BestVA X5 1000W COB LED Grow Light Review

This 1000W LED grow light is a very powerful light, but it runs very cool. This is not just due to LED technology, but also to something called Chip On Board (COB). We will explain what COB is and how it works, as well as many of the other features that make the BestVA X5 grow light such a high quality light for your cannabis plants.


What is a COB LED?

An LED light with COB has multiple chips packaged together, with each COB LED using a single circuit for all of its diodes. This lowers the risk of broken circuits as well as reducing the number of solder points on the panel, and thereby reducing the heat output of the grow light.

The BestVA X5 also controls heat by transferring it from the aluminium and ceramic substrate to an external heat sink. This is then cooled by fans in the top of the panel. With such a low heat output, this light is super safe and energy efficient, and will rarely fail.

The BestVA X5’s LED bulbs may appear small, but they are made by Epistar, one of the top LED manufacturers around. Because of their size, lots of these LED bulbs can be packed onto each chip, providing powerful, high-quality light without needing any extra space.

Another bonus of COB LED lights is that they don’t need a lens to increase depth and range, because their viewing angle is actually wider than most traditional LED bulbs. They create stronger light even from a smaller panel and are better at mixing colour.

Many other brands that sell COB LED grow lights whack up the price of this technology. However, BestVA is determined to provide the same high-quality COB LED lights as other brands, whilst keeping their prices down for the consumer.


Features of the BestVA X5 COB LED 1000W Module


Here are some other important features of this BestVA X5 grow light:


  • Panel measurements: 12.2 inches long by 8.26 inches wide by 2.36 inches deep
  • Panel weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Energy efficient: rated at 1000W but only actually consumes 234W
  • Coverage: about 3.8 feet by 3.6 feet
  • Full spectrum: from 410nm to 730nm, including white and infrared
  • Great PAR rating: 2170 when hung 20 inches above the canopy; 670 when hung 6.56 feet above the canopy
  • Can be used for both veg and bloom stages
  • Each Epistar COB chip is 200W
  • Accepts voltage between 85V and 265V
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Comes with a hanging hook and power cord
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Free shipping and repairs within the first 180 days
  • CE and ROHS certified


For an LED grow light with all these features, the price is incredibly reasonable. Most 1000W LED grow lights cost far more than the BestVA X5, and some of them don’t even have COB technology.

Another point to make is about its PAR value. This light has a higher PAR value than some of the best-selling regular LED grow lights currently on the market. As mentioned above, at 20 inches from the canopy the PAR is a whopping 2170. That is a lot of bang for your buck.



The BestVA X5 is the perfect 1000W LED grow light for a small to mid-sized grow area. It emits powerful, full spectrum light onto a great coverage, and its COB technology means it can efficiently produce lots of high quality light with no risk of it overheating or burning your plants whatsoever.

On top of all this, the price is very reasonable, and it has a 3-year warranty should anything go wrong. Overall, the BestVA X5 is a great investment for any grower looking to give their plants the best growing conditions possible for the best bud yield.


Happy growing!