Do I need to have a Washington ID to shop at Vela?

Washington identification is not required to shop with us, we just need to see a current (non-expired), government issued photo ID that indicates your date of birth (we must ensure you are over 21 years of age). Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s license from any US state, US territory, or Canada
  • US armed forces ID
  • Other state-issued photo identification
  • Passport

Do I need to have a medical card?

A medical card is not necessary to shop with us. Anyone 21 years of age or older with a valid photo ID is able to purchase cannabis from a licensed cannabis retailer in Washington. Guests with registered Washington medical cards will be allowed to speak about specific medical ailments with one of our certified medical consultants. Additionally, the purchase and age limits differ for medical patients, and purchases by medical patients are exempt from the state sales tax.

Do you issue medical cards?

Yes. We have our medical endorsement and certified medical consultants to service medical guests. To receive a medical card, you must have a valid prescription. One of our consultants will register you in the Department of Health database and issue your medical card. Having a medical card allows you to discuss specific medical issues with our consultants. Medical guests may also purchase greater quantities of cannabis, and certain underage guests may have access to medical cannabis. Registered medical guests are exempt from paying Washington state sales tax on their purchases.

Do you take credit cards?

Due to current banking regulations, we do not accept credit cards. Please be prepared to pay with cash. If you forget to hit the ATM on your way in, don’t worry: we have an ATM on-site that only charges $0.25.

May I bring my children in to shop with me?

Guests under age 21 are not permitted without a valid qualifying patient card. Juvenile qualifying patients must be accompanied by their designated provider at all times.