G8LED 900 Watt G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light Reviews

The G8LED 900W grow light was made “Gear of the Year” in High Times Magazine – a pretty high accomplishment for a grow light. Read on to find out why.


This grow light measures 20.5 inches long by 14 inches wide by 3 inches deep, and weighs 23 pounds. It is written up as being a 900W light, but it only needs 540W to produce the same quality light as any 900W HPS lamp. To run, it needs 4.6A at 110V or 2.2A at 240V.

The LED bulbs have the usual long lifespan of 50,000 hours, which equates to 15 years of growing! It comes with a 2-year warranty and G8LED also offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

LED bulbs

G8LED uses LED bulbs made by top LED manufacturers such as Epistar, Optotech and BridgeLux, whose bulbs produce full spectrum light and even ultraviolet and infrared. The 8-colour spectrum emitted by the G8-900 will give your plants all the light wavelengths they need to grow fast and produce large buds. To protect the light from surges and burnouts, Zener diodes are installed in the panel. This allows you to run the G8-900 for 18 hours a day during the vegetative stage without worrying about light failure. There are also cooling fans installed at the top of the panel to dissipate the small amount of heat that the LED bulbs produce. There is little to no risk of this light burning your plants or overheating your grow tent. Each LED in the G8-900 is 3W, as this size is more effective at penetrating deep into the canopy of your plants – the G8-900 has a penetration depth of about 60 inches below the canopy, helping the light get right to the stems of your plants. There is no veg/bloom switch, but the G8-900 doesn’t need one. All of the light it emits can be fully used by your plants in all of their growth stages.


This professional level grow light can cover up to a whopping 24 square feet of ground. Since there is no optical lens reducing the power of the LED output, this light can cover a larger area without wasting any light. The G8-900 is definitely geared towards high level growers with a large setup.

How to Hang the G8-900

It is important not to hang the light too close to the plants. As this light runs very cool, it won’t burn or damage your plants, but it may cause stunted growth and discolouration if the light becomes too intense. You don’t want to hang the light too far away either, or else you won’t be making the best use of your light source. The recommended hanging height is between 26 inches and 42 inches from the canopy of your plants. At 26 inches, your plants will grow shorter and bushier; at 42 inches your plants will grow taller. Check the strain of cannabis you want to grow for its light requirements before hanging the grow light.

Grow Advice for the G8-900

During the vegetative growth stage, it is recommended to keep the light on for 18 hours a day, with 6 hours of darkness. This replicates natural summertime hours to encourage your plants to grow. Keep this up for four to six weeks. When your plants begin to flower, you should leave the light on for 12 hours a day, with 12 hours of darkness. The flowers will bloom within two weeks, with the entire flowering stage lasting up to eight weeks. As the G8-900 is a powerful grow light, you will actually need to fertilize your plants less when they are flowering, which saves you money on fertilizers and nutrient solutions. As your cannabis plants finish flowering, you will see the pistils enlarge and change colour from white to a reddish brown. That means it is time to harvest.


The G8-900 is a large and powerful grow light, perfect for the professional grower with lots of bud to grow. It is expensive, but will pay for itself in the long run with its energy efficiency and grow power. This light is guaranteed to help you grow lots of big, tasty, potent bud.

Happy growing!

Viparspectra 300W V300 LED Grow Light Review

Are you looking for a brand new LED grow light that can keep your indoor plants alive and healthy? In that case, then we have just what you need that you can purchase at an affordable price. After all, our VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light reviews will help you save more and get higher yields. The brand also prides itself for its high-quality and durable construction that can withstand years of regular use. Thus, this review guide will help you complete your checklist of the best LED grow lights. Adaptable to 110 or 220V outlets, read on to learn more about this VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light’s features.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector Series V300 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

For a budget-friendly LED grow light, this dimmable reflector series from VIPARSPECTRA is UL Certified and built with fire-resistant reflectors. Coming from a reliable brand, this model is specifically designed to provide full spectrum lighting for all growth stages of plants. From veg to flower, this alternative lighting system promotes bigger buds and higher yields without consuming too much energy.

Its bulbs are enclosed in a fireproof and durable iron housing that has an outstanding design. It also has built-in cooling heat sinks and fans that can prevent it from overheating. In addition, it can be daisy-chained together with other lighting systems and fewer outlets.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.4 pounds with 12.8 x 8 x 2.8 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 250W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Covers a 2 x 2 ft. a vegetative area at 24 inches height and a 1.5 x 1.5 ft. a flowering area at 18 inches height with V300 LED lighting
  • Consumes an average power of 132W±3% that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 60 x 5W high-intensity Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that can work for all stages of your plants’ growth
  • Aluminum heat sinks and high-speed fans allow it to run 70% cooler than HID grow lights
  • Built to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan in a temperature lower than 40°C


  • Provides balanced high PAR/Lumen and sufficient light coverage
  • Promotes bigger flowers and faster growth to any indoor plants
  • Dense and coated in resin to ensure its quality
  • Operates quietly with a revolutionary cooling system
  • Can be operated by a timer


  • Not suitable for large scale growers that require bigger and better lighting systems
  • Could have been better with more red lights


What You Need to Know About VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED Grow Light?

When it comes to indoor planting, plants can be a little picky when it comes to lighting. Despite the fact that most plants survive on almost all kinds of light, not all lighting solutions are the same. Some can be inefficient while some can be a little too much for plants. As we all know, getting less or too much can have a negative effect on plants. Thus, we decided to search for a lighting system that can be considered in between the two.

This way, your plants will have just enough light that they need even without the natural sunlight. VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 is a small-but-terrible LED grow light that is enough to keep your indoor plants alive and healthy. This means that this VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light can also help your indoor plants reach their optimum growth. Your days of harvesting fewer yields and sighting small buds are over. This device can help your plants produce bigger buds and higher yields so read on to learn more about it.


If you didn’t know yet, VIPARSPECTRA is a widely known company in the global market. In fact, it is the number 1 brand that sells LED grow lights on the Amazon. The brand designs and manufactures its own products that produce a high level of PAR/Lumens that is best for indoor plants. From simple flowering plants to tomatoes and herbal plants, VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights got your back thanks to thorough research. To top it all, the brand customizes its light spectrum in order to optimize plants’ growth and boost their yields.

300W V300 LED Grow Light

Aside from being a high PAR LED grow light, this model is definitely one of the most affordable options out there. It is lightweight and of average size to cover up to 2 x 2 ft. at up to 24 inches height. Thus, its small coverage area is ideal for beginner growers with small scale grow area. However, it is too small for users that require a lighting system for their medium to large scale grow area. Thus, its daisy chain feature comes in handy to help you connect it with multiple units and light more plants. Its entire panel contains 60 pieces of LED bulbs with a lifespan that ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

In addition, it comes with a 6 ft. power cord and a complete hanging kit with a 3-year warranty. It runs between 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz to produce a 12-band full spectrum. Its back panel has a daisy chain input socket, a power adapter socket, and On/Off switch. When it comes to power, VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 is designed to replace 250V HPS/MH grow lights. Since it is LED, it only consumes about 136W to provide the same amount of light output. This energy-efficient LED grow light is also known for its 5W Epiled/Bridgelux bulbs that are set at 90° angle.

This emits 300(µmol m-2s-1) PAR in the center and reduces to 62(µmol m-2s-1) within the perimeter of an area of 2 sq. ft. This direct light to plants reduces light loss to cut you some costs on your monthly electricity bills. Hitting two birds in one shot, you also help the environment by saving energy. You don’t have to worry about overheating since it has an excellent cooling system that makes it cooler. Thus, you can use it for a long time while your plants remain safe under it.



Overall, we can say that VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light is a bang for the buck product. It may not be the best grow light for large scale growers but it can be a versatile solution for beginners. With less than $100, you can already take advantage of its advanced features that other brands offer at higher prices. Using the latest and highest-quality LED bulbs, it consumes less energy and produces less heat. It can be daisy-chained with up to 7 units which makes it more practical and efficient than traditional grow lights. Moreover, it is built with a simple setup and plug-ins for your convenience. To get more VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light reviews stay tuned.

Best Portable Weed Vaporizers: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Now that you’ve decided to shift or try vaping, this review we prepared will help you find your right match. Some vaporizer units are available in as low as $99 while others can be as expensive as $330. Though portable weed vaporizers are generally handy, some may still be heavier and bigger to carry around comfortably. Each unit also comes with its own unique set of features that are designed to offer convenience to users. Powered by 1-2 batteries, some can be removed and replaced while others are built-in that require at least 30 minutes to recharge. So, read on to learn more about our top picks, its types, and how you can choose the best weed vaporizers.

6 Best Weed Vaporizers Reviews 2019

#1. Ascent Vaporizer

Chosen as the Editor’s Choice in this list, Ascent vaporizer is designed and crafted to provide the purist vapor. Compared with regular vaporizers in the market, it boasts a sleek combination of style and functionality. It uses a glass pathway that is made from 100% glass and a glass coated ceramic bowl. Since it is available in 4 different styles, there’s no way you will not be pleased by this model. Its package includes a wall charger, glass stems, glass oil jars, a metal pick, and a carrying satchel. Whenever you need a high-tech vaporizer that you can carry around in your pocket, this is definitely a must-have. You can even manage its precision temperature that is shown on its display screen which is one of its advantages.best portable weed vaporizer

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.45 pounds with 3.75 x 4.75 x 6 inches product dimension
  • 4 unique styles with all glass path ensure that you always get the cleanest vapor that offers the best taste from a 100%        glass mouthpiece
  • OLED Display Screen that displays its accurate information about your heating temperature and battery life
  • Precision temperature control allows you to customize the perfect temperature that is up to 430°F for vaporization
  • Portable type of vaporizer with a direct draw delivery method
  • Powered by a lithium rechargeable battery with over 3 hours of life and dual (110V + 220V)
  • Compatible with dried herbs, waxy oils, and more

As our Editor’s Choice, this vaporizer from DaVinci is definitely one of the best deals. It only takes 23 seconds to heat up which is perfect for those who prefer a fast solution to boredom. Most importantly, it doesn’t have that metal, rubber, or plastic taste in the back of the throat which is great. Though a little heavy, we live that it’s pretty solid and durable.


  • Lasts for long hours of continuous use
  • Powered by a superior battery as its heat source
  • Versatile and portable to carry around in your pocket
  • Features a quick heat up time
  • Offers a customizable precision temperature for a better experience


  • The hole in the glass mouthpiece is too small and becomes clogged easily
  • The glass parts are too fragile and hard to clean

#2. Boundless CFX Vaporizer

As the Budget Pick, this is clearly more affordable than the first vaporizer above. This Boundless CFX has a rapid heating feature and an isolated air path. It also has a full HD screen that displays its full temperature range from 100°F to 430°F. It also has a vibration notification system that lets you know when once you reached your desired temperature. It is powered by 2 internal lithium batteries that can be recharged through its micro USB charging port. This uses a magnetic mouthpiece connection that you can swing easily whenever you need to use it. Moreover, it has a 5-minute auto shutoff mode that makes it easier to operate.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.20 pounds with 4 x 3.25 x 6.25 inches product dimension
  • Powered by 2 pieces of 110V, 80W internal lithium batteries with 2500 mAh capacity
  • Compatible with the vaporization of herbs that pass through its ceramic chamber
  • Hybrid conduction and convection heating system ensures its efficient function
  • Full 1.77 inches TFT HD screen displays its current heat temperature that is presented in numerals
  • Session timer lets you know the remaining time before it automatically shuts off which switches it On/Off
  • Rugged exterior casing gives it a sleek and cool design that is comfortable to hold

Perfect for budget seekers, this vaporizer from Boundless is available in less than $180. Even though its batteries are not removable, we like that it can be fully charged in just 30 minutes. Its premium screen also displays clearer and brighter image which is handy when monitoring its performance.


  • Very portable and affordable
  • Heats up the device in just 20 seconds or less
  • Lasts after 10 to 15 sessions per charge
  • Easy to operate with a standby mode and auto shutoff
  • One of the fastest and most efficient vaporizers


  • The pathway gets clogged easily
  • The size is a little bigger for a portable vaporizer
  • Creates a small cloud size only

#3. PAX 3 Vaporizer – Complete Kit

This Pax 3 vaporizer is the latest version of Pax from its series of portable vapes. The polished anodized aluminum finish comes in 3 different colors that give it a sleek look. It also has an efficient vibration notification that works with a haptic feedback system for a convenient experience. Its battery has a bigger capacity that lets you use the device for multiple sessions. Compared with regular vaporizers, this portable device can be connected to an advanced smartphone for hassle-free control. It is even designed with an ample oven lid that fits in enough herbs for more vaping sessions.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 0.70 pounds with 2.5 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches product dimension
  • Powered by a 110V lithium-ion battery with 3500 mAh capacity and about 90 minutes charging time
  • 60+ temperature setting allows you to toggle your desired temperature from 360 to 420°F
  • Half-pack open lid insert allows you to enjoy about 2 sessions with enough herb chamber
  • Portable type with dried herbs and waxy oils compatibility delivers a smoother vapor with a more intense flavor
  • Heat control lets you customize its temperature through its mobile app and access its 4 modes: boost, efficiency,                stealth, and flavor mode
  • Vibration notifications with haptic feedback alert you in your hand or pocket through its mobile app

With PAX Mobile app, there’s no doubt that this is the most convenient vaporizers on the market today. Its Bluetooth enabled app makes it easier to know when the device already reached our desired temperature or not. Most importantly, it comes with a complete kit which is really handy for a complete vaping experience.


