6 Best Full Spectrum LED grow Lights Reviews 2020

 In this guide, you will learn about the full spectrum LED grow lights. Of course, this includes how to choose the best ones and some Frequently Asked Questions we’ve included. Depending on your plants’ location, its required room temperature may vary especially when inside a grow tent.

Each model’s features and specifications also affect its price especially if it consists of more high-powered LEDs. So, read on to see which full spectrum LED grow light may fit your plants’ needs.

Best Spectrum Led Grow Lights Reviews 2020

#1. BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This Editor’s Choice is the latest version from BESTVA’s full spectrum grow lights with a dual-chip feature. It is one of the best options when it comes to indoor gardening flowers or vegetables. It is designed to produce a higher amount of lumens, and yields with low heat. After years of experimentation, this scientifically engineered LED grow light can keep its lumen and core coverage balanced for long-term use. With a total of 200 LEDs, this 2000W grow light can ensure your plants’ growth indoors. From the germination stage, growth stage, flowering stage, up to the harvest stage, your plants can grow healthier. At the same time, you can get higher yields.best full spectrum led grow lights

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 10.36 pounds with 20.66 x 8.46 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces full spectrum LED grow lights with 1400W HPS/MH to support all stages of your plants’ growth
  • Covers a full core area of 7.8ft x 7.5ft at 24 inches height and 120° LED angle
  • Produces 380 – 780nm visible light which makes it a great alternative for natural light
  • Draws an average power of 390W with AC85 – 265V input voltage and 50 – 60Hz frequency
  • Works with -68 to 104°F temperature and up to 100,000 hours lifespan
  • Contains 200 pieces of dual-chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs to provide enough wavelengths to your plants

For an LED grow light that produces a full spectrum, this version is sure a bang for the buck. It’s very affordable and easy to use with a simple On and Off switch. On the other hand, it’s not waterproof so you have to be careful with it. It doesn’t have a built-in veg/flower switch but it can be controlled by a timer. It doesn’t require ballast either which is good enough.


  • Operates with a cool and quiet motor
  • Passed the 72 hours of uninterrupted long time aging test and 300 current impact test
  • Provides higher core coverage area and PAR to meet your plants’ normal growth
  • Uses 10 kinds of high-quality LEDs to create a full spectrum product


  • Doesn’t include a vegetable and flower settings
  • Produces too intense UV radiation which is harmful unless you wear a pair of glasses 

#2. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified V1200 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Another high-quality LED grow light from VIPARSPECTRA, this model also comes with a full spectrum. Even though it is not as powerful as the previous product, each of its240 LEDs are packed with 5W power. Thus, it has enough power to cover your plants’ growth from the seedling stage up to its harvest stage. It is constructed to keep its PAR output and coverage balanced for veg and flower stages. Compared with regular grow lights, it comes with a high-speed fat that runs quietly with an aluminum cooling technology. Thus, it is easier to dissipate its heat which can prevent damaging your plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 20 pounds with 19.4 x 19.4 x 3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces full spectrum LED grow lights with 1000W to support plants’ different growth stages
  • Covers 4.5 x 4.5ft of a vegetative area at 32 inches height and 3.5 x 3.5ft at 24 inches of a flowering area at 24 inches height with 120° LED angle
  • Draws an average power of 520W with AC100 – 240V HPS/MH input voltage and 50 – 60Hz frequency
  • Runs with 1200W LED power and 4.33A @120V, 2.3A @220V Amps
  • Works with -20 to 40°F temperature and up to 100,000 hours lifespan
  • Contains 240 pieces of high-intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs to provide enough wavelengths to your plants

For those growers/gardeners who need a built-in switch for both veg and boom, this is one of the best options. Though it is normally priced higher, it offers more convenience so, we recommend it for both new and expert users.


  • Promotes faster growth to plants
  • Guarantees an efficient supply of light for all indoor plants
  • Built with an advanced cooling system
  • Can be used with both veg and flower switches On
  • Doesn’t need an extra ballast to be efficient


