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Hi Everyone,

I just graduated from horticulture since my heart goes to garden cultivation and management. And I specialize in marijuana growing since I love the challenge of growing these weeds indoor. This passion all started when I experimented on a small hydroponic garden. Though odd as it may sound, I found the indoor environment beneficial for the plant’s growth. It gives me control over unavoidable external elements like bugs and other outdoor issues. I was even surprised to hear people telling me that my crop is the best one they have ever tasted.

Now, cannabis growing is not just a hobby for me but it becomes a serious business. And I made it to the top the hard way and that is by trial and error. Looking back at my tough experience, I valued the knowledge and skills that I learned and want to share this to amateur marijuana growers so they don’t have to go through the same experience that I had.

Over time, I learned that the better light you use for your weeds, the greener they will become. After trying several plants for my indoor plants, I have finally found the best LED grow light in the market this year and this is something I can share with you.

As more readers read my posts, I was flooded with many queries. Some would like to know more about grow tents and others have questions about the best type of lighting system. Hence, I decided to add a little of everything on this site. Should there be any topic you want me to add, just contact me and feel free to tell me about it. I will be happy to know your opinion and learn from you as well.

For comments or queries, you can get in touch with me using the information below: