Bonza Seeds Review [2023] & Coupon Codes

Bonza Seeds is a reputable seed distribution company (most popular in Australia) that has gained a lot of good feedback online. It is based in the UK and has been in the industry since 2009. Because the prices of its seeds are lower compared to other seed distributors, many customers are attracted to purchase from them. The people working for this company also actively answer questions or help solve weed-related problems in online forums. It is a legitimate enterprise that gives priority to customer experience and its reputation. One minor setback it has is the seeds ordered may take quite a longer time than usual to arrive. Nevertheless,  it has become a big player in the cannabis industry just recently.

This company provides customers the ease of picking the number of seeds they want in just one place. They can mix different breeders and strains without having to visit different sites, make more orders, pay more for shipping expenses, and wait for a lot of packages. They simplified the system of ordering weed seeds. This seed distributor is recommended for those who like to play various kinds of cannabis plants. 

Seed Quality

Bonza Seeds is a seed bank, so it doesn’t have its cannabis brand or strains of cannabis. It is a reseller and distributor of various seeds from many breeders. Therefore, the quality of seeds may differ depending on the breeder. 

Although this seed distributor works hard to have stocks of high-quality seeds, they have no control over the quality and manufacturing of the seeds they sell. Nevertheless, all the seed breeders that want to sell here have to pass the requirements set by Bonza Seeds.

When choosing the breeder, you ought to trust the brand and the seed bank handling it. You’ll probably encounter a lot of trouble if you buy from an agent. Buying from an agent is likely to be more expensive. Other seed banks might have their seed stock for a long time, so your orders might not be fresh anymore. Worse, you might receive seeds that can’t be planted any more. If there’s no physical store of cannabis seeds in your area, you can rely on online seed banks like Bonza Seeds. 

Selection of Strains

You can select over 2,000 seeds from Bonza Seeds which is a lot, so you better research first before browsing their site. Among the seeds that can be purchased here are from Dutch Passion, BC Bud Depot, Cali Connection, Moxie Seeds,  Paradise Seeds, G-13 Labs, CBD Crew, Pyramid Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Sensi Seeds. 

They have various kinds of seeds such as feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, medical cannabis seeds, and seeds that produce high yields. With this selection, you won’t have difficulty finding the seeds you need from your breeder. 

You can save time stocking up because you can just pick and mix the seeds you want. You can also experiment with new seeds without having to purchase a full pack, so you can save money.

Customer Reviews and Support

As mentioned, representatives of Bonza Seeds make this seed bank’s presence known on the Internet. Therefore, many of the customers learned about it because of online cannabis forums and communities. While there are negative to neutral reviews on this site, there’s a significantly high amount of good reviews too. In fact, it has been rated quite high on sites like seedfinder, with a high rating of 7.3 out of 10.  

Most of the buyers’ feedback is about the ease of ordering and the vast choices of seeds. Their reviews also pointed out the customer service support.

They mentioned that the customer support team is rather friendly and attentive. The members also post and contribute to online forums. Most of the time, they are more than happy to assist you if you have any concerns or queries about your transaction. 

The customer service team also updates and maintains its database of commonly-asked questions and answers. Thus, it is worth checking because your question might have the answer there. In case the answer you’re looking for is not available in their database, you can always call a customer support agent. Also, they have a live chat feature that pops up whenever you browse its website. You can get a customer ticket or check your previous ticket on the site as well. You can expect an answer within 8 hours. This is fast compared to other seed distributors that may take 1 to 2 days to respond.


Shipping Policies, Return Policies, and Payment Methods

Even though Bonza Seeds ship orders slowly, it follows stealthy delivery practices. The rate of packages missing or getting intercepted is extremely low. Therefore, it takes pride in the care it gives to the packages so that customs agents will not have any reason to become suspicious. It also has a guarantee that you will get your order despite getting lost, intercepted, or stolen. You may need to wait long, but you can feel assured that your order will arrive.

Bonza Seeds ships all around the world, so you should check the regulations and laws of your country regarding using and planting cannabis. All the transacted orders have tracking numbers, so you can track your order easily from the time it’s accepted until it’s shipped out. SeedPod, which is Bonza Seeds’ packaging, is used to pack orders to ensure safety while in transit.

According to its website, shipping may take 3 to 7 working days if it is to be delivered in Europe, and 7 to 10 working days in other continents. Nevertheless, customers mentioned that these numbers may exceed because minor shipment delays are expected when ordering from this seed bank. 

Making a refund or exchange is not complicated. You just need to send the SeedPod package unopened within 28 after you receive it. It can also help to call the customer support to fully understand the process of funding or exchanging your order. You have to shoulder the shipping fees when you return it. For the payment, you can either pay using Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies.

Sales, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

It is already known that seeds are affordable in Bonza Seeds. On top of that, it has sales and discounts and gives out coupon codes from promotions. For the coupons, it usually offers saving more when you buy a certain number or kind of seeds or getting extra seeds for your purchase. The discounts given are usually applied when you checkout. For instance, if you reach a certain amount, you can get a 20% discount from your total bill. 

Before placing an order, you should always check the sales page on its website to get the best deals. Coupons are also regularly offered, so you should not miss them. It will be a waste to get the extra seeds if you don’t check the current promotions. 


Bonza Seeds has a well-established reputation for cannabis enthusiasts and growers. Aside from being known for its low priced seeds and admirable shipping process, it is a company worthy of trust. You don’t need to worry that your order might not arrive since you will receive it without damage. It is not a big problem for Bonza Seeds if the customs in other countries are difficult to get through. 


Marijuana mega-mall is the nickname some have given to Bonza Seeds. It’s because it has a vast stock of seeds that you can easily pick out from their website. If you want to purchase a little amount only, you can do so. 



  • There are over 2,000 strains of cannabis available.
  • The shipping and delivery are superb.
  • It is a reputable seed distributor.
  • Searching for a strain is easy due to search filters.
  • It offers a lot of brands from seed breeders across the globe.



  • There’s no information about the germination guarantee on its website. Because it’s based in the UK, it’s unlawful to germinate seeds of cannabis there. 
  • You wait for a long time for your order to be delivered.



Finally, it can be said that Bonza Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank. This is recommended when you want to try out planting certain seeds first. You can also buy seeds in bulk if you want. Its website offers information, but you can always ask its customer support team should you wish more or detailed information. 

It has established its name among marijuana enthusiasts. The sales, coupons, and promotions are always to be looked out for. Though it takes a long time, its shipping method stands out. When you want high-quality marijuana seeds, you know where to go.






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