  • Constructed with safe and medical grade materials
  • Works in 8 to 10 sessions when fully charged
  • Connects easily on most smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Guarantees the most discreet and convenient vaping experience for all types of users


  • Available in a more expensive price compared with other portable devices
  • Not as smooth like other concentrated vaporizers

#4. Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Known as the latest version of Firefly vaporizer, this device is crafted with a glass vapor path. It has a convection heating style that is compatible with dried herbs and wax in an oven material. With removable and swappable batteries you can enjoy about 50 hits per battery life. As a redesigned version, you can now control it using its exclusive mobile app which you can download on any iOS and Android devices. Its dual touch sensors also help you save its battery life by activating and heating it up only when needed.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.25 pounds with 2 x 7 x 7 inches product dimension
  • Dynamic convection technology provides a richer and more flavorful vapor on your desired temperature that ranges            from 340 to 420°F
  • Dual touch sensors let you activate it and heat up in seconds
  • Borosilicate glass bowl with magnetic lid allows you to load and clean the device in a breeze
  • 2x swappable batteries ensure you that your vaporizer will never run out of power
  • 45-minute charging time makes it one of the fastest charging portable vaporizer


  • Hassle-free to load and clean
  • Ready to be used in just 3 seconds
  • Cools down as quickly as it is when it heats up
  • Provides a richer and flavorful vapor
  • Allows you to control your dose on each breath


  • One of the most costly portable vaporizers
  • Can only take a smaller capacity of dry herb and wax

#5. Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer – Phil Frost x Burton Edition

Known as a vaporizer with a twist, this device from G-Pen is certainly a sure seller. It features one of the biggest all ceramic heating chambers that can exceed your expectations. Thanks to its groundbreaking 360 heating element, you can finally make the most of your herbs through this vaporizer. It also comes with a full LED display on the side that shows its temperature and battery life indicator. Thus, you can customize and explore its different flavor profiles from low to high temperature.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1 pound with 5 x 4.5 x 6.75 inches product dimension
  • Enhanced full toggling temperature control lets you toggle its +/- button according to your preferred temperature from 200 to 428°F
  • Exclusive design with Frost’s edgy yet unique and cool artwork covers its powerful heating system delivers the most          enjoyable vapor anytime
  • Huge chamber stores enough herbs with 0.75 gram capacity for longer vape sessions and fewer reloads
  • 360 heating element vaporizes its contents thoroughly from all angles


  • Designed with an ergonomic look and feel
  • Heats up quickly for instant satisfaction
  • Powered by the highest grade 110V lithium-ion battery with smart chip technology
  • Sustains its battery life for longer vape sessions


  • The mouthpiece gets a little hot when used for too long
  • The battery is not removable

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer

For such an affordable portable vaporizer, this is really a good steal from K-Vape. It’s not as efficient and stylish as K-Vape’s high-end models but you can’t really expect much from its price, right? Regardless, it’s a handy device that you can carry easily in your pockets. It has additional protection against overheating and large herb chamber to ensure longer sessions. It’s also easy to load and with a rubber O-ring and small lowered indentation around it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 0.55 pound with 2.25 x 2.75 x 6.75 inches product dimension
  • True convection technology lets you heat up your herbs without experiencing any kind of combustion while                        vaporizing
  • 3 different temperature settings such as 360°F, 380°F, and 420°F gives you complete control over its vapor quality
  • Huge power button requires you to press it 5 times to unlock and activate it
  • Large stainless steel 0.6 grams herb chamber lets you enjoy vape sessions without a metallic taste
  • 5-minute auto shutoff design helps save its 110V internal battery


  • Perfect for budget-seekers
  • Ideal for both first time and veteran vaporizers
  • One of the first portable and herbal vaporizers
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Utilizes true convection heating with no combustion


  • Takes 1 to 2 hours to be fully charged
  • The mouthpiece has an awkward shape to fit your lips better

Types of Portable Weed Vaporizer

As our technology continues to evolve over time, more and more portable devices arrive on the market. Since cigarettes were known for being one of the most sold products in the world, vaporizers also appeared. So instead of smoking and burning tobacco right through your fingers, vaporizers use e-juice as an alternative. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose from different flavors and amount of nicotine in the e-juice. Of course, smoking weed is no longer a new thing as well as weed vaporizers.

Convection Style Vaporizer

In fact, the first known portable vaporizer was created by Eagle Bill Amato and launched in 1994. This vaporizer called the “Shake and Vape” was designed as a glass pipe with an herb chamber. It was inserted on a bulb-shaped glass where the flame was applied. The heat in the bulb would then vaporize the herb inside its chamber. Thus, “Shake and Vape” was considered as the first ever portable vaporizer that has a convection style. In 2000, the first electronic vaporizer was launched by Vapir in the market.

Conduction Style Vaporizerand Self-Contained Butane Vaporizer

It was a plug-in device that you can connect to a battery pack to make it portable. This device from Vapir was also known as the first portable vaporizer with a conduction style. In 2002, the non-electric portable vaporizer was introduced called the “Vapor Genie”. It works like the “Shake and Vape” vaporizer but it has an internal lighter that provides its source of heat. The first self-contained butane portable vaporizer was introduced in 2008 called “Oglesby & Butler” by the lolite.

Battery-Powered Vaporizer (with removable battery)

This type of vaporizer didn’t need an external lighter to work since it has a butane container an ignition switch. It also has a built-in temperature monitor that could automatically cut off the flow of butane one it reached its proper temperature. When removable battery became the thing, the “Magic Flight Launch Box” was introduced in 2009. This vaporizer was so small that you could use it discreetly while hidden in your palm. It has a small battery that has the shape of a standard AA battery.

Pen Style Vaporizer and High-End Vaporizer

Due to its portability, affordability, and durability, it became an in-demand vaporizer that was 100% made in the USA. Then, the pen-style portable vaporizer called the “Raw” was launched in the early 2010s by Atmos. It has an e-cigarette design which gave it a small and sleek look. Lastly, the first high-end portable vaporizer was introduced by Arizer Tech in 2011 and called it the “Arizer Solo. Compared with the first electronic vaporizers, this unit features a bigger herb chamber that delivers more hits that time.

How to Choose the Best Portable Weed Vaporizer?

Since there are literally tons of portable weed vaporizer in the market, shopping can be a little overwhelming. Without ample knowledge about vaporizers, you can end up wasting a huge amount of money on poorly made units. Whether you are a pro or not when it comes to using vaporizers, there are some things to take note. But since you want to find the best portable weed vaporizer in the market, here’s how you can pick yours:

  • Check its heating elements

Even portable vaporizers operate by using one of two heating methods just like desktop vaporizers. These different heating methods include convection and conduction. Conduction heating elements transfer heat with direct contact between its hot components and dried herbs. Thus, most portable vaporizers today utilize this method which involves the heating chambers and heating coils. Heating coils contain a metal coil that glows with a red-hot when it is activated.

Once its temperature reaches over 750°F which is above the combustion level, you’ll be burning dried herbs instead of vaporizing. Thus, many portable vaporizers now use ceramic screens or filters to separate the herb from the heating element. On the other hand, heating chambers utilize glass, metal bowl, or ceramic that is located near the heating element. Its heating element is an interior part that you can’t access during the vape sessions. Its closeness to the heating element results to a faster transfer of heat and more precise control of temperature.

  • Temperature Control

With the given products above, it’s clear the temperature control plays a vital role in the best portable vaporizers. Looking for this feature allows you to preset the temperature you want for distinct vapor quality and experience. Some models have 1 heat setting only while others can have more than 3 heat settings. There are also models that depend on its temperature based on its removable battery that you can insert manually whenever necessary. In this case, you’d need more experience to estimate the amount of time to get the right temperature you need.

  • Accessories/Attachments

Most portable weed vaporizers today offer attachments and add-ons to enhance your vape sessions. One of the most common attachments is the self-contained glass a.k.a. the “bubbler” for the water filtration. This is where the vapor passes through without spilling. Meanwhile, the pathway holes facilitate the heat transfer from vapor and into the water. This process cools down the vapor and allows a smoother draw of vapor. Moreover, some models from different brands use adapters that let the water flow through the pipe.


May it be the convection or conduction style portable unit you need, there’s no doubt that a vaporizer is indeed worth it. You can carry it around anywhere you are without dealing with cords. You can even charge it anywhere or simply replace its battery in case you run out of battery. Depending on your needs, this review can help you find the best portable weed vaporizer. So, be sure to check out and compare each product features and specifications. You might want to consider your budget too since some units are really pricey.

Seedsman Review 2019

When it comes to online marijuana seed banks it can be difficult to tell which companies are trustworthy. Some seed companies offer higher quality service and products than others. This review will focus on a famous online seed bank: Seedsman. We’re here to put your mind at ease and answer questions you may have about Seedsman before you consider placing an order.

Seedsman is based in Barcelona, Spain. They’re an older online seed bank and got their start in 2003. Over the past decade and a half, they have built a great reputation for their business. Seedsman introduced their feminized seeds in 2007 and did a great deal to bring feminized seeds into the mainstream marijuana growing culture. Later, in 2011, they released their auto-flowering line.

One of the most notable features of this company is their commitment to supporting pro-cannabis legislation. They donate a portion of their profits for education and supporting cannabis legislation. This is an important aspect to consider for many marijuana growers, as most want to spread the word about the benefits of the medicinal herb.

Seed Selection

Seedsman is known for selling high-quality seeds that germinate without issue for the vast majority of their customers. There’s a bad review here and there, but an overwhelming portion of the feedback is positive in this regard. Despite their stellar reputation, Seedsman does not offer an unlimited germination guarantee.

Due to the sheer size of this online seed bank, the seeds they sell are very reasonably priced. Compared to other, smaller companies they may be able to offer you a better price per seed. This makes the largest difference for big growing operations. It may be able to offer first-time growers a little leg up by saving them some money.

Strain Selection

Seedsman truly has one of the best catalogs when it comes to strain selection. They offer nearly 4,400 different strains! They’re known for their great selection of limited edition strains. They also carry almost every newly released strain that becomes available.

They have advanced selection criteria, such as the height of the plant and the percentage of THC to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They’re a very beginner-friendly company and offer strains that work well for first-time growers.

Customer Service

Although Seedsman offers an automated phone line for customer service, it is hard to get a hold of a real person to help you. We suggest getting in touch via email, they typically answer within a business day. One thing to note is they only have a 14-day window for returns, so you’ll need to decide right away if you’re keeping everything from your order.

Due to their phone line being subpar, and their short window for returns you can likely find better customer service at another seed bank. However, Seedsman has relatively few issues reported with their seeds after purchase. It’s up to each individual customer if they’d prefer better service to better selection.

Customer Reviews

Seedsman has excellent overall reviews! One great feature is the reviews are available on the page for each strain. This can be a major advantage if you’re stuck between a decision on which strain to purchase. Customers can put strain-specific information in this area, which can help growers troubleshoot issues. You can trust Seedsman to leave up even the negative reviews, which can save you money.

Currently, Seedsman as an overall company has over 10,000 reviews on TrustPilot. Their average rating is 4.5 stars! While there are always occasional bad reviews, the feedback for the company is excellent overall.

Payments and Packaging

They accept all major forms of payment, including credit cards, money orders, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Like most seed banks, they offer a discount if you pay with Bitcoin and even throw in extra free seeds! Their payment methods are straightforward and simple. The information displayed on credit card or banking statements will not indicate that your purchase was related to cannabis.

Instead of the standard flat rate shipping, Seedsman will calculate your rate based on your location. This can make it a bit more reasonably priced for shipping compared to other competing seed banks. You can pay extra for shipping insurance, which will cover any problems with shipping or delivery and is recommended on large purchases.

They ship in a plain, unmarked envelope. They may also include an item like a CD or DVD, in which case the seeds will be inside the case for additional security. There will be no identifying features on the outside of the package which makes the entire process secure and discrete.


Seedsman offers free seeds as a promotion for spending a certain amount and doubles your freebies for paying with Bitcoin! They also offer a loyalty program based on a points system. You can receive bonus points on your birthday and once you order five separate times.

There are some pretty decent sales available that give you a discount on certain strains. They change up the strains that are on sale fairly often, so make sure to check each time you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Seedsman from?

Seedsman is from Barcelona, Spain. They have customer service phone lines available in the USA, the UK, Poland, Spain, Germany, and France.


Is Seedsman a real company?

Yes! Seedsman has over 10,300 reviews on Trustpilot. They have been in business for nearly two decades.


What types of promotions does Seedsman run?

Seedsman runs over 40 free seed promotions at a time. They also offer bulk discounts of up to 20% off your order. If you spend more than 30 Euros they include free seeds with your order.  They do double the free seeds when you pay with Bitcoin. They also offer free shipping to Europe.


How long does shipping take?

If you are in the USA Seedsman puts their delivery window between 5-25 days. That’s a rather large window so make sure you order seeds well in advance of when you want to begin growing.


Pros and Cons


  • Huge seed and strain selection, over 4,400 options!
  • Well trusted company
  • Highly rated, with reviews on individual strains
  • Loyalty program and good promotions
  • Accept Bitcoin
  • Low-cost seeds
  • Ships globally
  • Discrete packaging


  • Hard to reach a real person on the customer service line
  • Limited germination guarantee
  • Must pay for shipping guarantee

Final Thoughts

Overall Seedsman is one of the leading seed banks available online today! They have a large seed and strain selection and offer more than 4,000 individual options for your seeds. They helped pioneer feminized and auto-flowering plants. A portion of their proceeds goes to supporting cannabis legislation and education.

Their shipping is cheap and discreet and has the option to be insured. Their reviews are available on each strain as well as overall for the company. The company has an average rating of 4.5 stars, based on over 10,000 reviews! Overall, you’re unlikely to go wrong making your first purchase from Seedsman, which is great for new and seasoned growers alike.

Crop King Seeds Review 2019

If you’ve been looking for a new supplier and seed bank for all of your high-quality seeds, you might be thinking about giving Crop King a try. Crop King is a seed bank company that is operated from Vancouver, Canada. Crop King claims that they offer their customers with high-quality seeds, with discreet worldwide shipping coming as standard as well.

The products offered by Crop King are said to be potent and high-quality and could be a good choice of seed if you’re looking to start up your own new enterprise.

Crop King is one of the better-known seed banks, but what is it actually like to buy seeds through them? Are the seeds offered by Crop King worth the money, and how do they compare to the seeds that are offered by rival seed bank companies?

Crop King History

Crop King is a Vancouver, Canada based company that sells high-quality seeds all around the world. Founded originally all the way back in 2005—fourteen years ago now—the company has made it its mission to provide high-quality seeds for every one of its customers. Crop King established their first ever retail partnership seven years ago, back in 2012, and have since progressed and expanded their operations so that they now provide seeds to over 100 unique retail partners.

Crop King’s Goals

Crop King seems to pride itself on offering its customers the highest quality of seeds in the market. They offer a wide range of different seeds and have made it their goal to be able to provide their customers with seeds that represent the epitome of modern cannabis genetics.

The Crop King’s website explains that the company’s mission is to not only provide quality, however, but to also improve on the quality of exiting genetics and strains; through the use of careful breeding selection, the company helps to encourage its partners to continually improve the genetics and genetic potential of the seeds that are sold.

By working to source and produce new, high-quality varieties of cannabis, Crop King claim that they are able to offer consistently superior quality and more diverse range of seeds. It is this goal toward quality that has helped many people to trust in Crop King, but are they a trustworthy company?

What Seeds Can Crop King Supply?

Crop King specializes in providing their customers with the highest quality cannabis seeds. They offer a number of different types and varieties of seeds, and of these, they can also offer feminized cannabis seeds (ideal for people who want a flower that will mature more rapidly) and autoflowering cannabis seeds (which can be a good choice for those people who don’t want to have to go about the act of interfering with light cycles in order to get their plants to flower—thereby resulting in more harvest opportunities from a single growing season).


Crop King offers many different strains of some of the most potent seeds on the market from their 200 stores in and around Canada or from their online store. These strains include the following varieties:

  • Purple Kush
  • Dark  Angel
  • White Cookies
  • Crown Royale
  • Candy Cane


Crop King also offers two special seed packs: the feminized Mix Pack and the Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack. These two different products are said to be the best value for money for customers and offer high-quality plants that will fit the grower’s specific requirements.

One of the biggest criticisms of Crop King is generally that the company has a somewhat limited supply of seeds, however, the high-quality of the stock that is available generally makes up for this.

Crop King Shipping And Delivery Policy

Crop King is based in Vancouver, Canada, however, the company is happy to ship their seeds to any country world. For their Canadian customers, their seeds are packaged in their standard product packaging; for other countries, the products will be available in a container of some other description. In every instance, the packaging in which the seeds are delivered is discreet and sealed; this helps to ensure that the seeds stay as fresh as possible during shipping, giving customers the very highest quality potent seeds once the delivery has been made. 

Shipping fees for Crop King’s products can be rather steep, with a $10 fee being placed on deliveries for products that are being sent anywhere other than Canada itself. In addition, this $10 fee only covers standard shipping; the actual delivery of the seeds could take as long as 25 days.

Alternatively, Crop King offer their customers an express shipping service, which includes tracking for the product. The price for this service ranges between $30 and $60, the price of which is determined based on where in the world the seeds are being delivered to. The delivery time for Crop King’s express shipping option is 5 to 7 days.

One important point of consideration is the fact that approximately one in every twenty packages will be seized by customs; there is only one way to ensure that the product arrives is to choose the more costly express delivery option.

Crop King also offers a free shipping option for customers who make orders of over $300. All Canadian deliveries are made in an unmarked envelope, for the ultimate discretion possible.


Crop King Pricing And Payment

Crop King offers numerous different ways to pay for their customers, which is a necessity for a company which operates on such a global scale. The company accepts both Visa cards and Mastercards, as well as having the ability to accept payment by digital currencies.

The prices for the seeds sold by Crop King are generally higher than the prices charged for seemingly comparable products by Crop King’s competitors. However, the seeds that Crop King sell are almost always more potent and reliable, and this makes them arguably better value for money than some cheaper varieties that you might find.

Crop King does sometimes offer special discounts and promotions for subscribers to their newsletter. However, these promotions are often not overly generous in terms of size.

Crop King Website And Customer Service

The Crop King website has been something of a mess for years, with the original design being used up until recently. Thankfully, the company has finally upgraded their website; this now means that the Crop King website is easy to use and navigate, especially when compared to its predecessor which was uninviting, ugly, and somewhat hard to wrap your head around.

The customer service that is available for Crop King customers is incredibly impressive. Not only do Crop King take the highest level of care during shipping in order to ensure their customers’ satisfaction and discretion—a step which many seed banks simply cannot be bothered enough to take—but Crop King also make it possible for their customers to get in touch with the company quickly and easily.

The majority of Crop King customers seem to report that they are fairly happy with the customer service offered by the company. Not only can Crop King work to provide their customers with many different solutions to problems, thereby helping to ensure that everyone can try out Crop King’s incredible range of seeds, but the company also reply quickly and considerately to every request.

For people living in Canada, there is—of course—also the option of heading into one of the two hundred different seed bank stores in the country in order to get one to one advice from a member of the shop team.

Different contact options are available for people buying through the company, including a toll-free telephone number; a physical address for mailing letters; a live chat service on their website; and a contact form as well, for messaging them by email. The company has numerous professional employees and representatives who can help you to make the right decision for your needs. However, it is notable that some previous customers have pointed out that the live chat services can be something of a chore; the operators seem frustrated at having to help with your concerns and have been known to tell people to “move along” if they have no other requirements in a blatantly rude manner.

Crop King’s Seed Quality And Strain Selection

The seeds offered by Crop King are among the highest quality in the industry, and these seeds are therefore a great basis for anyone looking to grow their own cannabis plants.

On every seed page on the website, Crop King offer reviews from previous customers, thereby helping customers to ensure that the seeds which they are ordering will be of the highest quality. The company offers a guaranteed germination rate of 80% or better, which is an impressive claim to make by a seed bank and one which is often not given to customers. In addition to this, the seeds generally grow well and quickly and, with the numerous different strains available on offer (including the feminized and autoflowering varieties), a rapid growth rate from the cannabis plants sourced from Crop King can be relied upon.


However, while Crop King generally has a very good reputation for being able to offer their clients with the highest standard of seeds, they are not perfect. In the past, reports have been made of the company sending out the wrong seed varieties to their customers or otherwise not being overly efficient in terms of sending out replacement seeds, when they are requested. Additionally, despite the 80% germination guarantee, some people have reported that they have seen a number of their plants failing to germinate.

Generally speaking, complaints with the company are overshadowed by the larger number of positive reviews. However, it should be noted that Crop King are not perfect and do sometimes have some issues, arguably despite their best attempts. The best approach to take, therefore, is to read the reviews yourself—especially for the specific strain that you are looking to buy—so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not Crop King is the right company for you to buy seeds from.


Crop King offers a number of different types of seeds for their customers. Along with their feminized and automized varieties, customers can also choose between high CBD or even CBD only strains of seeds, which are ideal for patients who need the seeds to grow their own medicinal cannabis plants. However, Crop King has less strains than most of its competitors.

Crop King: Pros and Cons

There are a number of reasons why Crop King are favored as one of the best seed banks out there, however, there are also drawbacks to their services that should be considered.


Crop King is one of the oldest established seed banks and their experience is clear to see in the impressive products which they offer.


  • They give customers the guarantee of 80% germination rate and, failing this, will work to rectify the situation.
  • Customers have a great choice of seeds that they can choose between when they buy through Crop King, including feminized and autoflowering seed versions. 
  • The Crop King seeds are particularly suited to medicinal cannabis users, thanks to their special seeds that are especially high in CBD.
  • Numerous different contact options.
  • Customer service is generally helpful and prompt.
  • The team behind the company have been in the industry for many years and continually work to improve the quality of the seeds that they offer to their customers, through careful genetic selection.


  • While Crop King offers a number of different strains of seeds, it is undeniable that the company’s offering is somewhat limited when compared to the offerings provided by their competitors.
  • The prices of Crop King’s seeds is quite often higher than other strains, which might put many people off buying seeds through the company.
  • The customer support can be a little rude, at times.


Crop King is one of the oldest seed banks and is well known for being fair to its customers. Its customer support services might be a little rude but responses are at least prompt and the company tries its best to help out wherever possible.

Crop King is not perfect, but when it comes to seed banks, it is a good company that is definitely worth considering for your next purchase of high-quality cannabis seeds.

True North Seed Bank Review 2019

About True North Seed Bank

For marijuana growers, it can be hard to know if an online seed bank is reputable. Mixed reviews online can make for a confusing shopping experience. Don’t worry; we are here to help. We are going to go in-depth, into all the features of True North Seed Bank and answer once and for all, are they a legitimate company? 

True North Seed Bank has its headquarters out of Toronto, Ontario. Canada legalized the cultivation and consumption of marijuana in October 2018. Ever since then, Canadians have been able to grow their own marijuana without legal repercussions. It makes sense that True North runs its operation in the largest city in Canada. 

If you are buying your seeds in Europe, True North has a seed distribution warehouse in the United Kingdom. This additional warehouse overseas allows for faster shipping times globally. Which warehouse your order comes from depends on which is closer to the destination, and they do ship globally. Overall, one of the ways True North excels is their relatively fast shipping times compared to other popular seed banks. 

Seed Selection

They offer a detailed menu to choose your seed type from, including growing conditions, color, variety, and other attributes. They provide various kinds of flowering seeds: auto, regular, and feminized. You can select from color, size of the plant, and THC/CBD content. 

One area that True North excels in is its large selection of seeds. Each seed breeder has different quality seeds, so it’s essential to research your breeder when making a selection. They have upwards of 1,500 fresh seeds available. 

True North offers a discount on bulk seeds when you buy more than 50 seeds of the same kind. If you’re looking to start a large growing operation True North may be the seed bank for you. They have a wide variety of medical strains available to choose from, as well as Cannabis Cup winners.

Strain Selection

An interesting way you can sort the strain selection at True North is by the effect. This section includes things like cerebral buzz and euphoria. Whether you are growing for the unique effect of the strain, or are attempting to medicate an illness True North can help you find the perfect strain for you. 

You can also sort by the medical conditions that the different strains treat. True North started off by only offering medical strains and they have a large selection. They have almost thirty symptoms to sort and search by including nausea, pain, and PTSD. If you’re growing specifically to medicate a condition you can find a great strain to use by utilizing this function. 

You can also sort by the more technical features of the plants, such as height and yield. You can choose which strains are best for indoor versus outdoor growing. The selection can be sorted by the percentage of THC/CBD or more broadly, if it’s an indica or sativa.

Seed Breeders

Like most seedbanks, True North includes free seeds with every order. True North does not breed their own seeds. Instead, they rely on established seed breeders to stock their inventory. The best way to determine the quality of the seeds is by the reputation of the individual breeder. The reason many reviews are hit or miss for this seller is because they use more than one breeder for their seeds. 

True North offers a relatively wide variety of breeders and stock more than 50 breeding companies. They have breeders that are well known as well as those that are newer to the scene, so it’s a good company if you want to try some obscure strains or breeders. If you hover over their “Seedbanks” menu, you’ll get a list of affiliated sellers. They mark which sellers currently have promotions and which companies are new affiliates.

Promotions, Coupons or Deals

They run several promotions at any given time for the different breeds of seeds that they offer. The promotions are worth a look before you place an order. Some of them run every month, and some are for a limited time only. Several of their promotions are brand specific and only apply to a small portion of their seeds. 

One unique promotion is their “Canuk Puks,” which are small collections of seeds that share a common feature. These come packaged in hockey puck-shaped containers as a nod to Canada’s favorite sport. Each contains three or four varieties of seeds. One (Puk 3.0) is even pastry themed, making for one tasty treat!

Customer Service

Unfortunately, online seed banks have a moderate to bad reputation when it comes to customer service. However, True North customer service is better than most seed banks. They have a phone line where you can call them, whereas some seed banks only have a “contact us” online form. Their phone line is available on weekdays. 

It seems that for every online product or company, there are mixed reviews posted to the forums. After doing some research, we’ve found that most of the reviews tend toward the positive. One of the main problems cited is the lack of germination. However, if you focus on customer service, there doesn’t seem to be very many issues reported. 

Payments and Packaging

There are plenty of ways to pay for your order. A downloadable form allows you to make your order offline. They also accept Visa and Mastercard. They accept money orders, cash, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers as well. These options are typical for most online seedbanks, although not every online seed bank accepts Visa payments. 

Often the seeds come in the same packaging the breeder uses. The outside packaging will feature a plain padded envelope without hints as to what may be inside. If you’d like to be extra careful, they have a shipping option where they will pack the seeds in with another seemingly random item. This has the benefit of making it appear like the random item was the intended purchase. This shipping option costs extra and is a little more expensive than similar options from competing seed banks. 

Accessories and Apparel

True North also features a small section of smoking accessories, mostly branded items like lighters, rolling papers, and ash-trays. They do sell c-vaults, which are humidity-controlled curing chambers for your bud post-harvest. There are also regular stash jars to choose from if you’re not looking for something humidity-controlled or are on a budget. 

If you’re looking for apparel, they have a fairly good selection. They offer tank tops and t-shirts for both men and women. A lot of the available options represent Canuk Seeds as well as specific strains. They have shirts for Granddaddy Purple, Super Lemon Haze, and White Rhino. They have other available novelties as well, like coffee mugs and lanyards. 

Pros and Cons


  • Decent customer service
  • Fast shipping
  • Large selection of seeds and strains


  • Expensive free shipping minimum
  • Small accessories and apparel section
  • Only resell other breeders seeds

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is True North located?

True North is located in Toronto, Canada. They have a distribution warehouse in the United Kingdom.

      2. How long will shipping take?

In the USA and Canada, it should take between 5-14 business days to receive your purchase.

      3. What is the minimum purchase for free shipping?

The minimum is $420 USD or about $550 CAD. 

      4. Does True North breed their own seeds?

No, True North is a reseller and partners with established seed breeders to sell their seeds out of their online storefront. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, True North is a fairly reliable company. Besides some germination issues reported occasionally they tend to have reasonably good reviews on their customer service. Shipping is fast, although slightly on the expensive side. They have a large selection of seeds, also available in bulk quantities. They have a small selection of apparel and accessories. Most importantly, they partner with a good selection of seed breeders that contribute to their large variety of strains. True North is a legitimate seed bank. 


Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA 2019 [Review]

Seed Bank

Are you keeping up with the latest news today? If yes, then you’re probably aware already of cannabis’ legalization in many states of the USA. As the news spread and reached cannabis aficionados worldwide, we can’t deny the fact that it made a big noise. This also affected the market since the number of people who are interested in buying and growing cannabis increased. Not to mention in the states where marijuana or cannabis is now legal for medical and recreational use. 

In case you’re wondering, these are the states in the USA that legalized cannabis:

  • Alaska – Medical and Recreational 
  • Arizona – Medical
  • Arkansas – Medical
  • California – Medical and Recreational
  • Colorado – Medical and Recreational
  • Connecticut – Medical
  • Delaware – Medical
  • District of Columbia – Medical and Recreational
  • Florida – Medical
  • Hawaii – Medical
  • Illinois – Medical and Recreational
  • Louisiana – Medical
  • Maine – Medical and Recreational
  • Maryland – Medical
  • Massachusetts – Medical and Recreational
  • Michigan – Medical and Recreational
  • Minnesota – Medical
  • Missouri – Medical
  • Montana – Medical
  • Nevada – Medical and Recreational
  • New Hampshire – Medical
  • New Jersey – Medical
  • New Mexico – Medical
  • New York – Medical
  • North Dakota – Medical
  • Ohio – Medical
  • Oklahoma – Medical
  • Oregon – Medical and Recreational
  • Pennsylvania – Medical
  • Rhode Island – Medical
  • Utah – Medical
  • Vermont – Medical and Recreational
  • Washington – Medical and Recreational
  • West Virginia – Medical

If your state isn’t included in this list, it only means that cannabis is still illegal within your area. But if there’s a blinking Go signal either for medical, recreational or both, then you’re good to go. Just take note that marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal. This is the main reason why buying cannabis seeds can still a bit challenging for many. For those who are still new in growing marijuana, buying seeds can be really frustrating at times.

If it’s not the authorities and nosy people, you can blame the quality of seeds. No matter how excited you are, there are seeds with poor quality that also ruin your day. Other things that customer experiences have in common include unresponsive customer service and missing packages. Obviously, other seed banks just don’t care whether you got the package in its best condition or not. As an answer to this, we recommend purchasing from reputable seed banks only from different countries.

They can make things a lot easier since they know how to keep the transactions safe on both ends. After all, these top-rated seed banks ship their products in the USA using discreet packaging. As a result, the chance of getting caught or being seized by any concerned authorities is very small. So, we’ve already done the research and found the best online seed banks that ship to USA states.


Top 9 Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

Let’s get started and learn more about these seed banks, shall we? 


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)


Robert Bergman is the man/founder behind the success of I Love Growing Marijuana. Aside from spending time taking care of his plants for more than 2 decades already, he is also an author. Can you guess what his book is all about? Of course, it’s about growing marijuana which he started writing about it in 2012. Digging in more about the roots of I Love Growing Marijuana, Bergman’s fascination in marijuana started at an early age.

In fact, Bergman was already growing marijuana around Amsterdam in the mid-90s. He started growing in a small home where he produced a few plants. From that small homegrown cannabis, he fell in love with it too much that he pursued a bigger plan. Thus, he improved his plants into mega grows inside his industrial-sized grow plants and lab breeding. Eventually, he decided to stop growing cannabis after more than 20 years of experience to pursue other plans.

But it doesn’t mean that his passion for cannabis suddenly faded. Bergman learned so much about being a professional marijuana grower so he decided to share his knowledge instead. He knew that the best way to reach his target audience is through the internet. So, he maximized the internet by creating a blog about growing marijuana. The blog started as the place where he shares everything related to growing cannabis.

From proper caring, maintaining security, accessing the highest quality seeds, to harvesting and selling, Bergman got everything covered. But when readers started to ask where they could buy seeds, this opened a new door for them. Thus, I Love Growing Marijuana partnered with the top breeders to help readers get the best seeds on the market. They offer Feminized seeds, auto Flowering seeds, Beginner seeds, Outdoor Marijuana seeds, and other kinds of marijuana seeds. 

To increase your yield, they also offer marijuana fertilizer, grow kits, and seed variety packs. For a complete list of their offers, simply head to their website and check out their latest deals.



Crop King Seeds 


Known as one of the first companies that started selling high-quality marijuana seeds online, Crop Kings Seeds had a humble beginning. Before they were known for selling world-class marijuana seeds from professional marijuana growers, the company started with a single employee. After selling and shipping seeds from just an apartment, the operation was put on hold in 2005. But in December 2012, the Crop King Seeds bounced back in business with more employees. 

Their employees traveled around the world to visit the best marijuana farms to grow their seed genetics. Within the following month, they developed their Crop King Seeds website and packaging before marketing themselves to the public. Due to the increasing customer demand, they decided to open their first office in Hastings Street, Vancouver on November 1, 2013. That small office reflected their humble beginnings with a dream to achieve success and expand.

After a few months of continuous hard work, the company landed its 100th location in Nova Scotia on June 27, 2014. Then, they hired 2 full-time employees and developed a 24/7 customer service line to take care of customer inquiries. They also joined in their first trade show called “GreenRush Financial Conference” and won the best booth award. In February 2015, Crop King sponsored the Trailer Park Boys movie when they visited the Kush Cup Canada show. 

In December 2015, their “White Cookies” strain made it to the “Top 10 Strains of 2015” featured in the High Times Magazine. The following year, they continued to grow fast with booths, more trade shows, entertaining people and their own mascot. Now, the company offers almost 40 strains, 24 hours of customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction. Thus, Crop King Seeds remains to be one of the leading companies in expanding the industry of marijuana. 

The company offers different types of seeds from Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. You can also choose from their offered genetics, THC percentage, and CBD percentage. Their site also shares a guide on “How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds” which you’ll find useful.

 MNSL Seedbank



Founded in 1999, MNSL was born when 2 friends started to grow seeds from strains they attained after over a decade of experience. From smoking, traveling, to trading in different parts of Europe and Australia, Ben and Christian always knew the great opportunity ahead. There’s more to smoking cannabis than a standard grass and hash resin that can be found in many places worldwide. Within 3 years, they managed to build a collection with more than 40 different genetic lines.

They also collected some F1s and 10 from their own creation which includes White LSD, THC Snow, and White Widow Max. Believe it or not, these are still considered as some of the best “high strength” and high yield cannabis varieties. Using this catalog, the first official seed bank was born and called MNSL the original seed bank. MNSL aims to empower marijuana smokers by helping them know where they are getting their seeds even their funded organizations.

The company’s founder was a geneticist who applies his passion and decades of experience in every single product they offer. After rigorous testing, comprehensive research, and an expert’s intuition, MNSL is confident that their products have the highest pedigree. Thus, MNSL prides themselves for offering the most cutting-edge discretion in the business industry. Their ninja stealthy also ensures that customers get what they paid for by maintaining the highest delivery success rates.

This includes a cleverly discreet billing to secure customers’ identity at every stage of the transit. In addition, MNSL offers a same-day dispatch and guaranteed delivery of every item for customers’ maximum reassurance. This is thanks to the normal and honest people that work hard behind the company’s desks. They are all about providing the best customer experience to achieve high satisfaction ratings on every transaction. After all, their pioneering breeders and producers spent years traveling around the world to find the best strains.

All for their customers, they guarantee a streamlined and efficient breeding process with excellent service without bloating their prices. So, what makes them popular among customers? MNSL gives free marijuana seeds with every order, worldwide stealth shipping, and free delivery. Their offers vary from Regular, Feminized, Auto Flowering, High CBD, strains, value packs, top strains, wholesale, and on sale products. 





If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that sells cannabis seeds, Seedsman is a nice choice. Seedsman is known as one of the most reputable online seed banks in the world. They started selling cannabis seeds since 2003 and started to evolved significantly over the past 10 years. Unlike other brands, Seedsman sells their brand of cannabis seeds. However, they also stock 1,500 strains from more than 65 seedbanks from different parts of the world. 

Seedsman offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of cannabis seeds in the world. Their collection includes a wide range of related goods such as storage products, books, and clothing. In addition, the company prides itself for offering a superb customer service that responds to customer queries within 24 hours. However, take note that Seedsman can’t provide any cultivation advice since they sell cannabis seeds as adult collectibles only.

The company’s mission is to help customers preserve cannabis genetics for the benefit of future generations. At the same time, they help promote the control and regulation of cannabis under the legal framework. Seedsman believes that cannabis genetics should be preserved to maintain a pool of diverse gene until politicians realize their benefits. These benefits include cannabis’ therapeutic applications and the best ways to reduce their negative effects on individuals through proper regulation. 

Also, the company sells other related products that can be used to help store their seeds for longer periods. After all, cannabis would be safer to buy/use under legal regulation since it’s easier to enforce age restrictions. It would be easier to control its potency and quality and keep the earnings away from criminal gangs. All users/smokers would also learn more about what they’re taking to have the freedom of choosing their tolerable strains and potency.

Seedsman believes to those who use cannabis responsibly who need to be protected by the law instead of being targeted. Thus, a part of their profit is used to promoting legal change not just in the UK but also worldwide. Upon checking their website, their offers include the Feminized, Auto Flowering, Regular, White Widow, Sensi, and Best-Selling Cannabis seeds. You might want to check out Barney’s farm as well through their website for more offers. 



Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)


Have you heard about Quebec Cannabis Seeds or QCS before? In case you didn’t know yet, this company is also known as the Canada Seed Bank. For Canadian citizens and many foreign customers, this is a go-to online store when it comes to cannabis seeds. It is the top provider of cannabis strains not just in Canada but worldwide. This is the result of working hard for the past 15 years to meet their clients’ expectations in delivering high-quality marijuana seeds.

They understand that the availability of their products’ strains doesn’t only make it less vulnerable to pests and diseases. It also opens new doors for a wider range of research and exploration. This is one of the reasons why Quebec Cannabis Seeds continues to increase the cannabis strains they sell. In fact, customers can contact them directly to get the best products that can help grow the healthiest plants. All cannabis strains of QCS are carefully selected manually to reach their optimum levels of THC and CBD.

Just like Seedsman, the company believes that preserving cannabis strains for future generations is very important. Thus, the company is one of the passionate supporters who advocate the control and regulation of marijuana. Instead of punishing those who use marijuana responsibly, QCS believes that they should be protected. With the help of legal instrument as a guide on marijuana’s proper use, its age restrictions and quality control can be achieved. This aims to help prevent financing criminal activities that come from marijuana sales. 

The regulation can also help users/smokers understand what they consume so they can make better and safer choices in life. QCS is the ideal online market for different varieties of seeds including the Regular, Auto Flowering, Feminized, and CBD Marijuana seeds. In case you want some seeds that can survive in the harsh climate of North America, QCS can help you. So whether you’re targeting massive yielders or interesting phenotypes, this company got your covered!



SeedSupreme Seedbank


For cannabis seeds with great value, SeedSupreme Seedbank is one of the best stores to get them. Their products vary from High THC, Regular, Feminized, and Auto-Flowering Cannabis seeds. They also got the dankest and stickiest pot strains come from around the world together with some heirloom landrace breeds. If you are looking for something else, SeedSupreme Seedbank also offers potent hybrids and classic Dutch genetics. 

Whether you are interested in new hybrid seeds or high-quality Kush, Northern Lights, Haze, or AK47, you got it. SeedSupreme Seedbank stocks a range of collectible seeds from various breeders who dedicated their time on developing desirable traits. These include CBD content, stability, THC levels as well as resistance to pests. If you need those High CBD strains, this seed bank also stocks a wide range of medicinal marijuana seeds.

These seeds have genetics that is considered helpful in combating pain, anxiety, and stress. SeedSupreme Seedbank sources their wide selection of the best cannabis strains from prominent international cannabis seed banks only. This is to make sure that you get the right seeds that you need to complete your collection. This seed bank offers awesome deals and flash sales that include their entire collection of pot seeds. 

Of course, there is also some news regarding the latest strains, seed banks, and a whole lot more offers. Thus, be sure to sign up to their newsletter to get all the latest updates about SeedSupreme Seedbank. You can even get some cannabis seeds for free by simply signing up to their bi-monthly newsletter. You can choose the right seeds you need without a hassle by going through their comprehensive website. All their products are divided into different categories which include the site areas and popular strains. 

SeedSupreme Seedbank also has a separate category where you can find the most popular seed banks affiliated in their company. These include Nirvana Seeds, Seedsman, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, and TGA Subcool. They also have Greenhouse Seeds, Cali Connection, and Mephisto Genetics so you won’t run out of options whenever you’re shopping. 



