Best 8×8 Grow Tent Reviews For 2023

Gardening isn’t everyone’s strong suit, but for green thumbs, it’s a different story. In fact, they are the type of people that somehow find a way to incorporate plants into their living spaces. While some of us don’t have the luxury of a front lawn or a backyard, we may have room inside our homes for a bit of foliage. This is where our growing tents go in. With that, we prepared a little top 5 for you to scan through if you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a grow tent. We also have a buying guide for you as well. Let’s get started!

Top 5 8×8 Grow Tent Reviews

#1. Topolite Hydroponic Growing Indoor Tent – Editor’s Pick

Holding the promise of easy installation and convenient use, this indoor tent gives buyers the value for their money. In fact, you can put it up in just about 15 to 20 minutes! Topolite’s grow tent also serves as a dark room due to its reliable light filtration and zero light leakage. This is particularly efficient because LED grow lights don’t exactly do well inside our living spaces, and this tent can keep the lights only where they are needed.


  • It has a dimension of 36” x 20” x 63”, thus it can house up to 8 starter trays, making it an ideal indoor growing tent for beginners.
  • Another good thing about this product is that it can be placed inside a house with pets since its durable canvas exterior can withstand their scratching.
  • It has 96% high reflectivity walls which are made of waterproof mylar and also includes a filter window that maintains an environment suitable for growing.
  • Its windows can serve as vents that you can open and close to control airflow and circulation. During the day, it can be opened to allow some natural light into your indoor garden.
  • Unlike most garden tents, the zippers easily glide and don’t get stuck on the sides which means less stress and hassle.

The only main issue about this product is the corrosion that gets into its structural piping. This occurs over time, and this may be caused by the humidity within the growing tent. Also, if you’re planning to propagate and grow plants that increase in height fast, you can opt for a taller tent.


  • Comes with heavy-duty zippers that can open from both outside and inside
  • The exterior is made of heavy-duty lightproof oxford cloth
  • Easy and tool-free setup and installation
  • Good quality at a reasonable price


  • The piping starts to rust over time
  • Light leaks may start around the Velcro area
  • Not ideal for tall-growing plants
  • The product is not expected to last for a long time of continuous use

#2. Quictent SGS Eco-Friendly Hydroponic Grow Tent – Best Budget Pick

Tested and certified for SGS, this eco-friendly grow tent from Quictent is non-toxic and proven to be reliable in housing a safe environment for your indoor garden. The brand is known for its high-quality products that will not release any harmful chemicals no matter the increase of light, brightness, and heat.


  • Lightproof, waterproof, and thoroughly non-toxic, it also includes plenty of inlet and ventilation ducts to keep the airflow circulation at the optimum.
  • Its interior of this 8×8 grow tent is made of 100% reflective silver mylar to keep all the LED grow lighting and thermal heat in. Meanwhile, its exterior blocks out all other elements with an extra thick Oxford cloth.
  • Its design includes an observation window that is resealable and convenient whenever your plants needed some well-regulated natural sunlight.
  • It comes with hanging bars that can bear up to 120 pounds of equipment as well as a storage tool bag.

Though it comes as quite an investment, this can be a great buy if you prefer a large setup that can house a lot of plants. Its size allows for the propagation of height-inclined growers, but this may mean more maintenance work. It also requires a wider indoor space for placement. All that preparation, however, creates an ideal indoor setting with proper light, heat, and air circulation control for your grow garden.


  • Comes in many features to meet various needs
  • The size and roominess of the tent is convenient for housing more plants
  • The exterior material is extremely durable
  • The interior material effectively prevents light leakage
  • Serves as an ideal indoor garden environment


  • The plastic material of the zippers makes it difficult to move around
  • Product features don’t come in a manual
  • The tent warps in shape when weight works its way in because the poles don’t fit snugly
  • Interior canvass material may easily rip while assembling the parts

#3. Helios Hydroponic Plant Grow Room

This one’s a grow tent you can incorporate into your homes, apartments, greenhouse, and even your condominium units. This hydroponic plant grow room from Helios is the way to go if you’re looking for something that offers quality at a more affordable pricing. Easy assembly and installation are assured alongside a reliable hydroponic system component and year-round high plant yields.


The entire set comes with tool-free easy snug-fit connectors, dual sock ventilation holes, roll open shut windows, and heavy-duty zipper pulls.

  • It’s known to be the 8×8 grow tent with the best framing construction available in the market. Its metal poles have a thick powder-coated finish at a 3/4-inch diameter.
  • It includes crossbars for vertical storage, lighting, and ventilation.
  • This tent’s max efficiency shell was specially crafted for durability using tear-proof and double-stitched thick black fabric, 600D Nylon, and a highly reflective top-grade Mylar film.

Tested and proven by many buyers to be light-proof with zero light leakage, this tent was also designed to be impenetrable by pests. In fact, no amount of ambient light can go into the tent, and all the carbon dioxide and odors within the tent stay inside, making it a safe and sanitary addition to your indoor setting. This efficient energy-saving option for indoor propagation has been designed for long time use, so this has been scoring high in the recommendation list.


