Attitude Seed Bank Review [2023]—Is it a Reliable Brand?

There is no doubting the fact that it can be hard to find the right seed bank for your specific needs, and with so many different factors to consider when it comes to making this decision, you might find yourself feeling a little out of your depth.

There are many different seed banks around nowadays and these banks vary in their policies and their goals. Some seed banks are reliable, while others should be avoided like the plague!

But what about Attitude Seeds? Is Attitude Seeds a trustworthy seed bank or are they one of the many scam seedbanks that exist to rip people off?

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Attitude Seeds does not make its history well known to its buyers, and this can be frustrating for people who like to learn a little bit about a company before buying seeds from them. The company offers no about us page on their website, either, and this means that people have to put their faith in the company and its customer reviews from previous orders solely.

The company has been operating for a number of years now and is a relatively well-known seed bank, despite their lack of an about us page, for being a highly reputable brand. The company ships worldwide and, as a UK based company, is in an excellent position to provide seeds for its UK and European customers.

The company describes itself as being the “world’s largest cannabis seeds superstore” quite proudly underneath their logo. But are they deserving of this claim?


The Attitude Seeds website is messily designed and is arguably a little hard to navigate, which might put some people off shopping with the company. Unlike many of its competitor websites, the Attitude Seeds website looks like something that was designed in the early years of the internet; the front page, in particular, is very poorly set out. The website features way too many links on its menu and an overly generous number of banners, which all in all serves to make the website look old and unprofessional.

Seed Quality

The quality of seeds offered by Attitude Seeds is largely said to be good. The company itself doesn’t actually breed any seeds for themselves and instead they buy all of their seeds, which can mean that the quality of the seeds that a buyer receives will be largely variable on the seeds that were chosen and the quality control ethics of the breeder.

The company prides itself on only ever selling seeds that meet its high-quality standard, however, their ability to control this factor is limited as they do not actively test all of their seeds as some of their rival companies do.

Attitude Seeds might not breed their own seeds, however, they do have a reputation for working with some of the most skilled and experienced seed breeders in the industry. As such, choosing to buy seeds through Attitude Seed bank could be an incredibly good decision to make—provided that you are aware of the potential risks of a bad batch being sent out.

All in all, the quality of seeds that are purchased through Attitude Seeds seems to generally be high.

Strain Selection

Attitude Seeds offers some of the largest strain selections in the world, with somewhere in the region of 2000 different seed strains being made available for customers who choose to buy their cannabis seeds through the company. This exceptional selection is sure to offer something for every buyer, and with many different seeds from a huge selection of different breeders as well, buyers are sure to find something that suits their needs and wants.

Attitude Seeds offers both regular and feminized seeds for those who don’t want to have to bother wasting their time and money on male plants, while also providing auto-flowering strains and a number of exciting and underrated new strains that offer great benefits.

They also offer the exciting “Pick and Mix”  cannabis seeds feature which allows customers to buy a selection of all of their favorite brands and strains.

Customer Reviews

Customers shopping through Attitude Seed Bank generally claim that their orders through Attitude Seeds are handled professionally and that the seeds that they receive are of high quality, in line with the company’s claims. However, the overall nature of the company’s reviews seems to be mostly positive, as there have been a few reviews which were somewhat more skeptical about the company—primarily from people who didn’t choose stealth delivery and who found their orders getting seized at customs, who then found themselves losing money on the order.

Generally speaking, people are also pleased with the delivery policies and abilities of the company. Some people have pointed out that their seeds have been seized by customs in the past, but on the whole, the overall opinion of the Attitude Seed Bank is good. This is especially the case when people choose to buy their seeds with Stealth Shipping for maximum security which is always reassuring to hear.

Overall, Attitude Seeds gets mixed reviews, although the quality of the seeds isn’t often in question and most people’s complaints are in relation to the non-stealth delivery option for shipping from the UK to the US.

Customer Service

One area in which Attitude Seeds falls down is that of its customer service, which many people have complained about being uninterested in solving customers’ problems. However, the company does at least offer a number of different methods and ways by which customers can attempt to get in touch with the company; customers can contact the company by their online website form, by phone, by email, or by post to their Ipswich office. 

The company is around between 8:30AM and 4:30PM every weekday and between 10AM and 2PM on a Saturday. However, for US and European customers, it is important to remember that these opening times are UK times. Attitude Seeds claim that their intention is to reply to all of their customers’ queries and inquiries within 24 hours where possible.