True North Seed Bank


Have you been looking for the true north? If you are referring to the seed bank, no worries because you just found the right place to find answers. True North Seed Bank is a widely known international supplier of cannabis seeds with the highest quality. The company is based in Canada and they focus on supplying fresh marijuana seeds to different parts of the world. After all, True North Seed Bank’s goal is to ensure that all visitors are welcome and safe in their hands.

Whether you are just checking looking around or a regular customer, you can easily browse through their vast collection online. Whenever you need medicinal marijuana, True North Seed Bank offers a wide range of collection medical marijuana seeds. But what we like about this company is their strong belief in selling marijuana seeds that are 100% fresh. Thus, the company’s team of experts personally selects their limitless supply of the world’s finest cannabis seeds.

All cannabis seeds that True North Seed Bank sells are sourced from the most elite breeders of weed seeds worldwide. So feel free to check out their official cannabis seeds store to get your hands on these high-quality products:

  • Stable and undeniably strong 100% Feminized seeds
  • Solid and legit old-School Regular Marijuana seeds
  • Stress-free, quick, and next-generation automatics
  • 100% landrace Indicas and Sativas that burst with raw power
  • Best-selling new hybrids for the “best of all possible worlds” experience

You can buy their seeds without a hassle through their online shop and get the best deals on offer. You can also call them on (+1) 416 679 0421 between 10 AM to 7 PM every Monday to Friday. If you are not in the mood to talk, you can also order using their offline form. True North Seed Bank has a downloadable order form that you can get by clicking the link on their website. Once you download it, you can edit and save it as a new file whenever you want to purchase anything. 

But if there are things that True North Seed Bank is proud, it definitely includes their impeccable customer service. They also ensure a fast seed dispatch where each order comes with free seeds to provide a top-notch shopping experience online. Most importantly, True North Seed Bank ensures that all orders they deliver are “guaranteed and completely discreet”. No questions asked, your orders will be delivered safely in your doorsteps just like any normal parcel.

Feel free to choose from their wide range of products that are categorized according to sex & variety, and type & color. They also have categories according to their growing options, specials offer, popular breeders, and recommended seeds.





Have you heard about Nirvana before? No, this Nirvana that we have here is far from the famous American rock band. What we have here is the Nirvana which is considered as one of the top seed banks that ships cannabis seeds to the USA. The company’s history started in the late 1980s when Nirvana’s founder Mau was still working at Positronics. Just so you know, Positronics is known as the legendary grow shop in Amsterdam.

Here, Mau learned a lot of things about cannabis which inspired him to start his own business of cannabis seeds. To gather more knowledge, experience, and source, Mau spent years traveling, seeking, and gathering the finest strains he can get. Then, he spent more years on experimenting, growing, cross-breeding marijuana. He even started to developed new cannabis strains to explore possibilities. He separates the best ones and puts them in his collection of first-rate hybrid seeds.

Using his own collection, Mau continued to apply and expand his knowledge in popular grow shops in Amsterdam. Things went smoothly and the opportunity to offer his expertise to the world together with all the products he developed came. So in 1995, Mau officially founded Nirvana as a company where he poured everything he has learned as a cannabis seed specialist. From his roots, his company grew into an impressive and advanced business concept.

In spite of the company’s familiar name and all the meaning that clings to it, Nirvana Seeds remain unique. They offer a range of original crafted hemp products that were carefully chosen to ensure their plants’ extraordinary benefits. At the same time, the company never stops on enhancing and extending their range of first-class cannabis seeds. Nirvana’s official website sells all their top-notch cannabis seeds together with all the seeds’ needed nutrients.

Their online shop is managed by a small but committed team of experts composed of programmers, developers, and packers. No wonder they pride themselves for providing excellent customer service to local and international customers. Customers also love coming back to their shop to purchase different types of cannabis seeds. They have Feminized seeds, Regular Marijuana seeds, Auto Flowering seeds, and Beginner seeds.

You can also choose from their different categories of seeds from Indica, Sativa, High THC, High CBD, and Hybrid seeds. To learn more about grow solutions, goodies, and seeds on sale, better check out their site while the offers are still hot.



Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)


Can’t get enough of Amsterdam? Well, you’re not alone which is why we also included Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds in this comprehensive guide. Also known as AMS, this seed bank started writing its history in Amsterdam back in 2002. After more than a decade of experience and service in the industry, they have gained a lot of good reviews. Take note, we’re not referring to forums in their local area only.

We’re talking about marijuana forums from different parts of the world since Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) is widely known worldwide. This seed bank specializes in strains that are composed of carefully handpicked strains only. All their seeds are selected by the best breeders in the Netherlands with the help of their years of experience. This strategy helps them achieve high customer satisfaction ratings for providing high-quality marijuana plant genetics. 

As a matter of fact, AMS offers over 120 different types of marijuana seeds. This means that the chance of finding the right seeds you need at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is definitely high. If you’re looking for the most popular strains like Big Bud, White Widow, Kush or Afghan, AMS got them all. They even offer unique varieties like White Widow XTRM, Borderliner XTRM, and AK47 XTRM.

Their selection of strains includes Indica, Sativa, Regular, Feminized, and the best Auto Flowering seeds for both beginners and professional growers. Just like other top-notch seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ships their products in discreet packages to protect customers and their parcel. Their seeds are delivered worldwide within 9 to 14 business days. You can also use various payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit Card, Western Union, and more. 

If you need help or queries regarding any of their products, you can contact their customer support via email. Since they are also known for having a great support team, expect to receive a response within 24 hours. 


What to Do Before Buying Cannabis Seeds?

Before you buy cannabis seeds on any seed banks, be sure that you check if they ship worldwide. Of course, the USA must be included in their list otherwise you’re better off looking elsewhere. Go for a seed bank with a user-friendly online shop so you can navigate their site with ease. An awesome customer support team to contact anytime is also a must. It’s always best to have someone to ask anything about their products and services before you buy. 

Aside from going through their list of products, don’t forget to check the quality of their products and their refund/return policy. When it comes to their accepted payment methods, the more currency they accept the better. Be sure that they also provide on time stealthy and discreet shipping to protect you and your parcel. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble just because the information on your parcels’ sticker reveals everything inside it. It’s better to be safe than sorry later.


Final Words

If we are going to choose one seed bank from this list, we would definitely go for ILGM seed bank. Why ILGM? Well, it’s pretty obvious since we intentionally put it first in the list. But to be more reasonable, I Love Growing Marijuana offers a huge variety of strains with the highest quality. After doing our own research, we also encountered a lot of positive reviews about the company which convinced us more.

Their website shares various growing guides from starting, using advanced techniques, and learning the growers’ dictionary. Also, they share valuable information through their YouTube channel to reach more audience around the world. But what we liked about this company is their passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise in cannabis seeds. Their company wasn’t born just to earn money.

ILGM was born out of love of growing marijuana and helping others get on the right track. In case you want to try other seed banks, feel free to choose from our prepared list above. We already compiled all the best seed banks that ship to the USA in this comprehensive guide.

Best 600 Watt LED Grow Lights Product Reviews 2019

Buying a 600W LED grow lights, doesn’t have to be a tedious job for every grower. Thus, we prepared this guide to help you choose the best 600W LED grow lights. In here, we included some tips on how you can spot the best 600W LED grow lights. Whether you are chopping on physical or online shops, this guide can certainly come in handy. So, make sure you really know what kind of plants you want to grow and the exact area they cover. At the same time, you should know how much light they need depending on their growth stage. Some models may come with 2 light modes that are specifically designed for certain plants and growth stages. Some may also have a more advanced cooling system that can keep your plants and grow area cooler. So, read on to see which one of our selected 600W LED grow lights will suit your needs and budget.

#1. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Dual-Chip Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Built with an upgraded dual chip 10W LEDs, this King Plus model is no doubt brighter than traditional LEDs. Engineered to maintain a balanced PAR output and light coverage, it produces the most comprehensive spectrum. Thus, it includes all the necessary light colors and intensity that are needed by your indoor plants. Whether you need it for the vegetative or flowering stage, it can give the amount of light similar to natural sunlight. It even includes an efficient cooling system with 2 quiet fans and aluminum heat sinks to keep your lights cool. Thus, it can prevent overheating to prolong its life. Most importantly, it is built with energy saving 600W LEDs that only consume about 120W.best 600 watt led grow lights

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.61 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Provides a full spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages with 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, and IR(730nm)
  • Covers 3 x 3.4 ft. lighting area with an adjustable height based on your plants’ growth stage and its environment
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -20 to 40°C, 45%RH~90%RH working temperature
  • Consumes 120W power that runs on an AC85 to 265V worldwide voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Built-in cooling system contains a thick LED board and 2 fans to dissipate heat
  • Designed to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan

Perfect for those budget seekers out there, we recommend this unit for both beginners and professional growers. It got the durability and efficient performance that are needed in a high-quality LED grow light. We also like the fact that it can cover more than 3 ft. lighting area with a full spectrum light.


  • Durable, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient
  • Produces a brighter light than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs
  • Works up to 14 hours a day depending on your plants’ current growth stage
  • Includes a free power cord and a hanging hook for an easy installation


  • Some units may contain bulbs that start to dim and get burn easily
  • Doesn’t include adjustable ratchet ropes


#2. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you’re looking for a cool LED grow light that is suitable for beginners and professionals, this might be it. This 600W LED grow light from Phlizon promises a high-quality product with a bigger coverage of the lighting area. In spite of its size, it is actually a very lightweight light system packed with improved features like cooling fans. Thus, you can set it up quickly without a sweat and expect it to last longer. You can also manage its view angle with 90° and 120° angle. Aside from having powerful LED bulbs, this model is also CE, FCC, and ROHS Certified to prove its reliability. It even comes with a thermometer humidity monitor and an adjustable rope for additional convenience.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.3 pounds with 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° and 120° view angle
  • Covers 2 x 2 ft. core area at 24 inches height and 3 x 3 ft. max area at 24 inches height with an adjustable height based on your plans’ growth
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs with a PPFD value of 255.7 umol/m²s at 18 inches hanging height
  • Consumes 108W power only that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Veg and bloom On/Off switch apply to germination, seedling, veg, and bloom stage
  • Double cooling fans keep its lights cool to avoid overheating
  • Built to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan

Compared with other grow lights, this is what we can consider as real budget-friendly and energy-efficient. Thus, we recommend it for first-time growers who want a compact unit that can cover a larger area. With its cooling system, we can also guarantee its long lifespan to make the most of its worth.


  • Great for all levels of growers
  • Doesn’t consume too much energy
  • Operates with a maintained low temperature
  • Provides a full spectrum lighting system for all growth stages
  • The fans operate quietly to keep its lights cooler


  • Not efficient for grow tents since its hanger takes a lot of space
  • Doesn’t include built-in heat sinks to help dissipate heat


#3. BESTVA Elite Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Whether you are planning to go for the veg or bloom mode, this LED grow light can help you out. This reflector series model from BESTVA is designed with veg and bloom mode that you can activate anytime. Regardless of your plants’ current growth stage, it can help boost their growth up to their maximum potential. Coming from a well-known brand when it comes to grow lights, it passed various scientific researches and tests. Thus, it is approved for taking care of medical plants such as cannabis plants and so much more. Moreover, it consists of an integral aluminum radiator so you don’t have to worry about overheating issues. It can also cover up to 2 x 2.2 ft. which is good enough for small scale growers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.71 pounds with 11.4 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Provides full spectrum light for all growth stages of indoor plants
  • Covers about 2 x 2.2 ft. core area at 24 inches height with 50 µmol/m²s LCP and 380 to 730 n wavelength range
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -68 to 104°F working temperature
  • 2 modes: bloom for seedling and flowering, veg for growing can be used for up to 18 hours a day
  • Consumes an average power of 132W that runs on an AC85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Updated cooling system with 5 mm. thick built-in aluminum structure radiator instead of pure fans
  • Built to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan

Despite being a smaller LED grow light compared with its competitors, this model promises bigger benefits. It is one of the most cost-effective options that we can approve to last for years of regular use. Thus, it’s a small but terrible unit that can keep your plants alive with changeable control modes.


  • Energy-efficient and ideal for beginners or professional growers
  • Uses a single but more efficient aluminum radiator cooling system
  • Compact and made from lightweight but durable materials
  • Designed to withstand over 212°F temperatures


  • Extremely bright and can’t be used without wearing protective glasses
  • Not waterproof


#4. HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Garden Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Growing Lights

Are you a fan of HIGROW? In that case, then this is something you shouldn’t miss. Specially designed with a 12-band full spectrum, this Led grow light consists of all the needed lights of indoor plants. This includes Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(600-610nm), Yellow(580-590nm), Green(520-530nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K), UV(380-400nm), and IR(740-760nm). With a smart and more concentrated lighting angle, it reduces its light loss by 30%. Thus, a higher PAR/Lumen light can penetrate into your foliage to increase your harvest. Its heat sinks also keep your lights cool so you can use it for long hours without worry.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 11.2 pounds with 16.2 x 10.5 x 2.6 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Covers about 3 x 3 ft. core area at 24 inches height and 4 x 4 ft. max area at 24 inches height for growing
  • Contains 120 x 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that provide 2 ranges of white spectrum: 2700 to 3000K and 4200 to 4500K
  • Consumes an average power of 250±3% watt that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Built to last for years with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan


  • Suitable for all levels of indoor growers
  • Provides sufficient light for plants under the vegetative and flowering stage
  • Reduces 30% light loss with concentrated light
  • Produces a very intense light without using too much energy


  • Doesn’t include a built-in timer
  • The fans can be a little noisy while keeping your lights cool


#5. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you’re looking for LED grow lights that are not too expensive and not too cheap, this might work. It costs a little higher than the previous models but still worth less than $200. As one of VIPARSPECTRA’s products, it comes with advanced features and better canopy penetration. Thus, you can ensure that all your plants under it can absorb its light easily to help them grow faster. Though it doesn’t contain many red lights, it still is an efficient and competitive product that’s worth investing in. It’s also protected by its built-in cooling fan and heat sinks to last longer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 11.6 pounds with 15.3 x 12.8 x 3 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Covers 3 x 3 ft. vegetative area at 32 inches height and 2.5 x 2.5 ft. flowering area at 22 inches height with an adjustable height based on your plants’ growth
  • Consumes an average power of 260±3% watt at 120V that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 120 x 5W high-intensity Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs with 2.17A at 120V, 1.18A at 220V amperage
  • Designed to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • UL Certified with daisy chain function
  • Produces an evenly spread light within its coverage area
  • Guarantees an intense canopy penetration to ensure plants’ faster and healthier growth
  • Helps plants grow beautifully with all their needed lights


  • Could have been better with more red lights
  • Some units may arrive with a noisy fan


#6. BESTVA 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Known as one of the top brands that offer resilient products, this LED grow light from BESTVA is worth a try. In fact, it is also one of the most affordable products out there that offer a full spectrum which consists of red, blue, and white lights. Compared with the brands’ other series, dual chip series provide greater light coverage while consuming less power. It also provides an excellent PAR/Lumen to achieve a higher intensity of light that is brighter than regular LEDs. Just like the previous models, it also has its own cooling system that dissipates heat after long hours of use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.5 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 250W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • Covers about 4 x 3.6 ft. core area at 24 inches height to provide a full spectrum for all growth stages
  • Contains 60 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -68 to 104°F working temperature
  • Consumes an average power of 125W that runs on an AC85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Can last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • Consumes less power using 6 ft. power cord
  • Doesn’t need an extra ballast
  • Can be operated by a timer
  • Provides 2x light coverage of reflector LEDs and traditional HPS bulbs
  • Ensures a balanced distribution of high Lumen and light coverage


  • Lacks the daisy chain function
  • Cant’ be looked at directly without wearing protective glasses


How to Choose the Best 600W LED Grow Lights?

Believe it or not, there are thousands of LED grow lights are currently offered in the market. Thus, choosing the best 600W LED grow lights can be a little challenging especially if you’re a first-time buyer. In this case, we’ve come prepared with some tips to help you choose the best 600W LED grow lights. Most importantly, these tips will help you score the best deals to make the most of your budget. So, read on and start making your checklist.

  • Determine The Crops You Want To Grow

First things first, determine the kind of crops or plants you want to grow under these lighting systems. Depending on the kind and amount of harvest you aim to get, you can get the right type of model. Specifically, smaller units that may or may not have a daisy chain feature are perfect for beginners and hobbyists. Some may also be offered as DIY kits to suffice the customers’ love for indoor gardening. For bigger crops that are also bigger in number, there are bigger units that are suitable for commercial use. These models also have ETL or UL certification to ensure your plants’ healthy growth. When it comes to greeneries, there are vertical LED grow lights that can boost their yield and growth.

  • Measure Your Lighting Area

To make sure that every part of your plants are well-lighted, measure the entire area that needs to be covered. Once you have your needed size, it will be easier for you to find a model that has the same lighting coverage. Regardless, your grow light’s coverage area can be over but not less than your plants’ coverage area. In some cases, you may use multiple LEDs to cover a certain area and connect them with daisy chain fixtures.

  • Determine Your Plants’ Growth Stage

Depending on your plants’ growth stage, you may need to switch between different lighting modes such as veg and bloom modes. You may also need LED grow lights that can produce a full spectrum to support all your plants’ growth stages. Some may also include dimmers which come in handy in some growth stages.

  • Check The Light’s Angle

Another thing to look for when choosing the best 600W LED grow lights is its light angle. The greater the angle the better angle of dispersion and light coverage your plants can get. Thus, a lesser angle is also equal to less dispersion but more direct light.

  • Consider Your Budget

Whether you want to admit or not, we all need a budget no matter how big or small it is. All the mentioned items above together with your budget can help you narrow down your search. Just like buying other products, it is never a good idea to overspend unless necessary. Thus, it is just practical to set a flexible budget that you can use to consider your options.


Before you decide on purchasing a certain model of LED grow lights on the market, take note of their differences. Not all 600W LED grow lights are the same simply because they come from different manufacturers and brands. Thus, these lighting systems may arrive in the market with some similarities and unique features. Of course, it’s hard to tell which one has the best feature without actually laying them in front of you.

Thus, we hope that this review guide can help you find the best 600W LED grow lights according to your needs. Regardless of the kind of crops, growth stage, and space you have, our list of products above can help you shop.

15 Best Led Grow Lights (Cannabis) Reviews For 2019

Whatever is the weather outside, keeping your plants safe from too much of everything can be easier nowadays. From herbal plants that you use in the kitchen to other leafy greens and flowering plants, you can now keep them inside. This is thanks to our latest technology today that allows us to provide artificial light for indoor plants. With this guide, you can learn about how LEDs work for growing plants as well as its benefits.

At the same time, it’ll be easier for you to find the best LED grow light that suits your plants’ needs. No need to waste your time searching elsewhere, below are the top products that can keep your plants healthy.

15 Top Led Grow Lights Reviews 2019

#1. Mars ECO 300W Led Grow Light( Editor’s Choice)

Specially chosen as the Editor’s Choice, this LED grow light from Mars Hydro is an ideal unit for beginners. It is built with 300W power that is enough to help your plants grow tall and healthy. It utilizes a 12-band full spectrum light with IR to help your plants achieve an optimum photosynthesis response. It also additional red lights that help plants achieve a bigger fruit, flower, and more yield.best led grow lights

Its built-in Boss cooling fan and cooling holes regulate its temperature and protect the Epistar LED lights to last longer. Its upgraded daisy chain function makes it more convenient to operate and manage for any indoor plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.75 pounds with 11.7×10.3×3.1 inches dimension
  • Built with 24×24 inches core coverage for flowering plants and 42×66 inches maximum coverage for vegetable plants
  • Draws 116W AC120V, 115W AC240V of power with EU, UK, AU, USA, and Japan plug type
  • Hanging distance vary from 20-28 inches for seedlings, 16-20 inches for growth, and 10-16 inches for bloom
  • Produces 440-450nm, 450-460nm, 610-630nm, 630-635nm, 650-660nm, 730-740nm and 5500K-6000K spectrum        with Epistar chip brand
  • Works with AC100-240V, 0.968A/120V 0.5282 A/240V Amps with 50,000 hours lifespan and 49DB
  • Designed with 100% view angle of LED, =<90% humidity, and -20°C~40°C work temperature

Perfect for those who want to take their gardening into the next level, we recommend this energy-saving LED grow light. It is 70% more energy-saving and eco-friendly compared with other artificial lights.


  • Produce less heat
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Works extremely cool and quiet lighting system
  • ETL, RoHS, and CE Certified
  • Release high PAR value with 450 μmol at 18 inches
  • Provides deep penetration to ensure your plants’ growth


  • Doesn’t come with an additional control switch for an easier operation
  • Doesn’t offer separate bloom and veg lights for a more efficient effect

#2. BESTVA Elite 2000W LED Grow Light ( Budget Pick)

For a Budget Pick unit, this LED grow light from BESTVA is definitely a must-have for indoor plants. It’s very affordable and convenient to use whether you’re a first timer or a pro. It is built with 2,000W and an upgraded spectrum to get rid of its generic spectrum from the classic series. Though it can be used on almost any indoor plants, this model is specially designed for medicinal plants.led lights reviews

It offers two separate modes: bloom for seedling and flowering plants, and veg for growing plants. It also has its own cooling system inside with 5mm thick integral aluminum structure radiator which beats ordinary fans.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.1 pounds with 22×11.4×2.8 inches dimension
  • Replaces any LED grow light with 1400W HPS/MH
  • Designed with integral aluminum structure radiator 5 mm. thickness
  • Provides a full spectrum for all stages of your plants’ growth
  • Has a full core coverage area of 60×64.8 inches at 24 inches height
  • Set at 90° LED angle with 60 pieces of 10W Bridgelux/Epileds dual chip
  • Draws an average power of 401W with AC85–265V input voltage and 50–60Hz frequency
  • Works under -68~104°F work temperature with up to 100,000 hours lifespan

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly by high-quality LED for their indoor plants, this is a great option. It may not be the cheapest available but we can guarantee that it certainly is one of the best LEDs. Compared with 1400W HPS units, it only consumes 401W which makes it more energy-efficient in the long run!


  • Easy to set and to operate
  • Offers a bloom and veg setting for convenience
  • Produces low heat compared with other lighting solutions for indoor plants
  • Promotes faster and bigger amount of yields
  • Energy-efficient and doesn’t need any extra ballast


  • Too bright to be looked at directly an eye protection
  • Some units still emit a small amount of light even when turned off

#3. Roleadro LED Grow Light, 1000W Galaxyhydro Series

Galaxyhydro series of high intensity LED chips with improved PAR to improve its growth and yield. It produces a full spectrum that consists of more blue and red IR UV. It also comes with white light to ensure that it’s light as efficient as the natural sunlight. Unlike other LED grow lights, it comes with 2 high-speed cooling fans with aluminum heat sink and temperature controller.

This dissipates heat from the lamp to help it last longer. Moreover, it uses a unique LED bead and Zener design instead of reflectors to it can’t affect other LEDs nearby.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.74 pounds with 12.1×8.2×2.4 inches dimension
  • Built with 24×24 inches core coverage and 36×36 inches maximum coverage
  • Works with 135w±5% actual power, AC100~240V working voltage, and 50/60 Hz frequency
  • Powers up 100 pieces of 10W (1000W) Epileds LED chips with 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Designed with 120° lens and full spectrum layout for both bloom and veg indoor plants
  • Heat dissipation system reduce its produced heat to protect its chips and your plants from being damaged
  • Provides 453 PAR at 18 inches at its highest for 1,000W

Popular for its bright lights, this 1,000W LED is what we recommend for those who want an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. In less than $100, customers can already buy this unit and take advantage of its benefits without consuming too much energy. It prevents light loss so plants can utilize all its light.


  • Includes a timer to save energy
  • Ideal for growing all indoor plants even on hydroponics
  • Operates with a quiet cooling fan with 20-30% speed
  • Helps boost the plants’ defense mechanism with an expensive IR UV lamp
  • Perfect for winter with warm white light


  • Not powerful enough to help tomato plants grow tall and healthy
  • Too bright to be looked at directly without an eye protection

#4. HLG 550 V2 (Version 2, 3000K, 120V Plug) Horticulture LED Grow Light

This efficient LED has a customized design that comes with quantum boards that contain Samsung LM301B diodes. Its 3000K and 4000K white light full spectrum provides a maximum canopy penetration and a better view of your plants. It is also ideal for planting seedling to increase their growth with or without using lenses to narrow its beam angle.

Its reliable “passive-cooled” design helps eliminate heat from the lamp without using a fan. In addition, its dimmable power supply with 240-380W range has higher intensity and coverage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 18 pounds with 26x20x3 inches dimension
  • Built with 4.5×4.5 inches or 4×5 inches at 42 inches height coverage for flowering footprints
  • Draws 240–480W power with 90–277V AC voltage range
  • Designed with 1178.05 PPF total output and 2.5 μmol/joule system PPF efficacy
  • Recommended to be mounted 22–32 inches above the canopy


  • Specially designed to replace 1,000W HID LEDs
  • Provides a full spectrum to ensure your plants’ growth
  • Includes dimmable power supply for convenience
  • Offers bigger coverage for grow tents


  • Too expensive
  • The lamp gets too hot after using it for a couple of hours
  • The wiring underneath it is exposed and hazardous

#5. Optic 4 GEN3 405W COB LED Grow Light

This new commercial grade Optic 4 Generation 3 COB LED features the latest XLAMP CXB Series COBs. Thus, it can produce 30% more light in full cycle which can help plants from seed until you harvest it. This is also thanks to its combination of warm white and cool white light which distributes balanced lighting.

Moreover, it offers a dual channel with Ch.B 5W diode bloom enhancer, Ch.A COBs (veg and bloom) and Ch.A COBs &Ch.B 5W (flowering plants). This way, you can use it with a wide range of indoor plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 14.7 pounds with 15x15x3.5 inches product dimension
  • 4×4 inches–4.5×4.5 inches maximum veg coverage area with 24–36 inches height
  • 3×3 inches–4×4 inches flower coverage area with 24 inches height
  • Timer with push-button control allows you to set up its lighting schedule
  • Contains 2 pieces of 3,000K warm white and 5,000K cool white COBs
  • Works with AC 110–265V input voltage and 3.6 Amps @110V/1.9 Amps @240V input current


  • Offers a full spectrum with the latest white light technology
  • Tested and proven to provide the highest yield on plants
  • Produces 40% more light to the canopy with less 10W


  • Produces a little noise that comes from its fan
  • The COBs gets too hot than necessary which can burn you

#6. K5 Series XL1000 Indoor LED Grow Light

When it comes to choosing energy-efficient LED grow lights, this is definitely one of those must-have units. It uses about half of the energy that HPS lights to produce a higher amount of harvest per watt. Built with modern LEDs, it doesn’t need additional fans to dissipate its heat and last longer. It runs cool without additional temperature regulator behind its back.

