Buying Bulk Weed Online in Canada [2023]

When it comes to buying cannabis in Canada, it’s important that you consider the best online cannabis dispensaries to help you buy bulk weed online. Fortunately, finding the best wholesale cannabis dispensaries doesn’t need to be a major challenge, and our team is on hand to help with this today! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where you can buy the best bulk weed online in Canada. What’s more, we’ll also consider how you can choose a reputable cannabis dispensary to help with your bulk purchase needs.

Why Buy in Bulk?

To begin with, let’s consider why you might actually want to buy in bulk. Indeed, buying your cannabis in bulk can offer a plethora of potential benefits, and being aware of these is always worthwhile.

Now, the most obvious – and arguably the most important – benefit of buying cannabis in bulk from an online cannabis dispensary is for the cost savings this can offer. Indeed, buying cannabis in bulk will come with significant cost savings and discounts. In turn, this can provide you with generous savings on your cannabis order. And let’s face it – cannabis is very expensive, especially when you’re looking at premium AAAA+ strains and the like. So, saving money on these orders will naturally be beneficial.

However, there’s another notable benefit of buying your cannabis in bulk. That benefit is that you’ll know exactly how much cannabis you’re getting, and won’t need to worry so much about your favorite strain going out of stock. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for even the biggest cannabis dispensaries to sell out of stock, and this can leave you having to choose a different strain than your favorite. However, if you’ve purchased your favorite cannabis in bulk, you’ll have a much longer supply – and so the chance of getting caught out is much less.

How Wholesale Cannabis Dispensaries Differ From Standard Dispensaries

Wholesale cannabis dispensaries differ significantly from a generic cannabis dispensary, and being aware of this is worthwhile. The majority of wholesale cannabis dispensaries will be based online, owing to the fact that this allows them to supply a larger selection of customers while requiring less floor space to store their stock. Often, these wholesale cannabis dispensaries are based in British Columbia.

When you buy from a wholesale cannabis dispensary, you will be buying a large quantity of product at one time and benefitting from discounts as a result. By contrast, when you buy cannabis from a regular cannabis dispensary, you’ll enjoy the practicality of a smaller order value – however, you will have to pay more per gram of cannabis purchased. Indeed, these seller dispensaries will likely have sourced their cannabis in bulk from a wholesale dispensary. This means that while they can offer a more practical solution for many cannabis buyers, they cannot offer the same discounts as a wholesale dispensary could.

Buying From Wholesale Cannabis Dispensaries: Order Quantities

When you buy from an online or physical wholesale cannabis dispensary, the minimum order requirements will likely be much higher than you might expect from a standard cannabis dispensary. Indeed, while your standard seller will offer cannabis by the gram, a wholesale dispensary’s minimum order size will usually be measured in ounces and pounds. 

For clarity here, one ounce is equivalent to 28 grams of cannabis, and a pound is equivalent to 453 grams of cannabis. As such, it’s easy to see how buying in bulk will come with a far larger price tag than buying a few grams at a time from your local cannabis dispensary – but the cost savings, if you can store the wholesale cannabis order, are substantial.

How Much Can I Save By Buying in Bulk?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much money you could save by buying in bulk for your cannabis order from a wholesale cannabis dispensary. Of course, the exact cost savings you can benefit from will depend on a few factors, including the wholesale dispensary’s generosity, the type of cannabis you’re ordering, and the size of your order. 

Unsurprisingly, a 1-pound order will come with far more substantial cost savings than a quarter-pound order. Some people will also consider mix-and-match cannabis options.

So, what sort of savings can you expect? Well, as standard, you can normally achieve savings of 40% on your cannabis order when buying in bulk quite reliably. What’s more, you can potentially even achieve higher discounts than this with the right cannabis dispensary or large enough orders – so, it’s definitely worth considering!

Where to Buy High-Quality Bulk Cannabis Online

At this point, we need to consider where you can source top-quality cannabis online. Indeed, while there are numerous online Canadian cannabis dispensaries selling bulk cannabis, not every cannabis brand is created equal. As such, you should take some time to consider the following cannabis dispensary brands to help you decide on the ideal dispensary to consider.

West Coast Cannabis 

If you’re looking for top-quality bulk cannabis orders, our number one recommendation has to be the West Coast Cannabis dispensary. Indeed, there’s a good reason why people describe WCC as one of Canada’s best kept secrets for top-quality cannabis solutions!

They offer an incredibly generous selection of different cannabis products and offerings across all grades, from cheap budget cannabis through to the finest AAAA+ weed. Plus, they also offer a decent selection of mix-and-match cannabis solutions as well, offering plenty of options for customers looking for top-class cannabis.

In terms of order quantities, the West Coast Cannabis dispensary offers small orders as well as quarter pound, half pound, and whole pound bulk options. They even offer an incredibly generous $100 per ounce selection, giving customers the chance to buy bulk cannabis at excellent value prices! 

As well as cannabis buds, West Coast Cannabis also provides a variety of other bulk purchase product options including premium quality shatter and concentrates. And that’s before considering the brand’s regular promotions and coupons – offering potentially massive savings for customers looking to get the best possible value on their cannabis.

Haute Health

Next up on our list of the best cannabis dispensaries for bulk cannabis orders is Haute Health, a premium wholesale cannabis dispensary that sells a massive selection of incredibly affordable products. Their small-scale orders start from just $2 per gram, depending on the type of cannabis, and the team is well-known for providing incredibly competitive prices on its AAAA flowers as well.

In terms of product availability for bulk ordering through Haute Health, customers can enjoy a massive selection of 90 different wholesale purchasing options, including 21 wholesale cannabis flowers, 17 concentrates, and 52 edibles. Their wholesale minimum orders vary from product to product, with some products having a minimum order amount of half a pound, while for other products, the minimum order quantity is higher at a pound. 

Nonetheless, considering the excellent value and product selection available to customers through Haute Health, it’s still absolutely a firm contender for the best cannabis dispensary for wholesale customers. This is especially true considering the brand’s tendency for offering exceptional deals and offers through its Smokin’ Daily Deals section. With that being said, these can sell out quickly due to their incredibly generous discounts of up to 70%, so customers should be on the ball to make the most of the discounted options.

The Grow House

Third on our list of the best online wholesale cannabis dispensaries is The Grow House, which offers a limited but high-quality bulk cannabis section. Unfortunately, the limited selection does mean we can’t rank The Grow House any higher on this list, but their generous discounts and bulk order quantities of half or whole pounds are still worth considering. 

In addition to the discounts provided by Bulk Ordering, the Grow House also offers coupon codes and discounts for new customers, as well as deals of the week on particular strains. These deals of the week can offer phenomenal prices as low as $2 per gram on some incredibly popular strains such as Purple Kush. 

As such, if it’s high-quality cannabis you’ve been looking for at discounted prices, the Grow House should absolutely be a contender to consider. Their selection includes a range of shatters, flowers, mushrooms, and more, so you might want to give the Grow House a visit to ensure you’re getting the best possible value online.

The High Club

When it comes to bulk cannabis orders, you usually expect to have to buy the best part of a pound of cannabis to get generous discounts. However, with the High Club cannabis dispensary, bulk buy discounts are actually available on orders of an ounce as well. The brand offers a 10%, 15%, and 20%  discount on orders of 1, 2, and 4 ounces respectively, reduced from the current price of the cannabis. What’s more, when large bulk customers order multiple quarter pounds, they can further benefit from a 10-15% discount on top of the already generous price drop that’s been applied to the price-per-gram for large scale orders.

With The High Club cannabis dispensary, customers can enjoy massive discounts on their bulk cannabis orders. Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated section for bulk ordering, and this can make it a little more long-winded to find the best possible discounts. What’s more, the minimum order for products with the High Club is higher than for most cannabis dispensaries. Nevertheless, this is arguably overlooked thanks to the fact that bulk wholesale discounts are available on every product on the site. Of course, this gives customers a massive selection to choose from.


The Canna Society

As our final recommendation on our list of the top five online wholesale cannabis dispensaries, the Canna Society is still a brilliant destination for those wanting cheap weed! Bulk deals are available on different sized orders, Their mix-and-match bulk ounce offering provides a discount of between 10 and 15% for moderate bulk orders. Meanwhile, for larger bulk cannabis orders of quarter pound, half pound, or whole pound, discounts can be incredibly generous! 

Bulk cannabis options with the Canna Society are available on a decent (although not massive) selection of cannabis flowers. Notably, these discounts are available across AAA and AAAA grades of cannabis bud. However, customers should be aware that the Canna Society can run out of stock for their wholesale cannabis on a semi-regular basis, so customers are recommended to place an order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What’s more, the brand also offers multiple other discounts, promotions, and the like on top of the discounts provided for bulk cannabis orders. As such, if you’ve been looking for a wholesale cannabis provider with generous discounts and low minimum bulk order quantities, the Canna Society could be a good option to consider.


If you’ve been looking at buying top-quality cannabis, then placing a bulk order can offer massive cost savings. What’s more, buying cannabis in bulk can also help ensure that you don’t run out of your favorite cannabis strains and products. Meanwhile, for commercial customers, buying cannabis in bulk can offer a good way to make a profit on your investment! 

Whatever the case might be for your buying needs, it’s crucial you take the time to consider the best wholesale cannabis dispensary online. Fortunately, we’ve listed our top picks for the best bulk dispensaries; hopefully, you’ll now be able to find the ideal shopping destination for your next order!

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