In terms of returns and refunds, the company does not actively advertise a non-germination refund or replacement policy as most of their competitors do, and this can mean that customers might not get the chance to get their money back on an order that does not germinate well. However, the company does offer a refund or replacement on products that are malfunctioning, provided that the fix or replacement is requested during the first 3 months following on from the purchase of the product. In addition, they offer a returns policy within 14 days of the product being delivered—so long as the products are returned in the same condition in which they were delivered.

Shipping Policies

Attitude Seed’s shipping policies are one of the areas in which the company excels. The company offers worldwide delivery from their UK base, although they do require that all customers check with their local law policies in order to ensure that the purchase of these seeds is legal and that, by buying seeds from the company, the purchasers won’t be breaking any laws.

All orders that are placed through the company will receive a tracking number shortly after the purchase has been confirmed that will allow the individual to follow the delivery progress of their order, thereby ensuring that the customer will be able to understand where their parcel is at any one time.

Deliveries to the UK mainland are generally processed and delivered incredibly quickly, with the company quoting that these UK orders should be received within 1 to 4 days after the time of purchase. In addition to this, the delivery times for international orders are also incredibly quick compared to the standard delivery times, with an estimated time of between 7 to 10 days—although, in some rare occurrences, the delivery for international purchasers might take as long as 21 days.

However, the company does not accept responsibility for any parcels that fail to arrive on time or otherwise get lost during the shipping process. The only exception to this rule is in the case of customers placing a “guaranteed shipping” order, wherein the seeds will be delivered along with—as the company put it—great extras that will help to ensure that the seeds get delivered on time and without fuss. These orders are subject to a free reshipping in the unlikely case that they should fail to arrive safely at their destination.

Guaranteed shipping is not available for people ordering from Mexico, Iran, or Turkey. Additionally, the fee for these guaranteed orders cannot be refunded.

Payment Methods

The Attitude Seed Bank accepts a variety of different payment methods for their products. All purchases are made in GBP (£) and conversions will be made by the payment method or provider in question. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Postal orders (only from within the UK)
  • Prepaid Visas
  • Cash
  • Gift Cards


Orders made by credit card will show as being from Attitude Apparel on the individual’s credit card statement, although occasionally it might be the case that the company that is shown on the statement will instead be the website hosting provider.

All online orders are made using the website’s 256 bit encrypted software (3D Secure) which helps to ensure that the transactions and the card details that have been inputted are secure. They also use Verified Visa 3D authentication practices for security. In addition, the company always works to ensure the security of phone based orders by only accepting payment from the card holder; in other words, they will not accept payment by card from anyone other than the card holder themselves.

The company does not accept payments by PayPal or by cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum), and cheques and/or postal orders can only be made by UK based customers. Payments made by cheque are subject to a two week holding period in order to ensure the validity of the transaction.

Shipping Discretion

Attitude Seeds employ strict shipping discretion policies in order to increase the chances of seeds getting to their destination on time and on budget. The standard shipping package includes the seeds shipped in their original packaging, which helps to ensure the validity of the packaging and that the seeds have been bred by the appropriate breeders. In addition to this, the company also offers a number of different shipping options which help to ensure that the packages get to their destination on time.

Standard parcels look just like any other priority service parcel that one might receive in the mail; these are also written specifically in order to ensure that the information available in and on the packages won’t lead back to either the company or otherwise indicate the nature of the parcel.

Guaranteed stealth shipping can be offered for customers wherein the products and seeds are delivered along with a complimentary “gift”. This gift will normally be a t-shirt or a wallet or a bag, and these practices help to ensure that the seeds get delivered on time and without being confiscated by customs officials. Additionally, the company also offers a free reshipping policy in the unlikely (but potentially possible) event that a guaranteed shipping delivery doesn’t get delivered.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Promotions

Attitude Seeds offer a number of different promotions, many of which can be seen on the banners on the front page of the website. The company gives out a large variety and number of free seed packets as standard and this can make shopping with them a great way to pick up some freebies.


There are a number of different reasons why you might decide to shop through the Attitude Seed Bank.


  • Large seed selection
  • Affordable prices
  • Guaranteed shipping options
  • Good reputation
  • Lots of payment options


  • Don’t accept Mastercard or cryptocurrencies
  • Customer service sometimes get poor reviews


Attitude Seeds is generally a decent choice of seed bank, especially for people who appreciate being able to choose between a large selection of seeds. However, buyers should always be aware of the fact that the seeds are not grown by the seed bank themselves and are grown by other breeders, meaning that the quality could be potentially variable. You can also check my list of best online seed banks here.





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