  • The brand is a known supplier of professional-grade homegrown planting equipment
  • Features a lasting quality at a reasonable cost
  • Includes a removable Mylar flooring sheet that can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • Comes with heavy-duty zippers that don’t easily break and can reduce hassles
  • The structural poles are durable and rust-proof
  • Even when punctured, the fabric more likely pushes light out of it than into it


  • Not very reliable with thermal control, so it must be in exposed areas like under the sun
  • Measuring before buying is required, and the instructions that go with the product are not precise
  • If the fabric is not well-connected to the frame, it will get wobbly

#4. Oppolite’s Indoor Growing Tent

If you’re looking for a grow tent that is designed with stability and safety in mind, then this one is for you. Oppolite’s take on the indoor gardening tent promises a high-quality hydroponic setup that can assist in growing and propagating different plants – even fruits and vegetables. It is constructed to create a microenvironment that encourages your green thumb habit.


  • It’s made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth that is lightproof with double-stitched interiors that are made of 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar film
  • Features a sturdy construction on its 19mm white paint coated metal and plastic rods
  • This 8×8 grow tent’s set includes round meshed vents that promote better air circulation within the tent
  • It’s also easy to maintain with its removable waterproof floor cover tray

Buyers commend the quality of the fabric and its zero light leakage capacity. It is also recommended that assembly should be done in the area where it will be placed in order to be sure that it fits. It comes at a reasonable price, but this is not exactly a suggestion for beginners – this is more of an option for experienced gardeners.


  • Offers good airflow and positive pressure
  • It can easily be adjusted to be ideal for specific kinds of plants
  • It can also be used indoors while utilizing and optimizing indoor light potentials


  • It is of considerable height, but it may not accommodate height-gaining plants
  • The zippers and the windows aren’t as functional as marketed
  • The plastic components of the poles easily break if not handled properly

#5. Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tent

If you’re planning to start small and eventually upgrade with height adjustments, then this grow tent is for you. Gorilla’s Lite Line 8×8 grow tent is made of an all-steel structural frame that boasts of sturdiness and a durable exterior canvass that can keep the elements out of the growing area.


  • It is designed with an interlocking framing system that includes viewing windows, reinforced seals, and bug-resistant micro-mesh vents.
  • This is the first-ever height-adjusting tent which promises higher yield with its enhanced environment setting.
  • It features high-quality heavy-duty zippers, fabrics, and structural poles to offer long-lasting usage.

Although it has made its name as one of the best budget-friendly grow tents, it does come off as an investment. It has been part of the indoor gardening successes of beginners and experts alike. This also offers a great opportunity to try vertical farming and stack planting with homemade lightweight shelving.


  • It includes a floor protecting tray for spills and runoffs within the tent
  • The height adjustment feature offers many possibilities for gardening
  • The tent’s zippers are very durable and heavy-duty
  • The exterior and interior fabrics are reliable to keep the light where it should be


  • You will need a higher ceiling if you plan to install it inside your home
  • Assembly will need at least two people and may often take around an hour
  • There is nowhere to hang carbon filters and hanging lights

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best 8×8 Grow Tent

Now, we know you probably had your eyes set on one of those grow tents we’ve mentioned in the list. But before that, you have to make sure you’re not spending your big bucks on something that you may not even need at all. That said, here are several important factors you want to look into when buying a grow tent:

  • Assembly

If you don’t have an idea how to do this, make sure that the product you’re getting comes with a manual. You can also check the internet for available demo videos. Also, think of the logistics. In most cases, you may need help when installing the parts, so make sure help is ready.

  • Size

Measure before purchase. Make sure that when you choose the tent, it comes in the dimensions that suit your free space. It’s also best that you do your assembly in that area. Don’t forget to check the height of the tent and compare it with the height from your floor to the ceiling.

  • Sanitation

Gardening isn’t exactly a clean activity to start with since it will involve soil, water, and certain smells. Due to that, you need to choose a tent that can keep the planting environment contained in order to avoid bacteria from moving out, and pests from going in.

  • Safety

You will be dealing with plants that will need a specific kind of lighting system to grow. Therefore, it will be a system involving electricity and water. Your LED grow lighting will most likely be kept on for long hours, and the heat accumulated will also require the use of exhaust fans. It simply means that the system will involve a number of electrical appliances. We suggest you create a setup that is waterproof or that the power cords will be protected from moist and impact in order to avoid any accidents.

  • Company You Keep

We’ve already considered that you are cohabiting at the moment – possibly with friends, family, or pets. Therefore, you must make sure your setup is not easily toppled over and that the tent is tear-proof. You can also prepare a barricade for your pet as an indication that this is as far as he can go.

  • Budget vs. Quality

This is especially a dilemma for beginners. Choosing between what’s affordable and what’s efficient can be a gamble, but making mistakes in the beginning is normal. What’s important is you start somewhere. So, do your research, check product reviews, and opt for the cheapest of the best. You can then do re-evaluations from there. While you’re already at it, it won’t be difficult for you to determine how your setup could be better for you and your plants. Note: Always be keen on the materials being used. Don’t be distracted by how nice it looks. Go for durable sturdy poles and thick high-quality tent fabrics in order to get the value for your money.


All that being said, you don’t have to be an expert to get yourself a grow tent and try some indoor gardening. It’s therapeutic, cost-effective, and fun! So if you’ve been feeling inclined to get a little bit of plant-loving going on, or if you’re ready to go all out with a propagation plan, just remember that with gardening, all you need is consistency. We do hope you find the growing tent that will assist you in your indoor gardening goals. Good luck!

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