  • Not really enough to replace a 1000W LED
  • Not made to be waterproof

#3. HiGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Another high-quality product that is specially designed to provide a full spectrum of light, this model is worth a try. This 1000W LED grow light is part of HIGROW’s optical lens series that can provide sufficient light for indoor plants. Whether you are planning to grow flowers or vegetables, this 12-band unit can help you out. It has an On/Off switch, an input plug, and an On/Off veg/bloom switch that can ensure your plants’ maximum growth. It is also constructed with a high-speed fan that operates quietly 3x faster than regular fans. Thus, your LED lights can stay cool even if you use it for more than 15 hours a day. With this technology, you can also make sure that your plants are safe and secure while growing under its LEDs.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 13.6 pounds with 20.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches product dimension
  • Replaces full spectrum LED grow lights with 1000W HPS/MH to support your plants’ growth
  • Covers a full core area of 4 x 3ft at 24 inches height and 5 x 4ft at 24 inches height with 90° LED angle
  • Produces 380 – 760nm visible light which makes it a great alternative for natural light
  • Draws an average power of 400±3% wattage with AC100 – 240V input voltage and 50 – 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 200 pieces of 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs with up to 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Built-in veg/bloom switches allow you to select one or both to improve your plants’ growth

A little cheaper option compared with the previous model, we recommend this to budget-seeking growers/gardeners. It has balanced light coverage and LED power that can last for a long time. It also has a built-in switch for veg/bloom settings which we really find as handy.


  • Hassle-free to operate with more settings and a quiet fan
  • Provides 2 stages of full spectrum growth with built-in veg/bloom switches
  • Provides both UV and UR rays that are needed by plants


  • Not water-resistant and suitable for indoor use only
  • Too bright can’t be looked at without wearing protective glasses

#4. Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light – Dual Veg/Flower Full Spectrum

Considered as one of the most powerful LED grow lights today, this model features a 12-band full spectrum. It is combined with PlatinumLED’s secondary focusing lenses that can penetrate deep in the canopy. But its high output 3W LED and low power consumption are what gives it an edge over its competitors. In addition, it comes with a built-in veg setting that uses less than 300W to provide a wide coverage area. Thus, it is an energy-efficient lighting solution that produces less heat.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 35 pounds with 36 x 3 x 12 inches product dimension
  • Replaces full spectrum LED grow lights with 1000W HPS/MH with 90° secondary LED focusing lens
  • Covers 6ft x 4ft core area at 18 inches height and 5ft x 3ft max coverage at 18 inches height
  • Uses 4.7A @110V/2.3A @220V Amps for veg + bloom, and 2.5A @110V/1.3A @220V Amps for the veg switch only
  • Draws an average power of 279W on veg and 515W on bloom with AC85 – 260V input voltage
  • Contains 300 pieces of 3W LEDs with up to 100,000 hours lifespan


  • Easy to operate with various growth settings
  • Replaces conventional grow lights and consumes less energy
  • Provides 100% usable and fine-tuned light to get a maximum photosynthesis response
  • Ensures your plants’ maximum yield


  • Too expensive and heavy compared with its competitors
  • Doesn’t cover much area than expected   

#5. King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower

Among the previous models, this one from King Plus is definitely the most budget-friendly LED grow lights on the market. With less than $120, you can already take advantage of its benefits when it comes to growing plants indoors. Packed with just 100 pieces of LEDs, each LED is built with 10W which gives it a sufficient amount of light. Thus, it provides a full spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stage or even for the fruiting stage. It’s also easy to use since it’s just a plug and play device.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.39 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces full spectrum LED grow lights with 1000W HPS/MH
  • Covers a full core area of 3.4ft x 3.8ft
  • Produces 410 – 730nm visible light for the vegetative and flowering stage
  • Draws an average power of 185W (0.185kW•h) with AC85 – 265V input voltage and 50 – 60Hz frequency
  • Works in -20 to 40°C, 45%RH~90%RH environment with up to 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Contains 100 pieces of dual chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Works with good ventilation and exhaust system
  • The lighting area and height customizable according to your plants’ needs and its environment
  • Consumes less energy and produces less heat


  • Doesn’t include a built-in switch for veg/bloom features
  • Not water-resistant and can’t be daisy chained

#6. BWL A19 LED Light Bulbs, 6 Watt (40 Watt Equivalent), 5000K Daylight White,450 Lumens, E26 Socket, UL Listed and Energy Star

Perfect as an energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting solution, this MWL LED grow light can provide one of the best full spectrums. It is specially designed to help indoor plants achieve their maximum growth potential at a faster rate. This way, you can increase its harvest cycle as well as your plants’ yield over time. With LED chips that produce low heat and no IR or UV; it is one of the safest must-have products. It even has a built-in cooling system. Thus, it is widely used in plant factories, greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower farming, water-soluble breeding, and so much more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.7 pounds with 12.2 x 2.4 x 8.3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces LED grow lights with 1000W HPS/MH with 250° beam angle
  • Covers a minimum area of 1.95 x 1.95 x 4.9ft with 1.6 – 3.28ft suitable light distance according to the plants’ growth stages
  • Runs with 12 air vets form convection and 2 high-speed cooling fans
  • Draws an average power of 390W with AC85 – 265V input voltage and 50 – 60Hz frequency
  • Works in less than 60°C temperature and 26 – 30°C inside a grow tent with up to 100,000 hours lifespan
  • Contains 100 pieces of 10W with 3200-lumen high brightness Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs


  • Ideal for growing all kinds of plants indoors
  • Increases the yield by 20 to 50% more
  • Runs 70% cooler with HID lights than conventional grow lights


  • The hanger kit is not adjustable
  • A little inconsistent in the production and some are not exactly 1000W as stated

How to Choose?

Choosing LED grow lights can be a little overwhelming sometimes. There are lots of products to choose from especially if you are shopping in online shops. In fact, typing the “full-spectrum LED grow lights” on Google’s search engine will give you more than 12 million results already. The majority of these results consist of different online shops from different parts of the globe. Regardless of their products’ brands and features, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a massive pile to sort. Thus, taking note of these things can help you spot the best full spectrum LED grow lights:

  • Spectrum

Plants may grow anywhere with any type of lighting solution but full spectrum LED grow lights prove to be more sufficient. This can be noticed easily in the way these lights help plants during the process of photosynthesis. Thus, look for LEDs with a full spectrum that provides various wavelengths which is almost as effective as the natural sunlight. Even if your plants are indoors, they will still get enough nutrients from your artificial grow lights.

  • Cooling Technology

LED grow lights are typically used for long hours every day so getting one with a cooling technology is vital. Unless your grow lights have a high tolerance to heat, you shouldn’t leave it on for too long without this. Remember, too much heat can cause damage to both your plants and lighting system. Thus, investing in a cheap product without a cooling technology is like putting your money to waste.

  • Chip

When it comes to LED chips, your grow lights should have at least 3W. Any light with lesser wattage will not be enough to support your plants’ growth. Thus, be sure to double check each product’s description or features and specification. Each chip should be at least 3W to provide the highest quality of reds, blues, and whites for your plants.

  • Output

Since it’s pretty obvious that you’ll use electricity to power up your grow lights, it’s worth to check its output. Full spectrum grow lights may come with different outputs which can be 300W, 1000W, 400W, or 600W. This also depends on the entire lighting system’s size but it should not be lower than 300W.


  • Is it worth it to invest on full spectrum LED grow lights?

Compared with other lighting solutions, a full spectrum LED grow light is typically priced higher. On the other hand, the total amount of money you can save on your monthly electricity bills is bigger. This is due to the fact the LED lightings consume less energy and produce less heat in the long run. At the end of the day, investing in an LED grow light is wiser since it is energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Your plants can even benefit since these LED grow lights improve plants’ health and growth from seedling to harvest time.

  • Can you use this lighting solution in tight grow rooms?

A full spectrum LED grow light can be used on grow rooms with a huge or tight space. Actually, this kind of light requires less space only unlike other grow lights. At the same time, it produces less amount of heat which makes it more comfortable efficient for your plants. If you put it in a small grow room, you don’t have to worry about damaging your exposed plants.

  • Can you fine-tune your LED grow lights?

Since we all want to enjoy the convenience that a good full spectrum LED grow lights can provide, versatility matters. Even though LED grow lights are known for being efficient for indoor gardening, it could have been better with settings. Thus, some manufacturers designed their LED grow lights to be fine-tuned according to the lighting needs of your plants. This works best if you use your lights for 24 hours so you can adjust its wavelengths especially the red. Fine-tuning your lights can help your plants reach their maximum growth potential. In addition, it can help you increase your harvest size and harvest cycles.

  • Can plants grow healthier under full spectrum LED grow lights?

Though natural sunlight is still unbeatable, full spectrum LED grow lights is still the best for growing plants indoors. It produces less IR rays and more UV rays needed by plants. As a result, plants that are grown under this kind of lighting are healthier to live longer.


Overall, it’s clear how a full spectrum LED grow light can be an efficient lighting solution to indoor plants. With the right guide about your plants and the amount of light they need, you can take care of them better. At the same time, familiarizing yourself with these lighting solutions can help you maximize their features. Depending on your chosen brand and the quality of its product, you might even use this device for years.

Thus, you can save more money for consuming less energy and avoid purchasing a new one sooner.