It also has individual diodes that contain specific colors which allow it to emit the exact spectrum your plants need. Its 12-ban spectrum is designed to match the needs of plants on any growth stage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 36 pounds with 26x20x3.5 inches dimension
  • Draws 630w (±5%) of maximum power with 5.25A @120V/2.625A @240V Amperage and 1,000W HID wattage equivalent
  • Works with 100-240V AC input voltage and UL Stnd. < 76V DC output voltage
  • Built with .99 power factor, 320 (3w, 5w, UV, IR) diodes, and >50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Designed with 5×5 inches footprint and 720.25 PPFD peak


  • Certified with EC, ROHS, and UL listed
  • Uses PWM dimming lights
  • Provides an extra-large footprint that promotes better harvests
  • Allows you to fully adjust its spectrum to match the needs of your flowers and vegetables


  • The deep penetration of spectrum is not that efficient for some plants
  • The fan is a little bit noisy

#7. G8LED 600W MEGA LED Grow Light

Can’t find the LED elsewhere that can solve your problem on growing indoor plants? If that’s the case then this model might help you out with its 4.5 x 4 inches area. It contains a 600W LED with optimal 8-band plus IR and UV in 3W chips for both veg and flower plants. It is an efficient replacement for 1,000W MH/HPS system.

Its ideal color ration allows it to provide an efficient amount of light to increase your plants’ growth. Thus, it uses the highest quality circuit boards, diodes, fans, power supplies, and casings.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 22.4 pounds with 20x12x3 inches dimension
  • Built with 48×60 inches veg coverage and flowering coverage
  • Draws an average power of 380W with 800–1,000W growing power of a Metal Halide bulb replacement
  • Uses 200 pieces of 3W bulbs with 1480 μmol PAR value
  • Designed with 110V @3.3Amp and 240V @1.6Amp input voltage and up to 100,000 hours of lifespan


  • Produces high-quality plants with better taste and aroma
  • Compatible with growing both flowering and vegetative plants
  • Promotes the most efficient and highest ratio of yield
  • Doesn’t require a ballast to operate


  • Too pricey compared with its competitors
  • Does not come with a separate bloom and veg switch for convenience

#8. Black Dog PHYTOMAX-2 400 LED Grow Lights

This patented model from Black Dog comes with exactly 420W and 641 μMol in a compact case. It powerful lamp beats most 600W HPS bulbs by producing a full spectrum of 365 – 750nm UV to NIR. Its Phyto-Genesis Spectrum technology also allows it to cover an entire footprint with an unparalleled level of PAR, canopy penetration, and amount of yields. It even comes with a pair of heavy-duty hangers together with its superior PhytoMAX-2 400 light.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 24 pounds with 30x30x12 inches dimension
  • Covers 4.25×4.25 inches maximum flowering footprint and 5.25×5.25 inches maximum vegetative footprint
  • Consumes an average 420W power and 641 μMol/s total photon flux
  • Operates efficiently under the temperature range of -4~104°F/-20~40°C and >0.98 power factor
  • 4 built-in fans protect its 168 pieces of 840W LEDs with up to 70,000 hours of expected lifespan
  • Has AC 100–250V acceptable voltage range and 50–60Hz AC frequency range


  • Patented with a compact design and powerful performance
  • Packed with the best and the latest technology for boosting plants’ growth indoors
  • Uses a lot less energy and produce less heat
  • ETL, RoHS, CE, and FCC Certified


  • Too pricey
  • Doesn’t allow you to adjust its single spectrum system for growth stages
  • Can’t be placed too close to the plants

#9. Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

As a product of the new generation of Platinum LED grows lights, this model comes with a complete 12-band spectrum. It features the highest PAR per watt compared with the standard models to ensure your plants’ maximum amount of yield. At the same time, it uses minimum power that produce less heat. It replaces 1,000W HPS grow lights by consuming 515W only to generate a maximum photosynthesis response.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 35 pounds with 36x3x12 inches dimension
  • Built with 6×4 inches maximum coverage and 5×3 inches core coverage at 18 inches height
  • Contains 300 pieces of 3W LED bulbs that are 100% made in the USA
  • Includes a secondary LED focusing lens that is set at 90°
  • Draws an average power of 279W for veg and 557W for bloom with 12-band LED spectrum
  • Works with AC 85–260V input voltage that lasts for 50,000-100,000 hours lifetime


  • Promotes maximum yield using less energy
  • Provides a complete and customizable dual-light spectrum
  • Secondary focusing lenses reinforces its finely tuned spectrum


  • The fans can be a little noisy
  • The light only covers what’s directly underneath it

#10. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

If you’re starting to try your gardening skills, this unit is great for beginners with a small budget. It offers a balanced spectrum that includes red and blue lights with optimal wavelength on flowering and veg growth phases. Despite its low price, it’s still built with IR and UV wavelengths that promote bigger and better buds.

It has a revolutionary fan that removes heat from the lamp and a power switch that’s UL certified and fire-resistant. It also comes with a thermometer that monitors its humidity.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4.3 pounds with 15.8×2.4×6.7 inches dimension
  • Draws 100W ±3% actual power with AC100-240V input voltage and 50-60Hz frequency
  • Spreads up to 15 x 15–10×10 inches core coverage
  • Constructed with UV protection and fire-resistant PC cover with metal frame
  • Uses 60 pieces of 600W LEDs with ≥ 50,000 hours lifespan and various spectrum level, IR, UV, and cool white


  • Affordable and convenient
  • Utilizes 620-660 lamp beads to ensure its efficiency
  • Produces different lights that plants need to grow healthy
  • Controls each lamp bead’s efficiency to save energy


  • Not ideal to be installed in a grow tent
  • The thermometer could have been better

#11. MEIZHI 450W Reflector SeriesLED Grow Light

This LED grows light from Meizhi’s reflector series come with full spectrum that is designed for indoor hydroponic plants. Its high-grade bulbs are arranged neatly in its compact case that is made from durable materials to make it solid. But aside from having a compact design, it’s also very lightweight at about 6 pounds only.

Moreover, this powerful light is designed to consume less energy to help you save energy. Most importantly, it’s great for a wide range of hydroponic and soil-grown plants like chili pepper, tomato, kale, baby spinach, and more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.59 pounds with 15.7×8.3×2.8 inches dimension
  • Draws AC85-265V power with 1.781A@AC110V 0.9042A@AC220V Amp and 50-60 HZ frequency
  • Produces 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white spectrum with 970 μmol PAR value at 12 inches
  • Consists of 53 pieces of Epistar LED brand with 11595Lm ±5%@AC110V 11632Lm ±5%@AC220V lumen
  • Fans automatically work when the bloom and veg switch is on
  • Designed to last for 50,000-100,000 hours


  • Energy-saving and more convenient than traditional LEDs
  • ETL Certified and made from eco-friendly materials
  • Offers a separate switch for the veg and bloom
  • Designed with a functional daisy-chain


  • May increase the temperature a little in grow tents
  • Too sensitive with humidity and water

#12. TaoTronics TT-GL23 LED Grow Bulb Grow Lights

Introduced as the newest version of TaoTronics LED grow lights, this is best for any indoor plants. May it be hydroponics or soil-grown plants; it can help you grow leafy greens, flowering plants, lemons, and even bananas! Its fins dissipate heat 1.5x better than the older series. It comes with a free standard E36 socket and a full package of benefits. This includes its umbrella design which offers a wider angle of light coverage and various levels of the spectrum.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 0.68 pounds with 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.1 inches dimension
  • Built to illuminate 2.5-9.9 sq. ft. coverage area at 1.7-5 ft. recommended height
  • Consists of 12 pieces of LEDs with 3W at 60° beam angle
  • Produces 660nm/3 LEDs, 630 nm/7 LEDs, 460nm/2 LEDs 3-band wavelength
  • Draws AC 85-264V input voltage with up to 50,000 hours lifespan


  • Dissipates heat better to extend its lifespan
  • Consumes and wastes less energy
  • Promotes optimal growth for plants’ photosynthesis
  • Releases minimum heat even after working for 17 hours day


  • The brightness doesn’t last that long
  • The light beam is too narrow to cover other plants under it

#13. Roleadro 75w LED Grow Light

Great for starters, this unit can be a great solution to help your indoor plants reach their growth peak. It is ideal for growing all kinds of plants to help in all of their growth stages. Thus, this model is widely used for indoor gardens, plant factories, greenhouses, greenhouse farming, water-soluble breeding, and more.

It mimics natural sunlight which exposes all parts of the plants to its artificial light. Most importantly, it’s FCC, ROHS, and CE Certified so you can ensure that it’s of high-quality and safe.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.7 pounds with 10.9×10.9×0.6 inches dimension
  • Draws 25.2±5% watt power with AC 85-265V input voltage and 50-60Hz frequency
  • Consists of 169 pieces of LEDs with 4546.2 Lux lumen
  • Produces a spectrum ratio of red/660 nm wavelength and blue lights/450 nm wavelength (2.25:1)
  • Uses a high-end reflector cup with a silver surface temperature oil spray with 60° light angle


  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes a handy timer
  • Boosts their process of photosynthesis and growth
  • Performs efficiently with a longer life
  • Consumes low power with high luminous LEDs


  • Gets a little too hot to touch
  • Creates a noise on the power lines

#14. Advanced LED Lights DS XML 350 10W LED Grow Light

This model is one of the most advanced LED grow lights with a powerful and efficient artificial light solution. It has long-lasting bulbs that are designed to offer superb benefits on plants for years. Its computer-designed collimator lenses have 90° beam angle while its spectrum output can be switched from veg, flowering, to cloning stages. These modes even have dimmable switches which help save energy and reduce heat by 50%.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 18 pounds with 19.5×19.5×3 inches dimension
  • Replaces 600W XML and Bridgelux blue and white LEDs
  • Built with 4×4 inches core coverage and 4.5×4.5 inches total coverage
  • Draws an average power of 330W with 532W power output and AC 85-264V input voltage
  • Consists of 10x10W Cree XML LEDs and 144x3W high output LEDs with a single chip
  • Built with optimal coverage and 90° XML Collimator lens
  • Releases full spectrum with 14+ wavelengths of color output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm


  • Mercury-free and eco-friendly
  • Protected by a honeycomb fan cover with a dust filter
  • Allows four lights to work on a single cord with its daisy chain
  • Allows optimal airflow with customized diamond vents


  • A little bit pricey
  • The 10W Cree LEDs can be too intense for some plants

#15. Platinum Series P300 300w LED Grow Light

As expected from platinum, this version provides a combination of a 12-band spectrum and a 90° secondary LED focusing lens. It replaces 400W LEDs but consumes 180W only to provide a 100% usable light to your plants. Its spectrum comes with UV and IR so your plants get all the light they need to grow healthy.

Its high-output 3W LEDs also give it an advantage over its competitions. Most importantly, it offers different modes that let you switch between bloom and veg for optimum results.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 12.8 pounds with 19×8.5×3 inches dimension
  • Replaces 400W HPS with its 100x3W LEDs
  • Offers a core coverage of 3×2 inches and maximum coverage of 4.5×3.8inches at 18 inches height
  • Draws AC85-260V input voltage with 180W bloom power and 93W veg power
  • Uses secondary LED focusing lens with 90° angle and up to 100,000 hours lifespan


  • Combines its fine-tuned spectrum and secondary lenses
  • Boosts plants maximum growth and health
  • Comes with a durable and solid design
  • The fans work quietly and efficiently compared with standard products


  • May get too hot and burn your plants
  • Creates a noise while operating

How Do LED Grow Lights Work?

Based on experiments and studies, these special LED bulbs really work leafy plants, fruit-bearing plants, and flowering plants. In fact, NASA together with other different government agencies and universities already used these lights to grow indoor plants.

From hobbyists to professional indoor growers that run cultivation centers, these LED grow lights have already proved their worth. But just like any other piece of technology, you have to make sure that you know how to use it. Contrary to what other people think, indoor plants can still be harmed by too much artificial light.

Unlike us, plants have little tolerance when it comes to the either insufficient or extra attention. Flash news, plants also need enough light at the right place with the right distance. But since indoor plants have limited options when it comes to location, it’s up to the best LED grow light. These LED grow lights are constructed with small electronic components that are made from two different semiconductor materials. These materials work by creating their own light spectrum.

  • First conductor – contains negative charges that are called electrons
  • Second conductor – contains positive charges that are called holes

Once the voltage is applied, the electric current flows through it to make its holes and electrons collide. This process called recombination allows the bulb to release energy called photons or light quanta. The first versions of LEDs have a low light output and limited color options. But now, modern LEDs offer more color options and a higher level of brightness. Its types of lights also come in different types from visible, ultraviolet spectral, to infrared lights.

Unlike other bulbs, LED grow lights don’t use gas, mercury, and filaments to produce light. In addition, these lights that are more energy and cost-efficient tends to last longer than incandescent lights. Most importantly, LED grow lights are more eco-friendly, compared with any other kinds of lighting fixtures.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights?

Ever since LED bulbs were introduced in the market, their customer demand continues to increase over time. In fact, the majority of the bulbs and lighting fixtures that are sold on the market today are LEDs. Thus, even nature lovers nowadays who prefer to keep their plants indoors find ways to take advantage of these lights. So, these are the top benefits of having the best LED grow light:

  • Energy-efficient

This is the number one advantage of LED grow lights to other lightings since LED bulbs consume fewer watts. However, it can produce the same light that High-Density Discharge (HID) bulbs have. Even with fewer bulbs, you can assure that the biggest portions of energy they use are converted into light than heat.

Unlike traditional lightings, LEDs don’t burn anything just to produce light. Thus, it wastes less energy which turns into heat while you can keep your energy bills at bay.

  • Eco-friendly

As mentioned earlier, LED grow lights don’t contain mercury, gas, filaments, and any other toxic substances like HID lights. Instead, these light bulbs are designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable. Thus, you don’t have to worry about you or your plants getting harmed after being exposed to its light. To guarantee this, the best LED grow lights usually have a RoHS certification to prove its quality.

