Using Bitcoin to Buy Cannabis Seeds for Anonymity (Legally)

For many people new to buying cannabis seeds, one of the biggest things that can hold them back from doing so can be the fear of using their credit card to make the purchase. While the majority of good seed banks take steps to conceal the nature of the purchase in the bank statement details, for obvious reasons, for some people greater anonymity with the purchase is desired. And, in fairness, who knows anymore who could have access to your bank statement and card details? Therefore, for these individuals who are concerned about making payments using a debit or credit card for cannabis seed purchases, there is, fortunately, another option for how to buy cannabis seeds anonymously, and that is to make use of bitcoin as a purchase option.

What is Bitcoin?

If you’ve never dealt with bitcoin before, you may be a little unsure about what it is and how bitcoin works. Simply put, bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency – the first form of cryptocurrency, which was then followed up with a number of other currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin – which effectively means that it is an electronic currency. As a decentralized currency, bitcoin is not controlled by a central government or body, which in theory means that it is more stable as a currency than traditional physical currencies.

Bitcoin can be used to make a huge number of online payments nowadays, with many companies accepting Bitcoin – and sometimes, other currencies – as a form of payment for their goods and services. Some of the key benefits of Bitcoin include that it is anonymous and hard to trace, which makes it useful for people who don’t want their purchase history to be tracked.

Obtaining Bitcoin

If you’ve never had any Bitcoins before, you’ll first want to create your own digital wallet, which serves exactly the same function as any real-world wallet: to store your currency. Sites such as are popular favorites for people looking to open their first bitcoin wallet thanks to their security, safety, and reliability; by contrast, hackers have managed to get their way into other bitcoin wallets, so it’s always important that you choose a wallet that hasn’t been hacked in the past as this (in theory, at least) suggests that their security systems are more reliable and secure, and this will keep your bitcoins safe once you have obtained some.

So, you’ve opened your first bitcoin wallet – but what now? Once your wallet is open, you have two options open to you: either you can buy bitcoin (or ask someone extra nicely to give you some!), or you can mine bitcoin. Mining bitcoin is a process by which your computer’s power is utilized in order to solve a huge number of calculations, which in turn results in the production and distribution of bitcoin – however, unless you have an exceptionally powerful computer already (and plenty of equipment by which to cool it) then you will stand very little chance of making much bitcoin quickly with this method, and even powerful computers will still take a while to mine a substantial amount of bitcoin – most bitcoin miners have thousands of dollars invested in equipment to do so. Thus, your best bet is probably just to buy bitcoin with your debit or credit card from a bitcoin exchange, where (you guessed it) bitcoins are exchanged for currency.

Do Seed Banks Accept Bitcoin as Payment?

Yes! The vast majority of online cannabis seed banks will accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the most common of which – unsurprisingly – is bitcoin. Indeed, it is probably more common to find seed banks that do accept bitcoin than those that don’t, due to the fact that so many customers of cannabis seeds appreciate being able to make a payment for their order by using Bitcoin! Some of the best seed banks which accept Bitcoin payments for their seeds include ILGM, MSNL, and Crop King Seeds, both of whom are big names in the cannabis seed industry.






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Why Use Bitcoin to Purchase Cannabis Seeds?

There are numerous reasons as to why you might want to make a payment for your cannabis seeds using bitcoin instead of using another payment method, such as paying by debit or credit card.

The most notable reason for choosing this payment method for buyers is for the anonymity that bitcoin can offer for your online orders. When you buy bitcoin using your credit or debit card, your bank statement will show the purchase of bitcoin but will not show what that bitcoin has then been used to purchase. By contrast, if you purchased your marijuana seeds directly from a seed bank using a credit or debit card, the bank statement would instead show the name of the company from which you purchased seeds. Now, as we’ve already mentioned, many reputable seed banks take strides to try to protect the anonymity of their customers by ensuring that the information that shows on your bank statement does not directly give away the nature of the order; however, if someone was to see this transaction, it would likely be possible for them to use the information contained on the statement to find out what the transaction was used for (buying cannabis seeds). If this is not something that you want people potentially to be able to see, buying bitcoin to then buy cannabis seeds can be a better option for anonymity purposes.

However, that’s not the only benefit to paying for cannabis seeds using bitcoin! As well as this, a number of seed banks will also offer special discounts for customers paying for their order using bitcoin. These discounts can often be as much as 10% making them quite notable for larger seed orders. This is often due to the fact that bitcoin payments are not only instantaneous but also have no fees associated with them, unlike traditional card payments.

Finally, there is also the possibility that you might have some bitcoin already in your possession – in which case, using the bitcoin instead of using your physical funds could be a good way of saving a few dollars (of course, the bitcoin could be exchanged for real dollars, although this would likely incur an exchange rate anyway and so using the bitcoin directly could work out better, and save you time and hassle with the conversion as well).

Consider the Legitimacy of the Seller!

If you’re thinking of using bitcoin to protect your anonymity when buying cannabis seeds, that’s great. Bitcoin can be a great way of preventing the transactions from appearing on your credit or debit card bank statement, however, there is one notable drawback – and that is the legitimacy of the seller and their own dedication to ensuring anonymity. Indeed, many cannabis seed banks (especially those which are less well known) may not be as concerned about your anonymity as you are, or otherwise might not have the systems in place strong enough to prevent hackers from seeing your transaction history from their end.

So, when buying cannabis seeds with bitcoin, for the maximum anonymity you should always make sure to buy from a seed bank who are well known for taking the anonymity of their customers seriously. Well established and well-known seed banks will often be far more trustworthy and reputable than newer or unknown seed banks; so, do your research when choosing a seed bank if you want to be confident that your transaction will be protected.

Are There Protections for Bitcoin Purchases?

When you make a purchase with a debit or credit card, you generally have a number of protections in the event that your order fails to turn up. While this is a little hazier with buying cannabis seeds, as many people do not like to admit that they have done so when dealing with an undelivered order, there are still some protections that may be able to help you. However, with bitcoin, all payments are final; there are no refunds and no protections for buyers or sellers, and this means that if you aren’t careful with who you buy from, you could end up out of pocket and without any seeds to show for it.

This goes back to doing your research, of course; choose a seed bank with a good reputation, and don’t just transfer a large bitcoin payment without checking that your chosen vendor is legitimate and won’t just make a run for it with your money in hand. There are many places to find out about the reputation of a seed bank these days, including online forums and cannabis seed groups. Use your common sense, too; if it seems like you are getting a brilliant deal that’s too good to be true, chances are that it might be too good to be true!

Final Thoughts

Though the majority of reputable seed banks will take the necessary steps to protect the anonymity of their buyers, having an unknown transaction on your bank statement could raise questions from others. If this is something that concerns you, making a payment with bitcoin could help to protect your anonymity and prevent people from finding out about the nature of your orders. Bitcoin payments also come with discounts often, thanks to the fact that there are no transaction fees for the vendor to account for! Just make sure that the seed bank you’ve chosen is legitimate before making any transfers because bitcoin payments are final – once the bitcoin has been sent, you cannot get it back unless the seller agrees to return it to you!