Buy Dutch Seeds Shop Review

Buy Dutch Seeds is a company that sells marijuana seeds and other related products. They are currently based in the Netherlands, and they offer a wide selection of seeds. However, the company has recently been under scrutiny due to unethical business practices such as falsifying product reviews and bad customer service. Continue reading down below to know more. 

Reputation and History

Expert growers are already aware of the reputation and history of Buy Dutch Seeds that is why they avoid doing business with them. However, for the newbies, they still get caught up with the shop and end up posting their reviews online about their whole experience. In most forums across the globe, Buy Dutch Seeds has an off-putting reputation, regardless of their efforts to counteract it with a lot of positive reviews that seems to be fake.

If you are a newbie or even a pro-grower and you’re quite unsure what to rely on, then do your own research first. If it is not possible, then just follow members and moderators that have a good reputation and have been in the scene for quite some time. It is quite common for several accounts to be made on the same day; post even one positive review about Buy Dutch Seeds, and you will never be heard from again. The history and reputation of this business are a mystery, and so is their future, if they go on with giving low-quality products and bad customer service. 


Seed Selection and Quality

The first thing you would notice when you visit their site is that they have a wide range of high-quality products. However, upon further investigation, it becomes clear that you cannot really judge a book by its cover. 

Buy Dutch Seeds offer 30 strains of cannabis seeds, which includes Cannabis Cup winners such as Durban Poison, Northern Lights, White Widow, White Rhino, and a whole lot more. However, this is a bit difficult to confirm, as a lot of customers have reported that they received a strain that was not as advertised; that is if they get anything at all. 

Some strains were just very poor quality while others were completely different strains from the ones being advertised. Therefore, one could say that the quality and selection of Buy Dutch Seeds are speckled at best. You don’t know if you could receive good quality, a bad one, or not receive anything at all. It is really a gamble that is not worth risking, especially when there are other trusted shops where you could buy instead. 

Here are some of the regular strains they offer:

  • Grape Ape Seed

Many say that the Grape Ape Seed smells exactly like grapes. This particular seed is a mix between the Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1, and Afghani Indica. The Grape Ape Seed can thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, this seed is predominantly Indica, which means it does not do well in super dry conditions. In terms of yield, it is pretty generous as you can get an average of 8oz per bud.

  • Strawberry Banana

If you are looking for a sweet-tasting seed, then you might want to consider this one. It is a cross between Indica and Sativa strain. It can thrive either indoors or on an outdoor Mediterranean climate and has an average or 7-9 weeks flowering time. This particular seed contains high THC levels around 22-26%, so expect a strong buzz from it. 


  • Alien OG

The Alien OG is the result of a cross between OG Kush and Alien Kush. It can be cultivated in both outdoor and indoor settings, but it requires more care compared to the Strawberry Banana. The THC Levels of the Alien OG is around 20%-28%, which is fairly high. This means that you can expect strong effects after partaking. 

  • Granddaddy Purple

The Granddaddy Purple is a short plant with large buds. It does not require strict temperature levels. The CBD levels of Granddaddy are just less than 1%, while its THC levels are quite high at 18% to 24%. The effect of this strain is almost similar to other predominantly Indica strains. 


  • White Fire OG

If you are looking for a seed that will give you quite a challenge, then the White Fire OG is for you. It can be quite difficult to grow because you have to maintain a specific PH level, but it will certainly reward you with its generous yield. Moreover, this seed thrives in an acidic environment, so you might need to constantly monitor its surrounding. 


Customer Service

To say the least, the Buy Dutch customer service department needs a refresher course on how to handle customers.! Many reports floating around multiple forums state that they are highly unresponsive to inquiries, and when they do reply, the replies are generic and disconnected. 

Furthermore, several customers reported horror stories about having only received t-shirts instead of seeds after a long wait. There was also an incident wherein they verbally attack people who left negative comments on online forums. Furthermore, there was also an instance where a customer service representative asked a customer to change their review rating so that they will resend and rectify their unsatisfactory orders. Talk about being a lowkey manipulator, right?

If you have problems or inquiries, emailing the company doesn’t help at all. If you missed a shipment, they will just tell you to wait longer. If you still go on through this delayed waiting period, you may be ignored or will be told that your shipment was seized by the customs office in your country, even when there is not enough evidence to support it. 

However, one redemption aspect that customers note about Buy Dutch is their website. The interface is fairly easy to use and products have adequate information. Aside from that, there seem to be no other positive comments about them. 


Website Design and Navigation

The website is the crowning glory of the company. In its entirety, it looks appealing, user-friendly, and professional-looking to lure customers in because their reputation, customer service, product quality, and review are certainly not helping the department at all. 

For the casual browser who may unintentionally come across on their website, they may be tempted to transact business with them, as their website seems compelling, especially if they don’t have any prior context or knowledge about the reputation of the company. It has alluring designs and seems to be properly maintained with relevant information, engaging pictures, and even interesting blogs. 


Payment Options

When compared to other online seed distributors, Buy Dutch fails miserably in terms of providing customers with incentives to buy their product. In the very first place, their seeds are already pricier compared to other websites that offer far better products with the same description. Plus, they offer no bundles or cashback upon payment. This insinuates that the company is intentionally marketing itself to those who are just about to start in the scene. 

An expert in the field who stumbles on the prices of the seeds would instantly know that he/she can get something better elsewhere, even without knowing the company’s horrible reputation. However, for someone new, he/she would not notice the red flag on their pricing and wouldn’t be able to distinguish if the seeds are of standard quality. This scheme works for Buy Dutch Seeds, as it generates more or less gratified customers who will not bother to leave negative reviews or even complain at all. 

Their only payment option is through online transactions. It’s pretty straightforward. You pay for the product and shipping cost to your location, and the product will be checked out.


Shipping Policies

Upon checkout, Buy Dutch reminds customers to only have their products shipped where Marijuana is legal. However, upon closer look, Buy Dutch put a significantly large space in between shipments in order to avoid negative attention and to keep discretion. This results in packages being significantly delayed. 

This kind of practice could have been okay if they were transparent about it. At the very least, it will be under the discretion of the customers whether they want to wait for a month and a half, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Instead, Buy Dutch indicates a short shipping estimation and blames delays on the third-party couriers. 


Advantages and Disadvantages 

It seems like the only significant advantage of Buy Dutch is their website. It is easy to use and informative. However, when we talk about the disadvantages, the list can go on. Here are the different disadvantages of Buy Dutch:

  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Rude customer service respond
  • Expensive prices compared to other companies
  • Delayed shipping
  • Inconsistent seed quality


Final Thoughts

Even without reading any reviews about Buy Dutch, seasoned seed buyers would automatically know that they can get their money’s worth somewhere else. The fact that their seeds are priced high and they offer no kinds of promotion at all shows that the company targets the newbies who do not know any better.

Overall, you could get better quality products and customer service from other online seed retailers than Buy Dutch. There are plenty of good alternatives with seeds that have more consistent quality. 






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