  • Faster harvest cycle

Unlike outdoor plants that rely on the natural sunlight, indoor plants rely on artificial light from LEDs. These LED grow lights can be used for longer hours to help your plants grow faster to increase your harvest cycle. Thus, you can regulate the red wavelength light at the right time to boost the growth of your plants.

You can also alter the daylight hours of these bulbs so you can have multiple harvests during one season.

  • Healthier plants

Other artificial lightings release more UV rays, IR rays, and heat which harm the plants. But with LEDs, everything extra for the plants is reduced like the green and yellow wavelengths. Thus, your plants get just the right amount of these components which help them grow healthier and longer. In fact, you can also regulate the wavelengths of its lights which help your plants in the process of photosynthesis.

  • Cooler operating temperature

Compared with HID lightings, LED grow lights produce less heat which doesn’t affect much the entire temperature indoors. This is especially true if you have a greenhouse where more LED lights are installed. Thus, you can cut costs for not needing a cooling system to keep your plants healthy.

How to Choose the Best LED Grow Lights?

Now that LEDs are widely used by growers from different parts of the world, different versions arrive in the market. But instead of convincing you to buy from a single brand, we’ll let you decide on the product to buy. So, here are some tips and questions to answer so you can choose the LED grow lights:

  • Look for chips

To make sure that your plants will grow, it has to have the right chips. In this case, the LED grow light that you should choose is the one with at least 3 watts. Any LED with less than 3 watts will not give your plants enough light coverage that can help them grow. Thus, every chip in the LED should have 3 watts since a 3 watts chip provides the best lighting solution.

You can notice this in blues, reds, and white LEDs so beware of those that only offer 1 watt each. Using 3 chips with 1 watt just to meet this requirement will not work either.

  • Check the total output

Just like any other lighting solutions, you should also check its product description for the total output. Check the total number of units that the lamp has since it can also affect its produced amount of light. Some LED grow lights are built with 300, 400, 600, and even 1,000W. Before you head to the counter, check if it has at least 300W first. The higher the wattage the better since you can compensate for the loss of wattage over time.

  • Consider its spectrum

Plants may grow under different kinds of light. However, it requires a specific amount of wavelength and spectrum to help them in photosynthesis. The best LEDs for growing indoor plants can provide a full spectrum that is necessary from their growth.

In this case, it should be able to provide enough amount of blues and reds as well as ultraviolet, and infrared. Depending on your plants’ stage of growth, their needed spectrum may also change to help them during the photosynthesis process.

  • Look for its cooling aspects

Generally, LEDs produce less heat so a cooling system is not really necessary on some units. But since you’d be keeping these lamps on for more than 10 hours a day, you better check its cooling aspects. There are units with internal fans to protect the lamp from burning fast as well as your plants. The heat that comes out behind the bulbs should be protected with a cooling system to avoid burning its chips.

  • Growing space

If LEDs vary in color, it also varies in size. Thus, be sure to measure the space you want to grow your plants to determine the exact size to buy. You also need to measure the lighting area to make sure that every plant you have is well-lighted. For high-light plants, you should have at least 32W/sq. ft. LEDs while low-light plants should have at least 11-18W/sq. ft.

  • Ease of use

One of the most important things to look for when choosing an LED grow light is its ease of use. The best LED lights for growing indoor plants should not give you a hard time while operating it. It should be flexible so you can adjust its lights depending on the kind of plant you have. At the same time, its growth stage should determine your LED’s placement.


When your best option to keep your plants alive is to keep them inside, it’s all on your artificial lighting. Seedlings, for instance, need extra care and bright light since insufficient light makes them weak and thin. Even if you put them in your windowsill that receives the most amount of sunlight, it may not be enough. Thus, the best LED grow light can help you solve your lighting problem. Regardless of the kind of indoor plant you have, there are different brands and LED grow lights to choose from. Some can be too intense while others may provide insufficient lighting so be sure to read each product’s detail.


Creating a good conversation about cannabis with your kids might benefit from reading, planning and practice. We will continually update our site with links to reliable information and advice that may help you find the best approach for your family. Here’s a start:



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Humans contain cannabinoid (CB) receptors, which is what enables the psychoactive as well as therapeutic effects of cannabinoids to be felt. CB receptors are in many parts of the body and brain, which is why cannabis can affect a variety of sensations including pain, inflammation, appetite, neurological activity, and mood.

As with alcohol, the effects of cannabis will vary with each person’s body chemistry. This is due in large part to the fact that CB receptors vary from one person to the next, and the quantity of those receptors is not fixed.


Cannabis can only be purchased by people age 21 and older with a valid ID.  Different rules apply for registered medical patients. Here are the legal limits* you can purchase in a single visit:

  • One ounce of usable marijuana (flower or joints)
  • Seven grams of concentrate/extract for inhalation
  • 16 ounces of solid infused products
  • 72 ounces of liquid infused products
  • no limits on paraphernalia (pipes, lighters, rolling papers etc)

*For medical card holders, the transaction limits are three times these quantities.


Cannabis is legal in Colorado, Oregon and Alaska in addition to Washington, but bringing any Schedule 1 drugs (like cannabis in any form) across state lines is a federal offense.


Although cannabis is legal, opening or consuming any form of it within view of the public is illegal, with a $27 fine in Seattle. Additionally, cannabis smoking is prohibited in certain private areas such as universities, workplaces, and rental properties.


Cannabis can only be purchased legally from a licensed retailer. Recreationally, growing cannabis plants for personal use is still prohibited.


Cannabis impairs reflexes and judgment, like alcohol or some prescription medicines. Enjoy cannabis responsibly and respect the other drivers on the road. Call a friend, rideshare, taxi, or wait until you’re sober. Open container laws apply to cannabis in the same way they apply to alcohol. Keep cannabis products in their original, sealed package in your car.


Companies can still prohibit their employees from cannabis usage, and can still drug test. Read your company’s employee manual to know your rights.



Store your flower bud in a glass jar away from bright lights, moisture and heat to keep it fresh and potent. Use a grinder to minimize handling of the flowers. They’ll burn more uniformly.

  1. Airtight. Pick a container that fits flower quantity without too much extra air. Plastic bags are too permeable and may allow products to get crushed. Materials that keep out extra light are a bonus.
  2. Humidity control. Keep containers free of outside moisture to preserve flavor and potency. Optimum relative humidity is between 59% and 63%.
  3. Cool temp. Ideally, flower should be stored between 40 to 80 degrees F.  While some cannabis-infused edibles hold up well in the freezer, most other cannabis products degrade in freezing temperatures.


Store your cartridge with the mouthpiece upright (a drinking glass works great) and detach it from your pen when not in use. If your cartridge clogs, try blowing into the connector end to clear out accumulated oil.

Consumption methods


Flower is cannabis in its original state. It is harvested, dried, cured, and prepared by master growers, for smoking in pre-rolls, pipes, bongs and vaporizers.


Concentrated forms of cannabis are made by extracting terpenes and cannabinoids from the flower. There are many ways to extract cannabis, including carbon dioxide (CO2), butane and cold water. The resultant concentrate delivers a more powerful effect, and can be found in the form of wax, shatter, honey oil, live resin and hash. These concentrates are usually consumed by dabbing, which is when a concentrate is vaporized.  A torch is used to heat an element. Then a small amount of concentrate is “dabbed” on the element, which turns it to vapor.


Vaporizing (vape) pens and cartridges are becoming very popular because they’re discreet, and the vapor is smoother than smoke. The oil in the cartridge produces a milder odor than smoking, has a nice clean taste and delivers effects more quickly, allowing you to fine tune your experience to the desired level of intensity. The cartridge attaches to a vape pen, and the pen contains an element that heats the oil in the cartridge, turning it into vapor.


Cannabis-infused edibles and tinctures are among the product families that allow for a smoke-free experience. If you’re new to cannabis-infused edibles, start slowly, with less than 5 mg in your first bite. Because your body must digest the edible before its cannabis reaches your bloodstream, it may take 30 to 60 minutes for you to begin to feel any effects from the first bite. Full effects may take much longer, and edibles produce a longer lasting experience. Everyone’s system is different; experiment carefully to find your own sweet spot.


Cannabis-infused lotions, sprays and even bathing salts are another smoke-free method for producing psychoactive or body-centered effects.  These products are absorbed through your skin, and as with edibles, you may not begin to feel their effects for 30 to 60 minutes.


Viparspectra 600PAR 600W 12-band Reviews 2019

Whenever you need a new LED grow light that can surpass most users’ expectations, we’re here to guide you. In fact, our latest guide and VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light reviews might actually what you’re looking for. After all, VIPARSPECTRA is one of the most popular brands today on the market when it comes with Led grow lights. It’s a 600W LED grow light that consumes 274W only to cover up to 3 x 3 ft. grow area at 35 inches height.

It can also prevent overheating and damage to plants with its upgraded aluminum front fans and heat sinks. Together, they maintain the unit’s cool temperature even after prolonged hours of use daily. Its light also increases its canopy penetration to up to 200% to provide every bit of light that your plants need.

VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-Band LED Grow Light – 3-Switches Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Specially engineered to maintain a balanced PAR/Lumen output this VIPARSPECTRA LED grow light covers a bigger lighting area. It provides a full spectrum for all stages of plants’ growth from the acclimation period, young vegetative, vegetative, and flowering stage. Thus, it is widely used when taking care of horticulture plants like orchids, strawberries, organic herbs, and so much more.

In addition, this model is designed to increase your revenue per sq. ft. with a consistent crop production all year round. At the same time, you can reduce the unnecessary operating costs for every pound of your harvests. Thus, this powerful but energy-efficient and cost-efficient Led grow light is worth investing in.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 13.7 pounds with 14.1 x 11.8 x 3.5 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/MH equivalent LEDs with IR lights at 90° angle
  • Full spectrum LED composition provides sufficient light under the working temperature of -20 to 40°C
  • Covers 3 x 3 ft. vegetative area at 34 inches height and 2.5 x 2.5 ft. flowering area at 26 inches height
  • Contains 120 x 5W high intensity Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs with 600W LED power and 2.59A at 110V, 1.30A at 220V amperage
  • Consumes 274W±3% at 110V that runs on an AC100 to 240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • 2 inches front fans and 0.8 inch aluminum cooling heat sinks work together to dissipate heat
  • Built with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan and 3-year warranty


  • Can be operated by a timer
  • Widely applied for all kinds of horticulture plants indoors
  • Compatible with flowering and vegetative stages
  • Ideal for growing indoor plants all year round
  • Increases canopy penetration by up to 200%


  • Too bright and not dimmable
  • Costs a little higher than other Led grow lights
  • Not water-resistant

What You Need to Know About VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED Grow Light?

In case your grow space for your lovely plants can only fit up to 3 x 3 ft. this one might work. VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W is yet another 12-band LED grow light that is designed for a bigger job at hand. With high energy consumption and overheating issues that growers commonly encounter, it’s a little hard to find the best lights. Thus, this model proves that it is possible to get an energy-efficient LED grow light that also prevents overheating.

Convenient Controls

After all, VIPARSPECTRA is a widely known brand that provides world-class products for both beginners and professional growers. Thus, this VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is built with at least 3 power settings. But compared with the older versions from other models, VIPARSPECTRA allows its users to adjust it with one flip. That’s right; its power settings come with separate switches that you can access easily.

Deeper Light Penetration

In addition, this model under the PAR series comes with a revolutionary optical lens. This lens helps its light penetrate better into your foliage which is 2x deeper than what other light systems can do. At the same time, it can keep your plants safe and cool under the lights with its ergonomic cooling system. Instead of copying the usual design, its aluminum heat sinks are built beside its LED drivers. This design allows the unit to draw the air up from your plants to get rid of heat from bulbs.

Revolutionary Cooling System

While its entire panel full of powerful bulbs work, its 3 cooling fans continue to keep your grow area cooler. Its fans also serve as exhausts by sucking the hot air under its coverage area and pushing it on its sides. However, some LED bulbs still generate more heat which can increase the temperature in your grow room. Over time, the trapped heat can harm your plants and trigger overheating which can damage your light system.

High PAR Rating

This means that VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light can produce a high intensity light without generating too much heat. As a 12-band LED, it can produce a PAR rating that reaches 680 as its center. According to the PAR scale of grow lights, this is already considered as on par to help plants in photosynthesis. Thus, this proves its efficiency over HPS grow lights which can only produce a PAR rating of about 550.

Long Lifespan

Generally, a 600 rating in PAR is enough to grow a healthy cannabis plant that has higher yields. Thus, this light system can certainly give you the best performance from seedling to harvesting stage. It is also a perfect installation for grow tents or closet grow rooms. Furthermore, it is capable of lasting for up to 100,000 hours so you don’t have to worry about replacements soon. It even comes with a 3-year warranty just in case the product didn’t read your satisfaction level or delivered damaged.

Thus, you can never go wrong for purchasing this unit at a reasonable price. When compared with HID lights, VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is also 75% cooler. Aside from the fact that it has excellent construction, it’s also a convenient light system with powerful 5W LEDs. It also comes with a complete hanging kit that takes just a few minutes to assemble.


If you want to invest in LED grow lights that guarantee a long lifespan, we can guarantee you this model. VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light is clearly one of the strongest candidates for the best LED grow lights. It got powerful LEDs squeezed in a compact and durable panel with a unique cooling system. When it comes to convenience, you can bet on this 12-band LED grow light since it has user-friendly controls.

You can also cut some costs on energy since it doesn’t consume much in spite of its powerful performance. Thus, you can use it on almost any indoor plants on all growth stages. So, keep tuned in our latest updates for more VIPARSPECTRA 600PAR 600W 12-band LED grow light reviews.