Kind Meds

Real Kind Meds provide a cannabis delivery service from 12 PM until 8 PM for people in Los Angeles, and work on a slightly different business model to the other two companies we have already mentioned; instead of the normal pricing strategies, they ask for donations from their customers to cover the costs of their service, with a minimum donation of $30 qualifying the order for delivery. A key benefit of the Real Kind Meds service is that they offer daily specials and promotions along with their stock, helping you to get the best value for money from your cannabis when you buy through them; they also reward their customers for leaving reviews or referring friends to them and offer a 10% discount for senior customers or US Military members using their services.

Places to Stay that Accept Marijuana Use in LA

So, you’ve worked out how you’re going to be getting your marijuana – but what about where you are going to stay? Indeed, while most places will tolerate cannabis use now that it is legal in the city, it would be a lie to say that all hotels and accommodation facilities embrace cannabis use; so, if you are planning your cannabis trip solely for the cannabis use, you should absolutely consider booked accommodation that will celebrate cannabis usage as much as you do!

#1 Herban Homes

Herban Homes is a cannabis user-friendly bed and breakfast which is located just a stone’s throw from the Staples Center in Downtown LA, making it a great choice of accommodation for many people! This unique B&B is great for people looking to enjoy a cannabis trip in LA for the fact that the property has been tailored into a specialist stoner-friendly accommodation! Not only does it boast a stylish layout with 7 well-decorated bedrooms and a large amount of outdoor space to enjoy some time outside, as well as wondrous views of the city, but you’ll be able to meet up with other cannabis enthusiasts here. The B&B can accommodate up to 25 people at any one time and so this can make for a great group or individual holiday accommodation option; the B&B also accepts pets staying as well, so you don’t need to feel limited to leaving your pet at home!

A key benefit of Herban Homes is that it actively embraces its nature as a B&B for cannabis enthusiasts, providing not only the basics of Wi-Fi, parking, and maid service, but also offering a cannabis concierge, pre-rolls delivered to your room, cannabis massages, and even a range of cannabis-themed goody bags! It’s fair to say that you won’t be missing out on any of the cannabis enjoyment when you book a room at Herban Homes – and won’t need to worry about your neighboring rooms smelling the cannabis! You can explore more options near them here.

#2 The Standard

The Standard is a well-known hotel chain, but the West Hollywood branch runs things a little differently to most of its other branches. Indeed, the West Hollywood branch of The Standard actively encourages and embraces the use of cannabis on its site! Unfortunately, its cannabis boutique shop is not quite open just yet, although this is in the works so could be an option for future cannabis vacations; however, for the time being, you are more than welcome to bring your own edibles and cannabis!

The Standard offers a luxurious holiday experience and is located in a great location at the heart of all the action on Sunset Boulevard. They have their own on-site restaurant for visitors to dine in and a pool, complete with the iconic AstroTurf pool deck. Every room also has its own balcony, and the rooms also come stocked with everything that you might possibly need to make sure your stay there is pleasant and enjoyable – from well-stocked min-bars, Bluetooth audio speakers, extra comfy bedding and bathrobes, and even mood lighting, you’re sure to fit right in and feel at home here for your cannabis holiday.

Make the Most of your Cannabis Vacation to Los Angeles!

The legalization of recreational cannabis use in Los Angeles means that LA is a great destination for your next cannabis vacation. Even if you aren’t going to LA for the cannabis exclusively, this might still be something that piques your interest and which you want to try! Whichever the case might be for you, there are plenty of destinations in LA for you to source high-quality cannabis to make your trip memorable, and plenty of cannabis opportunities for you to indulge in around the city too – but just make sure you always stay on the right side of the law when doing so!